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City of Tigard

Public Records Request Form

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Police Records Requests:
Call Tigard Police Records Staff at 503-639-6168 (accident reports, etc.)

Search for Archived Records
Building and Planning records may be electronically accessed free of charge, any time of day through Weblink.

Public Records Request Form
Oregon Public Records Law grants each person the right to inspect the records of a public body, unless the records are exempt from disclosure. City staff will contact you within five (5) business days of receiving your initial request, confirming the city has the requested record or informing you that we are not the custodian of the record or we are uncertain whether we have the requested record. Please note city offices are closed on Fridays.
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Description of Records Requested
Examples: Permits, court citation numbers, council/board minutes for specific dates.
Have you already contacted anyone within the City about this request? 
If so, please let us know who you were working with (name and department if known)

PLEASE NOTE: After you press the Submit Request button, you should see a confirmation page. If you don't see this page, please call City Records at 503-718-2483 to confirm your request submission.