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Talking Tigard

City's 60th with Former Mayor Craig Dirksen
In celebration of the City's 60th Anniversary, former mayors and city councilors are sharing their role in the city's history. Former Mayor Craig Dirksen reflects on how a desire to increase the number of parks in Tigard led him to running for office. While serving as mayor, the city increased parks and open space from 288 acres in 2000 to 550 acres by 2014.

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History Comes Alive with Murray Carlisle
In 2011, Tigard High School students selected U.S History teacher Murray Carlisle as their graduation speaker. He advised students to "do something to help other people. Do something where you give back to your community, to your state, to your nation."

In this interview, Murray talks about his approach to teaching, including the challenge of teaching to an empty classroom last year. He also shares the books and movies that help him continue to learn about our country's history.

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Episodes 1-9

Episode #9: Just Compassion Offers Aid
Vernon Baker, Executive Director of Just Compassion, discusses how Just Compassion is using the Resident Aid Fund of Tigard to support Tigard community members who are experiencing houselessness. Also, Vernon offers insight into how the city can take steps to address racial inequities.

Learn more
Just Compassion -
Get involved -

Episode #8: Community Journalism During COVID-19 
Tigard Times Editor-in-Chief Mark Miller discusses covering the community that he grew up in. He also touches on the challenges of reporting during COVID-19 and the importance of maintaining quality community journalism.

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Tigard-Tualatin Times
Saving Community Journalism Campaign

Episode #7:  A Safe Home for Tigard Youth
Amy Brownell, Second Home, Katrin Dougherty, SupaFresh Youth Farm, and Morgan Bengel, HomePlate Youth Services share what their organizations are doing to help, and how they need the support of the community. 

HomePlate Youth Services
Learn more at 
Contact: Morgan Bengel,

Second Home
Learn more at
Contact: Amy Brownell, 

Oregon Human Development Corporation SupaFresh Youth Farm 
Refer a youth: or call 503-707-9115 
Sign up for the newsletter, make a donation, or fill out a CSA application at   
Contact: Katrin Dougherty,

Episode #6:  An Interview with Chief Kathy McAlpine
Chief Kathy McAlpine reflects on her career journey, keeping the Tigard community safe, and the increased challenges of policing because of COVID-19.

Episode #5:  An Interview with Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici
Congresswoman Bonamici talks about staying connecting with business owners and community members in Tigard during COVID-19, addressing the disproportionate number cases of COVID-19 in the Latino community, and her favorite city in Washington County.

Episode #4: Talking Tigard with TVF&R Assistant Chief
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Kenny Frentress shares an inside look at how TVF&R is working to ensure the community is safe and healthy. He also answers the five most common questions being asked by the community.

  1. How did your prior work experiences prepare you for COVID-19?
  2. When did TVF&R realize COVID-19 was going to be a major event?
  3. Explain to our listeners the difference between the city’s and TVF&R emergency operations center. How do they work together?
  4. What are a couple of examples of the community helping during COVID-19?
  5. What does reopening mean for TVF&R?

Episode #3: Talking Tigard with the TTSD Superintendent
Dr. Sue Rieke-Smith, Tigard-Tualatin School District Superintendent, answers the five questions that the community is asking.

  1. How did your previous experience prepare you to lead during this event?
  2. When did you first realize that COVID-19 would have a major impact on TTSD?
  3. What was the tipping point in transitioning to distance learning for the remainder of the year?
  4. What's your advice for the parents of children in TTSD?
  5. How can we still honor the accomplishments of the seniors?

Dr. Sue Rieke-Smith became Tigard-Tualatin School District Superintendent on July 1, 2018. An experienced educational leader, Dr. Rieke-Smith has work at all three school levels. Since joining TTSD, Dr. Rieke-Smith says she has “found Tigard-Tualatin to be a great school district, full of people who are committed to making a positive difference for children.”

Episode #2: Inside the Emergency Operations Center
Police Commander Robert Rogers and Emergency Services Coordinator Mike Lueck answer the five questions that people in the community are asking.

  1. How did your experience prepare you for COVID-19?
  2. We recently launched a virtual Emergency Operations Center. What does this mean for our listeners? How will they be impacted? Why should they care?
  3. Take us inside the virtual EOC and walk us through the last 24 hours.
  4. What are a couple of stories that highlight how the community has come together to respond to COVID-19?
  5. How will we know when the virtual EOC is no longer needed?

Commander Rogers has over 25 years of public safety experience in Oregon and Arkansas, including 22 years with the city of Tigard. He has six years in the U.S. Army having served both stateside and abroad.

Mike Lueck is the city’s Emergency Services Coordinator. He’s served in this role for 16 years. 


Episode #1: Talkin' Tigard w/ Halsted Bernard, Tigard Library Director

In 2019, Halsted Bernard was selected as our next Director of Library Services. Halsted is a familiar face at the library. She has been our Circulation Manager for three years and served as one of the library’s interim co-directors for the past seven months.

Halsted’s library career has spanned 18 years, in both academic and public libraries in the San Francisco Bay area and abroad. She received her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Episodes 10-19

Episode #19 - Dan Murphy, Broadway Rose Director
Dan Murphy, Managing Director of the Broadway Rose Theater, joins the podcast to talk about the beginning of his career in New York City, the origins of the Broadway Rose in Tigard, and the impact of COVID on its operations.

Learn more
Broadway Rose Theater website
How you can support the Broadway Rose Theater
Broadway Rose’s Dan Murphy Found a New Outlet for His Passion
Know a Theatre: Broadway Rose Theatre Company

Episode #18 - Dr. Marvin Lynn and His Son Naasei
Dr. Marvin Lynn, Dean of the College of Education at Portland State University and his son Naasei discuss the community's response to the murder of George Floyd, the history of racial discrimination in the Portland area, and how Tigard can become a more inclusive community.

Additional Reading


Episode #17 - Tigard Rep. Margaret Doherty

Rep. Margaret Doherty recaps 11 years in the Oregon legislature including advancing legislation on school nutrition. She also shares her favorite city (Portland or Tigard), the resources needed to run successful campaign, and the story of getting kicked out of the Joy Theatre.

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Episode #16 - Tigard Life: Behind the Scenes
Michael Antonelli, founder and publisher of Tigard Life, talks about his background in the newspaper business, the impetus behind starting Tigard Life, and the articles that resonate with the Tigard community.

Additional Info
Tigard Life website
Tigard Life Facebook page

Episode #15 - Tigard Rallies Around Packed with Pride

Ben Bowman, School Board Member for the Tigard-Tualatin School District and Margie Greene, Executive Director for the Tigard-Tualatin School District Foundation discuss the:

  • Origins of Packed with Pride 
  • Importance of addressing food insecurities 
  • Generosity of Tigard High School Principal Brian Bailey 
  • Need of volunteers and drivers 

The duo also offers up their suggestions for the next guest on the Talking Tigard podcast. 

Supplemental Reading  

Episode #14 - Supporting the Tigard Business Community
Maggie Reilly, Business Leader at Craft3 and Nita Shah, Executive Director at Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon discuss working with city staff to create Tigard Commercial Assistance and Relief for Economic Stability (Tigard CARES). Grants were awarded for assistance with rent, payroll, recurring costs and future inventory with a strong focus on resources for businesses that most need help accessing federal and state programs.

Supplemental Reading

Episode #13: Racial Unity Book Club Creation

Adrianne Driver, Tigard Library, Bruce Poinsette, Respond to Racism, and Denise Taylor, MLK2020: Healing the Divide discuss the creation of the Racial Unity Book Club. They also share resources for learning about racial justice.

Additional Resources

Episode #12: New Youth Councilor on Board
TIgard Youth Councilor Emilio Calderon talks about his recent appointment to the City Council, issues that are important to Tigard youth, and how we can create a more inclusive community.

Episode #11: Tigard High Students Have Mobilized
Tigard High School students Abdi Mohamoud and Sarah Gentry share how students have mobilized after the killing of George Floyd. They discuss drafting a anti-racism resolution for the Tigard-Tualatin School Board, the successful Student March for Black Lives, and what's next.

Episode #10: When Will the Playgrounds Open?
Marissa Grass, Community Engagement Coordinator for the City of Tigard, answers the questions that you've been asking - when will playgrounds open? Do I have to wear a mask? What will happen in Phase 2?

Episodes 20-29

Carla Staedter, Project Coordinator for the City of Tigard
Carla discusses the importance of stormwater management in addressing erosion, water quality, and flooding. She describes how the stormwater fee allows the city to address these three areas.

She also talks about:

  • Restoring 'Drain-o' Creek to Fanno Creek
  • Responding to beaver concerns
  • Picking up after your pooch
  • Growing up in Wisconsin

Additional Reading

Episode #28 - Eduardo Ramos, En Contacto Podcast Host
Eduardo Ramos, the city's Digital Communications Coordinator and host of the En Contacto podcast, visits the studio to discuss the year in podcasting and shares details on the: 

  • Origins of the En Contacto podcast
  • Start-up costs of podcasting
  • Ways to measure the success of a podcast
  • Process for selecting guests

Eduardo also reveals exclusive details about Tigard's favorite feline, BureauCat. 

Additional Information
En Contacto on YouTube
Tigard AID
Tigard Espanol
Tigard Thanks!


Episode #27 - Michael Holton, Trail Blazers Radio Analyst
Michael Holton, former NBA player and current Trail Blazer radio analyst, discusses:

• Raising a family in Tigard
• Building a equitable and inclusive community
• Developing a recreation program
• Playing with Michael Jordan

Also, Michael answers questions from the community. 

Additional Reading

Episode #26 - Amber Bell and Joanne Bengtson
Amber Bell, Readers Services Manager & Joanne Bengtson, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, discuss the city's refreshed strategic plan to be "an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone." They also discuss the Library's Walk-Up Service Desk, Tigard Thanks!, Tigard Walks, and cats vs. dogs.

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Episode #25 - Kimberly Moreland
Kimberly Moreland, member of the Oregon Black Pioneers and author of African Americans of Portland, talks about the impact of Oregon's black exclusionary laws, abolitionists in Tigard, and the racial equity work being done in Tigard. Also, Kimberly shares New Year's resolutions, COVID hobbies, and ideas for future podcast guests. 

Additional Reading

Episode #24 - Martin McKnight 
From Cook Park to Jack Park to everything in between, the community loves its park system. Martin McKnight, Parks Supervisor, talks about the staffing and funding needed to maintain these assets. He also shares information on:

  • Whether a splash pad is in Tigard's future
  • When playground equipment will be replaced at Cook Park
  • The importance of the Parks & Rec Fee

Additional Reading

Questions about Tigard parks? Contact Martin at

Episode #23 - Jimmy Brown 
Jimmy Brown, a 26-year resident of Tigard, talks about raising a Black family in Tigard, interactions with the Tigard Police Department, and goals for the Public Safety Advisory Board.

Also, Jimmy discusses:

  • Volunteer work with the Tigard-Tualatin School District
  • Being a 'hip and aware' parent 
  • Importance of putting an equity lens to all city services

Additional Materials
Community Caucus: Jimmy Brown
Community Policing: Jimmy Brown
Public Safety Advisory Board
Community for All

Episode #22 - Leadership Transition in Tigard

Interim City Manager Kathy Nyland and Interim Assistant City Manager/Police Chief Kathy McAlpine discuss the city's recent leadership transition, the role and responsibilities of a city manager, and the city's Anti-Racism Action Plan.

They also discuss:

  • Definition of success
  • Future podcast guests
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Women’s basketball

Additional Reading

Episode #21 - Creating a Community Space at Cooper Mountain Ale Works

Chris Sjolin, owner of Cooper Mountain Ale Works, talks about the decision to locate in the space formerly occupied by Max's Fanno Creek Brew Pub. He also discusses the beer making process, the importance of a walkable downtown, and the Cooper Mountain experience.

Additional Information

Episode #20 - Brandi Leos, Senior Human Resources Business Partner for the City of Tigard

Brandi discusses our approach to building a workforce that is representative of the community. She also discusses common mistakes made by applicants, questions to ask during an interview, salary negotiations, thank you note OR no thank you note

Additional Information

Questions? Contact Brandi at

Episodes 30-40

Moving from Rhetoric to Action!
Dr. Ame Lambert, Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion for Portland State University, shares how the responsibility of equity and inclusion work belongs to everyone. At Portland State, she is developing a 12 to 18 month plan to build the thread of racial equity throughout students, faculty, and staff.

You will also hear about the ways to engage children in difficult conversations about race. Whether talking with children or co-workers, she urges you to lean into the conversations and work. One of the ways to do this is by ‘expanding your capacity for discomfort.’

Books from Beverly Jenkins
Beverly Daniel Tatum – Can We Talk About Race?
Dr. Ame Lambert in conversation with PSU student leader Aisha Osman

Don't Throw Away Your (COVID) Shot
Mary Sawyers, Washington County Public Health Communicator, shares the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine, including: how to schedule an appointment, the amount of available vaccine, the importance of equity in distributing the vaccine, and when we'll reach herd immunity. She also stresses the need to wear a mask even after getting the vaccine.

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Get Vaccinated Oregon
Washington County Vaccine Page

Downtown Tigard Tour
Ryan Ruggiero, chair of the Town Center Advisory Commission, leads you on a tour of downtown Tigard by sharing his favorite spots and previewing future improvements. You'll also hear about the importance of volunteering, best pizza place in the Portland area, and best moment of 2021 so far.

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Mayor's Corner
Board and Committees

Curiosities: Giving New Life to Old Things
Travis Diskin, creator of Curiosities Vintage Mall, shares the story behind relocating from Beaverton to Tigard. You'll also hear about the challenges of managing a business during COVID-19 and how the business community banded together to support each other.

Outside of his work at Curiosities, Travis talks about the need for an ice cream shop in downtown, the music of the B-52's, and his pet June.

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Website: Curiosities Vintage Mall
Curiosities Vintage makes the move to Downtown Tigard

Building a More Inclusive PGE
DeAngeloa Wells and Jake Wise discuss Portland General Electric's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and how those efforts are attracting a workforce of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences, with different styles, approaches and ways of looking at things. They also discuss skydiving, talk show hosts, and Notary Sojac.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Courageous Conversations about Race
Government Alliance on Race and Equity
Kevin Robinson and Michelle Cooper get you ready for the 2021 Tigard Little League season. After losing much of last season to COVID, Tigard Little League leaders and volunteers worked diligently to ensure a safe and fun season in 2021. They also discuss the challenges of coaching their own children, Mayor Snider's pitching ability, and their favorite MLB team.

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Tigard Little League website
Little League Call Up Grant
Lift Your League – Support the Tigard Little League

Sit Back, Relax and Smile!
Dr. Andrew Henderson gives you a behind the scenes look at opening a new business during COVID-19. The Smile Lounge opened in 2021 to provide dental services to the Tigard community. You'll also learn about their partnership with the Shadow Project. The Shadow Project creates sensory spaces in local schools and sends out sensory kits to kids in our community.

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The Smile Lounge
The Shadow Project

Let's Talk Recreation w/ Tigard's Recreation Coordinator
Kaitlyn Leaf, the city's Recreation Coordinator, talks about her career path from entry-level staffer to interim Recreation Coordinator to permanent Recreation Coordinator. She also talks about current and future recreation programming and how you can have a voice in those decisions. You will also get an inside look at how an equity lens is guiding the work of recreation.

Stay up to date with recreation at

40 Years of Toastmasters
Tom Briggs and Cleon Cox discuss the 40-year history of the Wallmasters chapter of Toastmasters in Tigard. They also provide tips for public speaking and advice for giving meaningful evaluations.

Danny Rauda: Facilitating Social Justice in Tigard
Danny Rauda talks about his work as the Social Justice Coordinator for St. Anthony's Church, including raising awareness about Human Trafficking Awareness Month. He also shares why he applied for the Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB) and the early work of the PSAB.

Additional Reading

Jeanne Peloquin & Kate Ristau
Jeanne Peloquin, Tigard Library and Kate Ristau, Tigard Library Board member, discuss the current services offered by the library, development of the Library's strategic plan, and ways that you can share your input.

They also discuss the:

  • Bookmobiles
  • Card catalog
  • Dewey Decimal System
  • Mt. Rushmore of books

Additional reading
Connect with the Library – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Share your vision for the Tigard Library
Your Personal Librarian

Episodes 41-50

Tigard's Youth Movement
Three years ago, the City Council gave voice to the Tigard youth by creating a Youth Councilor position. Aishiki Nag is the third person to serve in the role. From park cleanup events to voter registration drives, Aishiki shares what she hopes to accomplish during the one-year term. Also, she talks about her favorite Tigard High School class and teacher, importance of the COVID vaccine, and advice for public speaking.

Connect with Youth Councilor Nag
Instagram: @aishiki.nag

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Aishiki Nag brings enthusiasm for outreach to Tigard Youth Councilor position

Building a Just Compassion Campus with ARPA Funding
Earlier this year, Just Compassion received a $4 million dollar allocation in America Rescue Plan funding to build transitional housing and an expanded resource center in Tigard. Vernon Baker, Just Compassion Executive Director, shares how this new campus will make it easier for individuals experiencing houselessness to connect with the services that they need.

Quote from Mayor Snider
The story of Just Compassion embodies the spirit of our community. A small group of volunteers, with kind hearts and tireless energy, joined forces in 2010 to provide meals, shelter, and compassion to individuals experiencing homelessness. In 2018, Just Compassion found a permanent location on Hall Boulevard for a one-stop resource center. It’s become a warm, safe place for community members working to get back on their feet. Thanks to a $4 million American Rescue Plan allocation, Just Compassion’s impact will increase further by adding transitional housing and an expanded day center. With Just Compassion adding this project to current offerings, I am confident they will continue to deliver on their mission to provide a place for community members to ‘be seen, be heard, be known.’

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Just Compassion gets $4M boost for shelter

How to Land Your Dream Job
From cover letter to salary negotiations, Mac Prichard, founder of Mac’s List and author of Land Your Dream Job, shares tips for every step of your next job search. Also, learn about the importance of your LinkedIn page, tips for a virtual interview, and how to leave a lasting impression with an interview panel.

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Wearing Many Hats with Portland Gear
Tigard High School graduate and Portland Gear brand manager Zach Dean talks about the explosive growth of Portland Gear and their role in redesigning the Portland Winterhawks logo and merchandise. Also, Zack reflects on the teachers and classes that inspired him at Tigard High School and a memorable trip to DC with the Tigard Youth Advisory Council.

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Amplifying the Voices of the Reticent
The inaugural Tigard Government Organizing and Leadership Development (GOLD) cohort graduated eight community members from a variety of backgrounds – including immigrants, refugees, and U.S. citizens of Iraqi, Mexican, Somali and Turkish heritages. Cohort graduate Aadil Mohamed shares lessons learned including how to effectively present to the City Council. He shares the story of his family's journey to the United States and how that serves as his daily motivation.

Also, Aadil talks about serving on the Tigard Youth Advisory Council, interning at Nike, and predicting the NBA Finals.

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Know H20: Quality and Conservation
Five years into the Lake Oswego-Tigard water partnership, Jennifer Joe and Kevin McCaleb discuss the partnership's commitment to water quality and water conservation. They share how your water comes from the Clackamas River, one of the highest quality sources in Oregon. Also, hear about the right time to sign up for a free water audit.

Additional Reading
Annual Water Quality Report
Request a free water audit
Water conservation
A look inside the heart of the Lake Oswego-Tigard water treatment process
Our Unsung Heroes: The people behind Lake Oswego & Tigard's drinking water
Built to Last! Lake Oswego-Tigard Water System
Five years into the Lake Oswego and Tigard water partnership, Mayor Snider and Mayor Buck share the origins of how the cities came together to provide high-quality drinking water to 100,000 customers. The Mayors also debate the best college (Willamette University v. University of Portland), best use of water, and best things about each city.

Additional Reading
Raise a Glass to the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water System
Tigard, Lake Oswego celebrate water system milestone
Video: Q+A with Lake Oswego Mayor Buck & Tigard Mayor Snider
Creating Tigard's Community Mural w/Emily Lux
From design to installation, local artist Emily Lux talks about the process for creating Tigard’s new community mural. Learn about the inspiration for the mural, importance of public participation, and value of public murals.

Additional Reading
Emily Lux website
Colorful mural added to Tigard's Main Street
Building Our New Landscape, Tigard’s New Community Mural

Your Parks. Your Trails. Your Recreation.
Alex Dupey, MIG's Director of Planning Services and Rick Gruen, Tigard's Manager of Parks, Rec, & Green Infrastructure, talk about planning for the future of parks and rec, including the use of an equity lens in decision-making. They also issue the challenge for at least 1,000 community members to complete the ongoing survey.  

Additional Reading
Parks & Rec survey:
Recreation Programming:
Visit a Tigard Park:  

Dancing in the Streets
Hendrik Broekelschen, a program coordinator for the City of Tigard, talks about the return of Streets for People, the debut of Move4May, and the continuation of Safe Routes to School. You'll also learn about bike adventures, naps, and pizza toppings.

Contact Hendrik at  

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Talking Tigard

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