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Tigard Police

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Report Card

We are proud of the accomplishments we’ve made so far in meeting the goals laid out in our 2018-2021 strategic plan. The three-year plan factors in employee and community surveys, industry best practices, five years of crime trends, response times, staffing levels, overtime spending, case clearance, and community outreach efforts. Here’s a look at how we’re doing.
Click to Enlarge: PD Strategic Plan Report Card

Click to Enlarge: PD-Strategic-Plan-Report-Card
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Chief's Message
In recognition of our commitment, "to protect and serve all who live, play and work in the City of Tigard," it is my pleasure to introduce the Tigard Police Department's 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

Since taking office as the Chief of Police April 3, 2017, the strategic planning working group conducted a thorough current state analysis of the entire Police Department. Our intention was to gather information from both internal and external sources about factors that are currently affecting or will affect the Department's ability to fulfill its mission. It included identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and performing a comprehensive data analysis of three different employee surveys, the Police Department Employee Survey (conducted prior to the selection of a new Police Chief), the City Employee Engagement Survey, and the Chief's one-on-one interviews (my conversations with all employees during the first 90 days of office). Our analysis of hard data included looking at the past five years of crime trends, response times, staffing levels, overtime spending, case clearance, community outreach efforts and other performance outputs. The working group also reviewed information obtained from the City of Tigard's phone survey of the community as it relates to City services including police services. In addition, we reviewed trends and best practices from other agencies around the country, assessed how the Tigard Police Department is currently aligned with national and Oregon state accreditation standards and the 21st Century Policing model, which includes building police trust and legitimacy, especially with communities of color.

Through this process, we developed a vision for the future and created a blueprint for action to guide the choices we make as a department for the next three to five years while staying true to our core values.

We invested a considerable amount of effort into developing a plan that will shape our decision-making process and effectively allocate our limited resources on the most important issues facing our community. As such, the following six strategic priorities will provide our direction for the next three to five years:

Focus on effective use of data and technology

  1. Strengthen community and City relations and partnerships
  2. Enhance the professionalism of the department
  3. Strengthen our leadership system
  4. Build a high engagement culture
  5. Build a responsive organization structure that assures efficient and effective deployment of resources
Working collaboratively within the Police Department, with our community, City Government and our regional law enforcement partners will be the cornerstone of ensuring a successful implementation of our strategic plan and fulfilling our vision where "Tigard Police are the guardians of the community. We are an engaged, resilient and progressive department working to make Tigard safer and more livable."

Kathy McAlpine
Chief of Police

Police Strategic Plan
Police Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan 2018-21 | PDF Adobe icon

Strategic Plan Updates
The following updates demonstrate progress on strategic plan goals:

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