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Tigard’s long-awaited downtown plaza! 

Downtown Tigard
Universal Plaza
Planned to open in 2022, Universal Plaza will be a place for everyone—a community gathering spot in the heart of downtown Tigard that celebrates our shared humanity and our one shared planet. The Plaza design process will start later this year, and we’d love your participation now, through this website, or later, when we form a large committee to help guide the design process.

This summer, we were expecting to fill the site with people for ArtWalk, Taste of Tigard and Latino Fest events. Coronavirus 2020 cancelled all those plans. 

But that hasn’t stopped our activation phase. We simply moved it online. We've started imagining many beautiful things that can happen here—and planning for a few of them. If you’re excited about Universal Plaza and want to help co-create it, this website is exactly where you need to be.

What’s New?

  • Submit Your Haiku to Our Poem Contest
    We invite you to join us in sharing what universality means to you by submitting haiku poems that reflect your experience here in Tigard. A rotating selection of these poems will be displayed in lights at the site of the future Universal Plaza. The poems could reflect how you’re feeling right now or the dreams you hold for the future; let your imagination take flight. Submit here! 
  • Become a Design Advisor!
    We've started imagining many beautiful things that can happen here — and planning for a few of them! Over the next six months, three Design Advisories will be held where community members, like yourself, can engage with the design team and help create Universal Plaza. Your ongoing engagement can help us design the best possible plaza for all of Tigard. Sign-up to become a Design Advisor!

Latino Festival

Participate, Activate, Engage!
Urban Art  PanelThis summer, we’re embarking on a placemaking program filled with creativity and experimentation. We invite you to join with us and to participate in the calls for art and online activities, and to stay tuned for more playful art that will pop up as the year progresses.

One day, Tigard’s Universal Plaza will be a cherished public space, with areas for everyone to gather, play, and make memories. While we wait for that day, the site can still help us engage our imaginations about public life and public space. Art can happen here, originating both from our local community and well beyond. Through light and sculpture installations, a large site-specific mural on the ground, and performances—all viewable online—we hope to draw the Tigard community to the project, to ideas and expressions of universality.

It's All About the Art
Call for Artists

Musical Bench by Artist Jill Torberson Jill-Torberson

  • Thanks to capital support approved by Washington County Commissioners, TVC has commissioned four new artworks in the Musical Benches Public Art Collection.

    Universal Plaza will host a piece by Portland-based artist Jill Torberson. This temporary bench installation will engage visitors by encouraging them to make their own music or take a seat. 

    Jill Torberson, of Weld Metal Works, specializes in metal and steelwork and has created site-specific and historically relevant artworks on both large and small scales. Learn more.

Apple Box Seating by Asami Morita
Asami studioAsami Morita will be fabricating a set of playful seating options to be temporarily installed at Universal Plaza. These moveable pieces will allow visitors to place the seats in locations where they can enjoy the plaza while remaining safe and socially distant during the pandemic.

The benches are inspired by Apple Boxes — wooden boxes used by event and film crews to stack and prop up various pieces of equipment. Asami Morita is a model maker and fabricator.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, she received her BFA in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts. Learn more.

Large Scale Ground Mural 
Tigard’s upcoming Universal Plaza now features a temporary brightly colored, 34,000 square foot ground mural. Local muralists Susan Charnquist, Liam McLaughlin and Emily Lux, all led by Raziah Roushan have created a fun, bright, and jaw-dropping ground mural that is already drawing attention from the Plaza’s business neighbors and downtown visitors. Roushan remarked, “The concept is smart. It showcases the largeness of the repurposed property by utilizing long straight lines and asymmetry. Then the blue dots and negative spaces encourage visitors to create their own intimate “stopping” points as they’ll enjoy the Plaza in coming weeks.”

Visit to see Tigard’s Universal Plaza live feed camera. Rewind to see the ground mural in action.


Behind the Fence
What's happening at the future Universal Plaza site right now? Watch the live feed!

Or check out the timelapse video captured from the onsite camera.
Burnham Street Demo


Who's Listening?
Sean Farrelly 
Redevelopment Project Manager

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Get Involved!

Universal Plaza: Become a Design Advisor

Haiku Poem Contest


Project Timeline
Here's where we're going

Public Space, Public Life Survey

Last year, consultants and Tigard volunteers studied how and when people use downtown Tigard. Through dozens of interviews, goals and objectives for the future Universal Plaza design were established and will inform the project moving forward.

Online and On-Site Activation

Our online engagement webpage will serve as the primary way the community can provide feedback on this project. View temporary art installations on our live camera feed, see time lapsed videos of the site cultivation and give your input on what kind of amenities you’d like to see. Eventually, the site will be opened for the community to interact, socially distant, with temporary art installations and other experimental artistic escapades.


Seeking Design Advisors now through 2021! We are creating an inclusive process where community members, like yourself, can engage with the design team and help create Universal Plaza. For this project especially, it is important to involve a diverse group of people who are truly representative of the entire Tigard community. The time commitment can be as little or much as you'd like.

Buildout & Construction

Permitting for the new plaza should be done by early 2022, clearing the way for construction and a grand opening in late summer or fall.


This plaza is funded through urban renewal dollars collected in the Downtown area.
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