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Chat with the Chief

Tigard residents and businesses are invited to community conversations with the Chief of Police aimed at promoting an open dialogue and enhancing police and community relationships.

At these Chats, discussions range from neighborhood concerns, developments in the department, to realities of police work. The relaxed format allows community members to drive the conversation.

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These community conversations are aligned with the Department’s and City’s Strategic plan.

Kathy McAlpine
Chief of Police

Kathy McAlpine
Message from the Chief

In April 2017, I had the honor of being sworn-in as the Tigard Police Chief. I have spent the following months getting to know the residents, business owners and elected officials. I have also met with each member of the Police Department to determine their values and any obstacles that impede their work. I learned from officers that "no call is too small" and they take great pride in providing a high level of service to the community. Despite some communities experiencing a strain in police and community relations, the Tigard Police Department is grateful for continuing support from the community.

Tigard Police Annual Report infographicDemand for police services in Tigard is significantly increasing but our resources have not kept pace. At the same time, Tigard police officers are the first responders to an increasing number of calls about individuals exhibiting signs of crisis related to mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness. Our department has been proactive in gaining a better understanding of homelessness and its causes. We have been involved in the City’s Homelessness Task Force, and the Washington County "Addressing Homelessness: A Dialogue between Faith and Government" in an effort to identify solutions to these important issues.

View the entire Annual Report.

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