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Tigard Police Department

Your Police Department

Chief's Corner
Police Chief Kathy McAlpine shares her goals for the city and invites you to her monthly community conversations.

Meet the Command Staff
We are dedicated police professionals committed to the community, sensitive to the needs of our citizens while holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence and achievement.
Department Profile
The Tigard Police Department is a progressive and professional police organization. The department is committed to a community policing philosophy and works very closely with the public providing a wide range of programs and information.
Mission Statement
The Tigard Police Department mission is to create the highest level of livability possible by working with our citizens to preserve and protect life, liberty, and property.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a vision for the future and a blueprint for action to guide the choices we make as a department for the next three to five years while staying true to our core values.
Annual Report
The Annual Report is a collection of statistics, program summaries, accomplishments and progress reports condensed for brevity. The annual report is compiled to provide readers with threshhold summaries of the department’s output.
Former police chiefs are highlighted here.

Police K-9
K-9s are considered an important component in the continued efforts for a community to remain competitive in the fight to reduce crime.

Police Transparency
It’s our goal for this to be a single point for access where you’ll find a wealth of information relating to policing in Tigard, including data, policies, our values and vision, messages from our department, actions we are taking and steps we plan to take in the future.

Contact Us:
  • Report immediate threats to life or property or a crime in progress:  9-1-1
  • Receive timely police assistance when it is not an emergency: 503-629-0111
  • Are you looking for more contact information for police and other services? Please click here.  

 Facebook: Police Twitter: Police You Tube Nextdoor   Instagram

TPD Policy Manual
» Reflects policies as of 3-23-21

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