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  • Strategic Plan: Trails are for running

City of Tigard Strategic Plan Refresh

A New Vision and Priorities

City of Tigard Strategic Plan Refresh: a new vision and priorities | Actualización del plan estratégico de la ciudad de Tigard: una nueva visión y prioridades

The Strategic Plan sets the direction of our community priorities for the next five to twenty years. Our vision highlights where we want to go and what we want to be while our priorities point to how we are going to achieve our vision.

El plan estratégico establece la dirección de las prioridades de nuestra comunidad para los siguientes cinco a veinte años. Nuestra visión señala hacia dónde queremos ir y qué queremos ser, mientras que nuestras prioridades describen cómo vamos a alcanzar nuestra visión.

Our vision
Tigard: an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone.

Nuestra visión
Tigard: una comunidad equitativa por la que se pueda caminar y que sea saludable y accesible para todos.

Our strategic priorities

  • Set the standard for excellence in public service and customer experience.
  • Create a well-connected, attractive and accessible pedestrian network.
  • Ensure development and growth supports the vision.

Nuestras prioridades estratégicas

  • Establecer el estándar de excelencia en el servicio público y la experiencia de los clientes.
  • Crear una red peatonal atractiva y bien conectada.
  • Garantizar que el desarrollo y el crecimiento apoyen la visión.

Where we started
Tigard adopted its first 20-year strategic vision in 2014 to become, “The most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives.” In 2017 staff launched an effort to reflect on and evaluate our vision and its associated goals. This process provided an opportunity to refine, re-align and strengthen our strategic plan to meet current priorities and needs of the community.

What we have heard
We heard the concepts of walkable, inclusive, health, connection and community remain important and need to be further defined.

Opportunities were identified to adjust the following -

  • The vision should balance being both aspirational and achievable.
  • Identify measures to account for progress and success.
  • Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion framework throughout the strategic plan.
  • Better align city services to the plan.
  • Build and better incorporate the concepts of safety and climate change.

Dónde empezamos
Tigard adoptó su primera visión estratégica de 20 años en 2014 para convertirse en: "La comunidad más peatonal en el noroeste del Pacífico, en la cual personas de todas las edades y capacidades disfruten de vidas sanas e interconectadas". En 2017, el personal puso en marcha un esfuerzo para reflexionar y evaluar nuestra visión y sus objetivos asociados. Este proceso brindó una oportunidad para perfeccionar, realinear y fortalecer nuestro plan estratégico con el fin de cumplir con las prioridades y necesidades actuales de la comunidad.

Lo que hemos escuchado
Hemos escuchado que los conceptos de peatonal, inclusiva, saludable, conexión y comunidad siguen siendo importantes y que necesitan definirse aún más.

Se identificaron oportunidades para ajustar lo siguiente:

  1. La visión debe ser ambiciosa y alcanzable en igual medida.
  2. Identificar medidas para dar seguimiento al progreso y al éxito.
  3. Incorporar el marco de diversidad, equidad e inclusión en todo el plan estratégico.
  4. Alinear los servicios de la ciudad con el plan de una mejor forma.
  5. Desarrollar e incorporar de una mejor forma los conceptos de seguridad y cambio climático.

Building a Walkable Community

One of the recommendations of the 2012 Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force called for developing “a strategic plan that articulates a clear vision for the city." Between 2012 and 2014, the City of Tigard began a journey to define its sense of place and the strategic direction it wanted to take over the next 20 years. Ideas ultimately coalesced around a vision for Tigard to become a healthy, walkable and interconnected community for all. The city met and talked with more than 1,200 residents and community groups about this proposed direction. A detailed account of our outreach can be found in this presentation and memo. In 2014, the City Council adopted the vision.

In complement to the Strategic Plan, a group of Portland State University graduate students developed “Tigard Walks: A Plan for Walkable Neighborhoods.”

The group produced the following items:

As a part of our long-term effort, we completed a comprehensive inventory of sidewalks. The sidewalks inventory map shows the city’s existing walkable areas, where sidewalks provide walking opportunities, and also portions of the city where there are no sidewalks are sidewalks on one side of the street. Our existing foundation and plans for the future were detailed in two videos - Imagine Tigard and The Making of a Walkable City: Tigard Begins the Journey.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the City of Tigard, we honor our employees’ diversity and the diversity of the community we serve by:

  • Welcoming and including all,
  • Fostering an atmosphere of dignity and respect,
  • Encouraging new ideas and perspectives in a safe environment, and
  • Working with diverse communities to design, deliver, and evaluate services.

We are creating an inclusive and respectful organizational culture that appreciates and supports individual differences. We think Tigard is a place worth coming to and we hope you will agree it is the start of your next great adventure.

Volunteer Tigard!

Volunteer Tigard!

In the last few years, community members have asked how they can volunteer their skills to benefit the Tigard community. Creating volunteer opportunities is also a priority in our strategic vision “to become the most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives.”

With that in mind, we’re launching a pilot program, Volunteer Tigard! We’ll be offering one-time volunteer opportunities to put your knowledge, talent and energy into improving the community's quality of life.

Nicole Hendrix
City Management
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