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Tigard Police Department

Community Policing

Bike Patrol Team
The Tigard Police Department has revitalized its bicycle patrol team.

Citizens Police Academy

Each year beginning in April, the Tigard Police Department operates a nine-week Citizen’s Police Academy. 

Crime Prevention
The Tigard Police Department provides useful tips to reduce your likelihood of becoming victimized.

Curfew Reminder
Tigard Police would like to remind parents (and children alike) that it is important to know and obey the city ordinance regarding curfew.

Help Me Home Program
If you worry about a loved one who may become lost or disoriented and may have difficulty communicating vital information (name, address or telephone number) please consider registering that person in the Help Me Home Program administered by the Washington County Sheriff's Office and supported by Tigard Police and all law enforcement within Washington County.  Learn more about this valuable program.

I Can Do This!
At various times throughout the year, Tigard Police offers a safety program for children to help them stay safe when home unsupervised. I Can Do This! provides children ages 8 through 11 with tools to build confidence allowing them to be better prepared for unexpected issues which may arise while parents are away. 

National Night Out
Neighborhoods throughout Tigard are invited to join forces with thousands of communities nationwide for the annual National Night Out.

Neighborhood Watch
Tigard Police Department urges you to... TAKE A STAND AGAINST CRIME.

Safety Conversations with Young People
It's always a great time to talk to your child about personal safety. By routinely conducting low-key discussions and practical exercises, you can help build your children’s confidence and skills.

Scam Alert
Scammers are effective at using pressure tactics to get people to act before they have time to do their research.

School Safety
Watch carefully for signs identifying school speed zones. Pay particular attention to school buses loading or unloading children.

Seasonal Safety Tips
Tigard Police notice patterns in crime and other safety concerns that are reported at specific times throughout the year. Please visit our seasonal safety tips page to learn how to prevent crime and other issues in your community. 


Reporting Graffiti Vandalism
To report graffiti vandalism,
please contact Police Dispatch at 503-629-0111.

Graffiti Ordinance In Effect
The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage prompt removal of graffiti after the incident is reported to the Tigard Police Department. It also discourages graffiti from remaining in place for extended periods of time, which can also encourage additional graffiti. 

Please know that it is not our intent to victimize you twice as a result of your victimization. It is however, essential to the welfare of our entire community to have graffiti removed as promptly as possible. To this end, the City will be pleased to work with you and try to make it as easy as possible.

It is important for you to know that failure to remove the graffiti after the 14 days notice can result in a civil infraction. The fine for this violation can be imposed up to a $100 fine per day, until the graffiti is removed. Naturally, we would not welcome this action of enforcement, and sincerely anticipate that residents affected will take the proper steps to eradicate the graffiti. 

We have contacted local paint stores to help make this cleanup effort as easy as possible. The following businesses have agreed to offer discounts on paint purchased to diminish the effects of graffiti vandalism:

Miller Paint 10115 SW Nimbus Ave, Tigard 503-968-9525
Home Depot 14800 SW Sequoia Pkwy, Tigard 503-639-3500
Lowe's 12615 SW 72nd Ave, Tigard 503-624-2644

In the event you seek their generous offer of discounted paint, please be prepared to provide the store with the Tigard Police case number associated with your incident.

Need to Report Vandalism? If you need to report graffiti vandalism to your property, please contact the non-emergency police dispatch at 503-629-0111.

Mediation Program

The City of Tigard partners with Beaverton's Dispute Resolution Center to offer free mediation services to Tigard residents. The Dispute Resolution Center provides six (6) mediation programs tailored to customer needs: 
  • Neighborhood Mediation
  • Landlord / Tenant Mediation
  • Homeowners Association Mediation
  • Manufactured Dwelling Park Mediation
  • Business / Consumer Mediation
  • Elder Mediation
For more information including hours and availability, or for information about the mediation process, training and events, and volunteer opportunities, please contact the Dispute Resolution Center.

Dispute Resolution Center
Telephone: 503-526-2523 TTY/TDD
Fax: 503-526-3730

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a negotiation process where a neutral third party, a mediator, helps parties work together to resolve conflict. The mediator doesn't solve problems, but does help parties work together toward a mutually beneficial resolution. The parties have complete control throughout the process, jointly seeking the best possible resolution, while preserving important relationships. Because parties take responsibility for their own solutions, they are more likely to keep their agreements.

The Dispute Resolution Center does not handle disputes in which there is a pattern of violence or physical abuse between parties, when a party is impaired by drugs or alcohol, in cases where a person cannot adequately represent him or herself, where one party refuses to willingly participate, or where a party is unwilling to negotiate in good faith.

Self Defense for Women

Take Charge! 
Self Defense for Women

The Tigard Police Department offers an occasional course in self-defense. Take Charge self-defense classes are designed to teach you skills of self-defense to help you defend against sexual assault. The physical techniques taught in the course are designed with a woman's natural strength and ability in mind.
Sponsor: Tigard Police Department
Contact: Shelly Wert, 503-718-2562 (Contact Shelly to be placed on the class waiting list.)
Target Age: 12 years to 90 (Program geared for ALL levels of physical ability)
Cost: TBD
Class Dates: TBD
Class Location: TBD
Self Defense
Class instruction and demonstrations will allow you to decrease your vulnerability and give you a new sense of confidence and personal power. Class activities and discussions are designed to help women identify their risks, evaluate their strengths, and explore their options for dealing with the threat of sexual violence.

Physical self-defense is most effective when vulnerable areas of the body are targeted. Some of the skills taught will include multiple strikes to vulnerable areas, as well as escapes from choke holds, body grabs, wrist grasps, and defense techniques from the ground.

Sponsored by Tigard Police Department

Sex Offender FAQs

Sex Offender FAQs
Frequently asked questions regarding sex offenders.

  • Are all sex offenders required to register?
  • Are all sex offenders monitored and supervised?
  • How can I get a list of sex offenders in my neighborhood?

Find the answers to all of these questions and more here.

Inquiries regarding this information can be directed to the Tigard Police Crime Prevention Officer, Jim Wolf at 503-718-2561 or for more information. 
Contact Us:
  • Report immediate threats to life or property or a crime in progress:  9-1-1
  • Receive timely police assistance when it is not an emergency: 503-629-0111
  • Are you looking for more contact information for police and other services? Please click here.  

 Facebook: Police Twitter: Police You Tube Nextdoor   Instagram

Can You ID Me
 Community Tip Line
Tip Phone
Did you know that citizens in the community are considered "the eyes and ears" for the police? Police officers cannot be everywhere at any given time. As a result, police rely on citizens to advise them of suspicious situations or activity they observe. The police can also benefit from community input during an investigation. There are times when witnesses may be able to provide valuable information in conjunction with a criminal investigation. For that purpose, a tip line has been created at the Tigard Police Department. At your request, the source for your information can remain anonymous.

Citizens can either phone 503-718-COPS or email with information. 

The "tip line" resource is not suited for everything. Please use the non-emergency telephone number for police dispatch to report crimes "not occurring now" such as graffiti, damage to public property, stolen property, etc. That number to call is 503-629-0111.

For emergencies and crimes "occurring now" always call 9-1-1.
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