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Tigard Police

Pedestrian Safety

Student Walking Sign

School Safety Reminders

With students returning to school this week and next, please take extra precautions when driving through school zones or trailing school buses.

Some reminders:

  • Watch your speed in school zones. A zone begins where the school speed limit sign is posted and continues until you reach an end school zone sign or another posted speed sign.
  • Slow down near bus stops and areas children tend to congregate. Kids may be distracted or act unpredictably, so give yourself time to react.
  • Stop and remain stopped while people enter and clear the crosswalk.
  • Comply with directions from school crossing guards.
  • If you see flashing amber lights on a school bus, please prepare to stop. 
  • “When the red lights flash on buses, stop before reaching the bus and remain stopped until the driver turns off the flashing lights.
    • If you are on a divided highway with two roads separated by an unpaved median strip or barrier, you must stop only if you are on the same side of the road as the bus.
    • A painted median strip or turn lane does not create two separate roads. In this case, all lanes of traffic must stop.” (OR DMV)
  • Remove distractions so you can fully pay attention to all of the people and activities in the area. Pull over if you need to text, answer a call. 
  • Please don't park in bike lanes and along streets marked "No Parking at Any Time" as this forces cyclists and pedestrians into the lanes of travel.
  • Allow for extra time in your commute. Drivers take more risks when they are late.

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