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City of Tigard

Senior Housing

Webinar Recaps

On June 25, 2020 and February 25 2021, the City of Tigard and partners Northwest Housing Alternatives and AARP held webinars to discuss creating a more liveable future for Tigard's aging residents. Please visit to watch recaps of these events and add your comments about this initiative.

The city is working on becoming a more age-friendly community by encouraging programs and projects that make our community more livable for people of all ages, especially older adults. By 2030, one in every five people in the U.S. will be 65 or older. Rising rent, costs of living, lack of housing options and the risk of not being able to age in place is a growing problem facing our seniors. Below are a few ways the city is working on addressing these issues.

Senior Housing in Tigard

New Project Spotlight:
Senior Housing Alongside the Tigard Senior Center
The City of Tigard is home to people of all ages and incomes and is working hard to meet the housing needs of all its residents. This project will help keep seniors in our community who are facing rising rents and increased living costs. 

Living Alongside the Tigard Senior Center
The proposed project is located on a site owned by the City of Tigard at 8815 SW OMara Street alongside the Tigard Senior Center and Meals on Wheels, and close to the Fanno Creek Trail, Tigard Public Library, Downtown Tigard and several bus lines.

The project is anticipated to be a four-story building with 50-60 one-bedroom units, and would house seniors 62 and older, including seniors getting by on Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability (often less than $16,000 per year).  Additionally, the project will prioritize housing for veterans and seniors with disabilities.

It is our hope that the Housing Authority of Washington County will provide funding for the project using proceeds from the recent voter-authorized Metro Housing Bond. If that funding does not come through, there are several other sources that we can evaluate.

Housing Partner
Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA) will develop the project. A non-profit affordable housing developer, NHA currently operates 16 affordable senior housing properties serving more than 900 seniors around the state of Oregon. Each NHA property is designed to help families and older adults lead healthy and stable lives.

Advisory Committee and Guiding Principles
Last fall a project Advisory Committee established guiding principles and documented concerns about the project. The committee consists of immediate neighbors, Senior Center patrons, Tigard Senior Center/Meals on Wheels staff, members of the Tigard Town Center Advisory Commission, Tigard City Councilor Tom Anderson and staff from the City and Northwest Housing Alternatives.

Senior Housing

The guiding principles include:

1. Senior Living in Tigard
For seniors, the project should facilitate the ability to live safely and with good health, with access through various modes of transportation to what the Tigard community has to offer.

2. Environmental Integrity and Stewardship
Design and construction should facilitate physical integration with the existing neighborhood and natural amenities; and should include measures to protect Fanno Creek and the surrounding natural area.

3. Integration
Design and programming should facilitate the social and programmatic integration with the existing Meals on Wheels programming and resident services.

4. Engagement and Transparency
With the City and the community, the development process should facilitate engagement with stakeholders and offer transparency through the decision-making process.

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2019-Winter 2020:
    Site concept design. Work with advisory committee on concept site plan.
  • Spring- Summer 2020:
    Secure Funding through the Metro Housing Bond.
  • Fall 2020-Winter 2021:
    Detail Design and Site Plan Work.
  • Summer 2021:
    Apply for Land Use Permits.
  • Fall 2021-Summer 2022:
  • Fall 2022-Winter 2023:
    Lease to seniors. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this project. Please note that site plans have not been finalized.

Question: Will this be a HUD section 8 for low income seniors?
The Housing Alongside the Senior Center project will be leased to seniors, 62 and older, who make below 60% of the Area Median Income. For 23 of the 57 units, residents will pay no more than 30% of their income in rent. The project is being developed by Northwest Housing Alternatives.

Question:  Why place housing alongside the Senior Center site?
The Tigard Senior Center site is extremely well located for affordable senior living.

  • It is close to the walkable downtown core and is adjacent to natural areas including the Fanno Creek regional trail system. This is important for psychological and physical health of seniors.
  • It is alongside the Senior Center offering the opportunity for collaboration and support for existing Senior Center and Meals on Wheels services.  
  • This site is located on City of Tigard property that the city is contributing at no cost, allowing the new apartments to rent for less. The city is helping to address this housing crisis by making its own land available for development.

In addition, the location offers seniors an opportunity to age in place and continue to live in their own community. Many seniors in Tigard would rather not move to another neighborhood when they no longer want, need or are able to afford their existing home. A study funded by Metro in 2019 helped establish the feasibility of this site for affordable senior living.

Question: How is parking being addressed? 
The site plan is still under development, but currently shows 39 new spaces in addition to the existing 48 parking spaces on site. The project will also be implementing a flexible parking management plan that will consider: limiting parking of housing tenants during the day when the Senior Center is in service; utilizing strategies to limit the number of tenants who own vehicles; and providing opportunities for shared transportation options. Potential strategies include providing TriMet passes to residents and frequent van trips to shopping and recreation destinations.

The Tigard Senior Center currently has an agreement with the adjacent Northwest Christian Church to share the church’s parking. Northwest Christian Church will decide if it wants to continue this agreement after the new housing is built. 

Question: What about additional on-site services for low-income seniors?  
Northwest Housing Alternatives provides services that connect tenants to health and community resources. Services are directed by the unique needs of each community but can include shuttle services, health and wellness resources as well as social and recreational activities. 

Question: Will the project impact the environment?
Answer: Construction will occur outside of flood and natural buffer areas and will include community spaces and educational opportunities to learn about the natural area that surrounds the site. The project will work to preserve and celebrate the natural environment.Preliminary plans envision a building with green features and site design that improves connectivity to the surrounding neighborhood and Fanno Creek Park. 

Question: Does this area flood?
Answer: The site is not located within a 100-year flood zone or regulatory floodway. The site is located just south of Fanno Creek and the Fanno Creek Regional Trail sloping downward towards the creek. A wetland delineation, performed in 2019, mapped the nearby wetlands and the vegetated corridor buffer. The building will not be constructed in the wetlands or vegetated corridor.  

Question: How will this project impact the Senior Center?  
The Senior Center Director and Meals on Wheels expect the project to bring new patrons to the Senior Center and build more capacity for senior participation. They hope to share meeting rooms in the new building and work closely with Northwest Housing Alternates to provide complementary services to Tigard’s seniors. The Senior Center welcomes questions at 503-620-4613 or 

Question: How will the project meet fire codes?
Answer: All fire code requirements from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue will be fully met. The development team is working closely with the fire marshal, planners, and building permit specialists to assure that the concept design and building plans meet all applicable codes.

  • Home Sharing Program Now Available in Tigard
    Metro HomeShare and the City of Tigard have partnered to pilot a Home Sharing Program in Washington County. Providing a comprehensive matching and support service that helps home providers stabilize and retain their housing by renting unused portions of their home to home seekers. This program adds another option for people, especially seniors, to stay in place who could be at risk of losing their homes and for those experiencing rent burden. Learn more…
  • The Knoll at Tigard
    Located off Hall Blvd.
    The Knoll at Tigard Apartments are designed for seniors (age 55+) of modest means and include 45 one-bedroom units and 2 two-bedroom units. Built in 2010, The Knoll is owned and operated by CPAH, creating and maintaining safe, healthy, and sustainable housing with servicers for diverse seniors and people with disabilities in Tigard. The project is transit-oriented, located on a bus line, near a rail line, and within walking distance to other community amenities such as the library, senior center, shops and restaurants. Learn more…

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