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Tigard Police Department

Alarm Permits

Tigard Police respond to alarm calls at business and residential locations with the vast majority being identified as false alarms.  False alarms detract from the Police Department's ability to address more urgent or time sensitive issues.

The City of Tigard maintains an alarm ordinance to protect "emergency services" of the city from misuse.


Alarm Permit Fees
Residential or business users  $25.00
Residents over age 60, handicapped or government agency Exempt 
Late payment of renewal (after 60 days) $100.00
Failure to obtain alarm permit (within 60 days of installation) $100.00
Expired, reinstatement fee, once revoked (after 90 days) $100.00
Non-permitted or revoked alarm permit $500.00

False Alarm Fines
1st in permit year  No Charge 
2nd in permit year No Charge 
3rd in permit year $100.00
4th in permit year $150.00
5th in permit year $200.00
6th and above in permit year $250.00


Home Alarm Alarm Permit Guidelines
  1. All residences and businesses within the City of Tigard using an alarm must have an "alarm user" permit.  The annual alarm permit fee is $25 and is valid for one year.
  2. If you are a government agency, a resident of Tigard age 60 and over, or physically handicapped, you are exempt from the annual alarm permit fee.
  3. To encourage citizens to reduce false alarms, fines are imposed upon the third false alarm.
  4. Failure to pay false alarm fines may result in suspension of police services and a late charge if not paid within 30 days.
  5. When responding to a false alarm, Tigard Police leave a written notice at the alarm location identifying their findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need an alarm permit if I do not have an alarm company monitoring my system?
A. If you have an alarm, you must obtain an alarm permit.

Q. I have a medical/fire alarm, do I need an alarm permit?
A. No. An alarm permit is required for burglary alarms only.

Q. How much is the annual alarm permit fee?
A. $25.00 annually.

Q. Are there any alarm permit fee exemptions?
A. If you are a government agency, a resident of Tigard age 60 and over, or physically handicapped, you are exempt from the annual alarm permit fee.

Q. Will I be notified when my permit is going to expire?
A. A renewal form will be mailed to you before your permit expires.

Q. If I am exempt do I need to send anything back to renew?
A. The alarm renewal form needs to be returned with any changes.

Q. Are there charges for false alarms?
A. Fines for false alarms begin with the 3rd false alarm in a permit year.

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of the City of Tigard Alarm Ordinance?
A. View the alarm ordinance.

Tips to Prevent a False Alarm

Activating Your Alarm System:
  • Make sure that all family members, employees, and house sitters know how to properly operate the alarm system and cancel police response in case of an accidental alarm trip.
  • When leaving your home, make sure that pets are away from motion sensored areas and windows and doors are secured.
  • Make sure sensors are clear of any cobwebs and that any balloons and plants are away from air vents.
Notify Your Alarm Company If:
  • You think your system is not working properly
  • You plan to remodel
  • You hire domestic help, sell your home or test your alarm system
  • You install VoIP, FIOS or intercoms
  • You plan to go on vacation:
    1. Tell them the dates you will be gone
    2. Tell them whether you will have anyone authorized to be in your home
    3. Update your emergency contact list
    4. Give them the number where you can be reached.
Regular Alarm System Maintenance:
  • Have your alarm company perform annual maintenance on your alarm system, ensuring that all contacts on doors and windows are properly adjusted.
  • Change the back up battery every 3-5 years.  They typically last 4 hours in the event of a power outage.  The life of the battery is shortened if you have had several power outages.
Verify that Your Monitoring Company Uses Enhanced Call Verification (ECV)
  • ECV means that if the alarm monitoring company does not receive an answer at the alarm site, they must call a responsible party's or authorized user's contact phone number prior to requesting  law enforcement dispatch.  Make sure your contact call list is up to date with your monitoring company.
Alarm Payments Online
Credit Payment Options To access online payment you will need:
  • Your account/permit#
  • Your password
  • For more information, call 503-718-2565

Make an Online Payment
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