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City of Tigard

Report Card

Citywide Report Card for 2020The City Council is committed to increasing transparency and accountability to the community. In support of this commitment, the city conducted performance audit reviews of services in the general fund in 2019. The final report provided 69 recommendations for improving city operations. We continue to implement these recommendations. 

Along with the performance audit, City Council sought to “increase trust with the community by regularly publishing a city report card, detailing our progress and challenges, and comparing our work to peer cities.” The first report card was published in 2019 and distributed in Tigard Life and utility bills.

Message from Mayor Snider
Mayor Jason SniderWe are continuing on a journey to become an equitable community for everyone. This journey will not be easy and will bring unexpected challenges like the impact of COVID-19 on individuals, families, and businesses in Tigard. We will continue to provide the services that you expect and deserve in good times and bad. We will also look for opportunities to better support you, and for this, I want to hear from you. Please connect at or 503-810-0269, to share your vision of a community for everyone. 

In the 2020 Report Card, we tell the story of our refreshed strategic vision—an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone.

Report Card Topic: Equitable
Equity imageIn the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, the city held listening sessions about racial equity. Over 500 community members shared ideas for action, including the need for a Public Safety Advisory Board. The commission will examine public safety practices to ensure they reflect the always-evolving values of our community.

The Tigard AID program was launched in May to ensure customers have uninterrupted access to utility services. We have allocated nearly $7,000 in funding to assist 139 different customers.

Additional Initiatives

Tigard Report Card: Accessible
Accessibility imageThis year is the 30th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. To make our facilities and programs accessible to all, we have updated our plan that prioritizes projects like curb ramps and sidewalks that remove barriers for the community.

We are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience. In July, we launched the Citizens Online Police Reporting System where you can submit a police report for certain incidents that do not require an in-person response.

Additional Initiatives

  • Launched the Police Transparency webpage as a single point for access to find information relating to policing in Tigard, including data, policies, and actions we are taking and steps we plan to take in the future.
  • Hosted 16 virtual chats with council on Facebook Live. Mayor Snider and the Council will continue to host these chats on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. View previous chats on our YouTube channel.
  • Developed the ‘Your Tigard’ engagement page to encourage community members to give input on key projects any time of the day.
  • Began implementation of the Complete Streets Plan which ensures all road users, including our most vulnerable, are provided with the facilities they need to safely navigate city streets, sidewalks, and off-street paths.

Tigard Report Card: Healthy

healthIn May, voters approved a Police Services Levy. With levy funding, all sworn officers will receive advanced crisis intervention and de-escalation training to help address the growing number of calls for service involving mental health.

To support safe and healthy access to the Fanno Creek Trail, the Pathfinder Pilot Project added temporary traffic calming measures to encourage people to drive with extra caution on streets where people travel on foot or by bike, to and from the trail.

Additional Initiatives

Tigard Report Card: Walkable
WalkCompleted in 2020, the Tigard Street Heritage Trail is a cultural resource and a pedestrian friendly corridor that connects the community to downtown. Professional artists created two murals for the trail that contain references to historic cultures, local wildlife and water.

Bikers, walkers, and runners have been frustrated by flooding on the Fanno Creek Trail at Scholls Ferry Road. We heard these frustrations and have developed a proposal. We’re in the final phase of hearing on whether the solution aligns with your needs.

Additional Initiatives

  • Continued to host Tigard Walks, a monthly community walk. This community event will resume once it is safe for us to gather. You can access walking routes of previous walks on the event’s webpage.
  • Released an interactive public art walking guide.
  • Created the StoryWalk project where families can enjoy reading and nature at the same time. Pages of a specially-chosen picture book are displayed along the trail to enjoy as part of a leisurely walk. 


Staff Contact

Kent Wyatt
Communications Manager

Next Report Card
The next report card will be released on Jan. 1, 2021.
Report Card: 2020
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