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Remote Library Volunteer Program

On March 13, 2020, the Tigard Public Library suspended its volunteer program in order to help curtail the spread of COVID-19. Since its suspension, the Library has greatly missed its community of volunteers and all the brightness, fun, and love they bring to our world.

Unfortunately, the Library is still unable to welcome volunteers back into the building. But starting August 2020, the Library will welcome volunteers to serve with our brand-new Remote Volunteer Program! There are two sections of this volunteer program: New/ Returning Adult Volunteers and New/ Returning Teen Volunteers.

Participants in our Remote Volunteer Program can volunteer for the library, with a community agency, or as a general Community Helper. Volunteers can receive service hours and credit through any of these three categories. Jobs include Book Review Specialist (Library), Social Media Ambassador (Library), Blood Donor (Community Agency), Local History Gatherer (Community Agency), Beautifying Your Neighborhood (Community Helper), Reading to a Sibling (Community Helper), and more!

Are you a new or returning teen volunteer and want to learn more or get started? Click here!

New and Returning Adult Volunteerslogo
Welcome, and thank you for wanting to participate in the library’s Remote Volunteer Program! On average, volunteers contribute close to 1200 hours of service a month. Simply put, the library would not be able to provide as many resources to the citizens of Tigard with out the help of its volunteers.

Adult volunteers can choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities and can complete these opportunities at their own leisure. The list of Volunteer Opportunities is below. Volunteers will be asked to login to their VicNet accounts and sign up for their volunteer service that way. This is so we can keep track of your service. Please check in with Katie weekly about any service you’ve completed so she can add the hours to your service history. If you are completing multiple volunteer opportunities a week, then a weekly check-in with Katie is just fine! Some of our volunteers are very humble, and just want to give back to their community without receiving credit. It is important, however, for us to record this service. The service record helps influence city budget, and it is important we give an accurate summary of monthly volunteer work! So please do let Katie know when you’ve completed a volunteer opportunity. You can access the Volunteer Reflection Form here

Volunteer Coordinator Katie will be hosting weekly Volunteer Happy Hour sessions on Thursday afternoons from 12 – 1 pm. We invite volunteers to drop in and say hello, share what they’ve been up to, and chat with other volunteers as well. You must sign up to attend a session. You can sign up by emailing Katie at KatherineN@Tigard-OR.gov

We’ve missed our volunteers these past couple of months, and are so happy to have you volunteering with us remotely.

  • Returning Volunteers: Click here to login to VicNet and sign up to volunteer! (And here is a How-To on signing up for VicNet, if you are an existing volunteer but still need to!
  • New Volunteers: Click here to access our Volunteer Application! Katie will be in touch with you shortly with a New Volunteer Orientation PDF and will get you in our system of volunteers shortly!)

Here is a list of our existing Remote Volunteer positions!

Have an idea for a remote volunteer position? Chat with Katie about it!

Returning Volunteers

To sign up for additional, one time shifts or regular volunteer shifts, please register with our VicNet online system!

Here is a how-to on how to register your email and utilize the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to volunteer at Tigard Public Library?
Children as young as six years old can volunteer with their parent/guardian in attendance, and kids ages 12 and up can join our Teen Volunteer Program without a parent or guardian.

What do volunteers at the library do?
Volunteers primarily help with shelving, bin sorting, or pulling patron requests in the library’s Circulation division. Volunteers also help with program preparation in Readers Services, event help in Youth Services, or Special Projects throughout the library.

Is there a service requirement?
We ask that interested volunteers commit to at least 20 hours of service at the library throughout their service history. This can be accomplished over the course of a month, a year, five years, etc. Volunteers typically volunteer 2 hours a week, but schedules can be flexible.

Can I complete service hours for school?
Yes! Sign up to volunteer in our Teen Volunteer Program or contact Katie Nelson.

Can I complete my court ordered community service hours at the library?
Call Katie Nelson for more information: 503-718-2516

Do you offer internships?
Yes, contact Katie Nelson for more information.

How do I get started?
To apply to be an adult library volunteer, complete an application and attend a new volunteer orientation. If you are a teen volunteer, please visit our website here.

Volunteer Spotlight


Kathy Sleeger Volunteer: Kathy-Sleeger
An interview with the President of the Friends of the Library, Kathy Sleeger!

Q: How long have you been volunteering at the library?

KS: 20 years! I began with researching donated books and managing the books on sale in the lobby. Now, I am the President of the Friends of the Tigard Library, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and expanding the services that the library provides to our community. I help organize and manage the sale of books in several ways and the proceeds are given to the library to support programs, projects and materials.

Q: What do you like about your volunteer time and position here at the library?

KS: It makes me feel good being appreciated, welcomed, and thanked by the staff. I feel like I accomplish a lot when I’m here—I’m a visual person and can see the difference that I made during my volunteer time. I enjoy working with and meeting new volunteers. I want to support the library and the community, and I am incredibly satisfied about volunteering in a way that is consistent with my principles and beliefs.

Q: What made you want to volunteer for the library?

KS: When my son was in school, I encouraged him to volunteer. He chose the library and after starting, suggested that I volunteer, too. I’d been thinking of volunteering somewhere but hadn’t yet taken the initiative, so I agreed and signed up. I’m still thanking him, because I’ve been enjoying it now for over 20 years.

Q: What hobbies do you most enjoy outside the library?

KS: I enjoy spending time with our grandkids and dogs. Also like to cook, be outdoors, and create a variety of things with my hands. I’m so thankful to have the time, ability, and opportunity for all.

Q: Do you have a book that you read recently and that you’d recommend?

KS: Yes! Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. It’s a historical novel that involves two women who seem to have nothing in common. As you read about each other’s pasts, you can understand the many ways they are alike. I sympathize with their pasts and admire them for the endurance and the women they become.

Katie Ellesworth Volunteer: Katie-Ellsworth
Katie Ellsworth is a wonderful Saturday morning volunteer in Circulation! She has been volunteering at the library for nearly a year. Katie wanted to become a volunteer after her husband and she moved to the area. She wanted to support their new community, plus, she loves books! Katie recently read Carrie by Stephen King — her first Stephen King read! She recommends it. When not working and not volunteering, Katie enjoys working on home improvement projects, camping, and photography.

When asked what she enjoys about volunteering, Katie said she loves shelving children books when there is a Story Time because she loves hearing all the children get so excited over books!

Janet JohnsonVolunteer: Janet-Johnson
Janet Johnson volunteers as a Circulation Specialist in the Circulation Division at Tigard Public Library. She started volunteering a little over a year ago, and primarily works as a Shelver. Janet is a longtime lover and supportive of libraries and began volunteering to give back to her community. Plus, Janet says, she "loves imposing order on chaos!" Janet enjoys organizing library materials and especially enjoys finding a misplaced book.

Outside volunteering, Janet loves to take walks, read, and play with her granddaughter. She recommends any book by Cussler, Baldacci, Follet, Jance, DeMille, or Patterson. Thank you for all your hardwork, Janet!

Want to be a Friendly Visitor? (temporarily suspended)

The Friendly Visitor program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

The Friendly Visitor Service matches volunteers with people who can't visit the library on their own. Volunteers are needed to select and deliver library materials to Tigard area patrons who can’t get to the library on their own.
  • Training provided.
  • Highly flexible schedule and hours.
Question: What do Friendly Visitors do?
Answer: They take books and other library materials to people who can’t otherwise get to the Library. They visit, share interests, and talk with the homebound.
Question: Who qualifies to be a Friendly Visitor?
Answer: Sincere people who care about people, books, and learning are invited to participate in our next training session. Friendly Visitors must provide their own transportation and are subject to state criminal and DMV background checks.
Question: How may I find out more?
Answer: Please contact Katherine Nelson, Volunteer Coordinator
503-718-2516 or email KatherineN@tigard-or.gov

Katie Nelson
Volunteer Coordinator 
503-718-2516 | Email

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