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Tigard Police Department


Choose Your Ride

The Tigard Police DUII Taxi serves to encourage driver-responsibility. Remember, if you plan to drink, don’t drive. Call for a taxi, a sober driver or use public transportation to get to your destination safely. If you get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated; you may end up in the back seat of a police vehicle. And that ride will be taking you to jail.

Pedestrian Safety
Tigard Police periodically conduct pedestrian safety enforcement campaigns.

Parking Basics
Street parking, campers, travel trailers, motorhomes and more.

Parking Permits
City streets around Tigard's High School including 93rd, Martha, Millen, 87th, 88th, Stratford Loop and Court, Avon Court and Street, and Julia Place are part of Tigard's residential parking permit zone area.

Photo Traffic Enforcement (PTE)
Crash data obtained from numerous Tigard intersections strongly supports the need to change driver behavior.

Rules of the Road
Traffic-related inquiries addressed for you.  
Traffic Concern Form
To help better serve Tigard neighborhoods, a form has been created to allow citizens to notify Tigard Police about traffic problems. 

Winter Driving Tips

IceIce and snow comes when we least expect it. Here are some universal recommendations from law enforcement to avoid winter mishaps:

  • Allow enough time. Get an early start and allow plenty of time to reach your destination. 
  • Keep your gas tank full. You may have to turn back in a bad storm or you may be caught in traffic.
  • Keep windshield and windows clear. You may want to stop at a safe location to use a snow brush or scraper. Use the car defroster and a clean cloth to keep the windows free of fog.
  • Slow down. Posted speeds may be safe in most weather, but are an invitation for trouble on snow and ice due to stopping distance.  Keep your seat belt buckled and leave more distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Avoid sudden stops and quick direction changes.
  • Be more observant. Visibility is often limited in winter by weather conditions.
  • If you get stuck, try to move your car completely off the roadway and use your emergency flashers.  Call for a tow with your cell phone or try to flag down someone to call for you.  It is generally not o.k. to leave a vehicle on the shoulder since the lane markers may be obstructed by snow and traffic may need to use the shoulder to get by. 
  • DO NOT ABANDON your car.  Police have an obligation to protect life and property by keeping the roads clear, including the shoulders so that other traffic can be kept moving.  Any car left in the right-of-way could create a hazard.  If your car is obstructing traffic in any way, it could be towed and police tows are usually accompanied by a citation and an increased tow fee.

Help Reduce Speed in Your Neighborhood

Speed Monitoring Trailer
RadarThe Tigard Police Department operates a speed monitoring trailer which displays and educates motorists of the speed their vehicle is traveling; while also alerting motorists to the speed appropriate to that area. 

This tool has been highly effective in helping to reduce the speed of vehicles traveling in residential neighborhoods, school zones and also on heavily traveled streets in Tigard that tend to invite "cut-through" traffic. 

The speed monitoring trailer serves to remind motorists the importance of reducing speed to provide a safe and livable community.

For more information, contact: Public Information Officer Jim Wolf | Phone: 503-718-2561

Request a Road Closure

Plan Ahead...
If you are planning a block party, parade or wish to request a road closure for a special event, you are required to complete a permit application form.

Download the Special Event Permit
Tigard Police Department
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Plan Ahead...
If you are planning a block party, parade or wish to request a road closure for a special event, you are required to complete a permit application form.

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