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Tigard Police Department

Parking Basics

Parking on the StreetParking Violation: Too Close to Corner

  • Do not park in or block a bike lane, sidewalk, crosswalk, driveway access or intersection.
  • Do not parallel park facing the wrong direction; even in a cul-de-sac. The passenger side should be against the curb within 12 inches. (TMC 10.28.060)
  • Do not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Do not park within 20 feet of a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection
  • Do not park within 10 feet of a mailbox from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Do not park a vehicle "For Sale" on the street or repair a vehicle on the street. (TMC 10.28.022 b,c)
  • Do not park over 72 continuous hours on the street or store a vehicle on the street. (TMC 7.60.010 6)
  • Do not park in a marked space for persons with disabilities. Permits must be conspicuously displayed. (TMC 10.28.190 d)
Parking Violation: In a Crosswalk

Parking violation: Too Close to Fire Hydrant

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Where Can I Park?

  • Paved driveways are the correct place to park operable and regularly driven vehicles.
  • Vehicles driven on a daily basis can be parked on the street.

Camper | Travel Trailer | Motorhome
A camper, travel trailer or motorhome may be parked on a public street longer than the period allowed in Tigard Municipal Code section 10.28.030 a if:

  1. It is owned by the resident or guest of the resident of the property in front of which it is parked;
  2. It is parked on the public street adjacent to the lot of the resident; and
  3. It is parked on the public street no longer than 10 days in any calendar year. After the 10 day allowance, the vehicle may not be parked or left standing for a period greater than 30 minutes, between the hours of 12 a.m.– 6 a.m.

(Note: TMC 7.060.010 6 still applies...the camper, travel trailer, motorhome cannot remain in the same location longer than 72 hours within the allowed 10 days.)

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Abandoned Vehicle
A vehicle is considered abandoned if it has been on a public right-of-way (street) more than 24 hours and one or more of the following criteria apply: (TMC 7.60.010 a,b,c)

  • The vehicle has an expired license plate;
  • It appears disabled or is inoperable;
  • The vehicle appears to be wrecked, partially dismantled or junked.

Stored Vehicle
"Stored" or "Storage" means any vehicle that has remained in the same location for a minimum of 72 hours. (TMC 7.60.010 6)

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Warnings & Tickets

  • If you receive a warning, correct the parking violation immediately to avoid further enforcement.
  • If you receive a citation, correct the parking violation immediately to avoid further citations.

Follow the instructions on the ticket and make sure to pay the citation on time and/or appear for your court date. You can contact the Tigard Municipal Court at 503-718-2478.

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Parking FinesParking tickets issued by police can range from $50 to $265 for each occurrence.

Parking fines may vary from $50 to $265 for each occurrence based on Oregon Revised Statutes and Tigard Municipal Code.

Abandoned or hazardous vehicles can be towed at the owners expense. (TMC 7.60.020 b / 7.60.030 a)

To Report Parking Problems

Parking Basics Brochure: Click to Download

Muni Code References
The violations listed on this page are only excerpts of the laws. For more information review the Tigard Municipal Code (TMC) Chapter 10.28 (parking) and 7.60 (abandoned or stored vehicles) here.

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