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Tigard Police is pleased to reintroduce Crime Spotter
The data used in Crime Spotter stems from actual Tigard Police reports which originate from the central call center. As a result, the data used to provide the return of crime information is highly reliable. There are other crime mapping programs available on the web claiming use of crime data. We do not supply our crime data to these websites so the only place to get the most accurate information for Tigard is here. Our database is refreshed with new crime data daily.

Two mapping tools allow you to view and interact with crime data in Tigard. Each provides different views of crime—either at the neighborhood level, or in a ring around a given address.

Neighborhood Crime Spotter 

  • Start with your Neighborhood Network
  • View crimes statistics within each Neighborhood Network
  • Dynamic map shows clusters of crime activity

Launch Crime Spotter

  • Starts with an address
  • Find crimes in a ½ mile radius around your address
  • View various crimes types around your address
  • View specific crime details
Launch Interactive Maps
Neighborhood Crime Spotter

Crime Spotter

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» Neighborhood Crime Spotter
» Crime Spotter

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