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  • Report Card 2021

City of Tigard

Report Card

We're committed to increasing transparency and accountability to the community. One of the results of this commitment is the creation of the City Report Card, which has been published twice a year since 2019.  
In the City Report Card, we tell the story of our refreshed strategic vision—an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone.


Report Card Topic: Equitable

Stating we are not racists is inadequate; we must be anti-racist. Society has internalized and normalized racism. As a city, we must examine and change policies that give rise to racial injustice and inequity. We are taking this step with the creation of the Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB) and an Anti-Racism Action Plan.  

Additional Initiatives  

  • The Budget Committee approved funding for a new integrated system of department-wide body cameras for Tigard police officers. The camera activates automatically whenever an officer turns on their overhead lights, reaches a certain speed, draws a Taser, draws a gun, or is involved in a crash. Officers can also manually active their cameras at any time and the data is automatically uploaded to a secure site for evidence. 
  • The Library recognized the Juneteenth holiday with a display for adults, a suggested bookmark, social media posts, and a book list. 
  • On the city’s podcast, Kim Moreland taught us how Oregon’s history has disadvantaged the Black community. Dr. Marvin Lynn and his son Naasei educated us on the realities of being a Black family in Tigard, and Michael Holton, Trail Blazers radio analyst, coached us on the importance of mentoring. 
  • We partnered with the Tigard-Tualatin School District to host the first Pride Parade. 
  • The city’s internal DEI team launched affinity groups.  
  • The inaugural Tigard Government Organizing and Leadership Development (GOLD) cohort graduated eight community members from a variety of backgrounds – including immigrants, refugees, and U.S. citizens of Iraqi, Mexican, Somali and Turkish heritages. 

Tigard Report Card: Accessible

During COVID-19, we ensured our programs and services remain accessible for all of our community. While continuing to use our digital platforms, we have renewed our emphasis in reaching those who are less digital connected. 

Additional Initiatives 

  • A monthly ad in Tigard Life allows us to reach every household in Tigard. We’ve used this space to share COVID-19 resources for individuals, community groups, and businesses.  
  • Our community has faced a range of emergencies from wildfires to snow events. CodeRed is our main way for letting the community know about these situations. Through door-to-door outreach to household and businesses, we signed up an additional 1,000 phone numbers to the CodeRed notification list. 
  • ‘Late Night in Tigard’ went virtual this year. Hosted by Mayor Snider, the event featured interviews with members of the Public Safety Advisory Board, a top ten list, a Mayor Walking segment, and a Tigard Thanks feature. More than 300 community members tuned in for the video premiere.  

Tigard Report Card: Healthy 

Our community’s mental health is fragile as we navigate the impact of social isolation. Using grant funds, we created initiatives to make your days a little brighter.    

Our Recreation Team hosted P.E in the Park to provide an opportunity for school-aged children to exercise and play games. Our scholarship program provided financial assistance for qualified participants who reside in our community.  

We invited the community to ‘Move 4 May.’ The program focused on staying healthy taking care of ourselves by staying active outdoors or at home. Local businesses donated prizes for the event.  

Additional Initiatives  

  • With the help of more than 300 community members, local artist Emily Lux added a community mural in downtown Tigard on the side of the Main Street Stationary building.  
  • Close to 1,000 community members submitted a response to our survey about the Library Backyard project. We’ll use this input to create the next great outdoor space with the amenities that you want to see.  

Tigard Report Card: Walkable

A recent Parks & Recreation survey showed that community members were walking and using trails more during COVID-19.  

We’re using the information as a key data source for updating the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The plan sets a vision for the future of parks and recreation in Tigard and recommends investments the city can make to achieve the community’s vision. 

Streets for People returned for a second season to support safe and healthy neighborhood access to trails and schools! We add two additional locations to the original pilot program location. At each of the three locations, we're installing temporary "pop-up" traffic calming measures to alert drivers of increased walking and biking activity on neighborhood streets. 

Additional Initiatives 

  • In collaboration with Hike it Baby, we launched the Wander Walks campaign. This campaign consists of a series of bilingual signs that invite families to participate in fun activities related to nature and the environment.  
  • The Council approved the construction of approximately 1.39 miles of new and updated path on the Fanno Creek Trail System. The four new or improved trail sections include: a new path from Woodard Park to Grant Street, replacement path from Ash Avenue to Hall Boulevard, a new path from the Tigard Library to Bonita Road and a new path from 85th Avenue to the Ki-a-kuts Bridge over the Tualatin River. 

Report Card - April 2021


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Communications Manager

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Report Card - April 2021
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