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Web Tool Gives Residents Access to Construction and Planning Activities Citywide
Ever wonder what is being constructed in your neighborhood and in the City of Tigard? Are you curious about projects being reviewed by city staff? Want to know who is doing the utility work on your street?
TAP app
The answers are now at your fingertips, through the Tigard Active Permits (TAP) web feature. The online tool allows anyone with access to a smart device or computer to learn about projects happening in real-time, anywhere in the city.

“The city’s strategic vision relies on engaged residents,” said Kenny Asher, Community Development director. “People in Tigard are interested in how the city is changing. With the TAP, every single Tigard household and business can now track development and construction around town and right down to the block.”

The TAP tool gives information on permits in review or under construction for projects such as new homes or businesses, remodels, subdivisions, apartments, utility repairs, expansions to schools or religious facilities and more. (See how the tool works). For large planning cases, the interactive features allow a person to review proposed plans, view public comment information and, for some activities, contact staff.

This project grew from discussions among city departments and staff on how to make it easier for people to get the information they need about essential city services. Residents also wanted more information about what they saw around them. The TAP tool is just one of the efforts to improve access to permitting information.

The tool was released on the city’s website in 2015 and now has been updated. The map feature lets users see activities for building, engineering and planning. A user will see different icons for types of work taking place in each activity area. Simply click on an icon, and a short description will pop up on a user’s smart phone or computer.

Though city staff strive to make construction and development activity information available, not all project documents will be available on the TAP tool all of the time. If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Counter at 503-718-2421.

Residents are encouraged to explore the TAP tool and let us know what they think.
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Downtown projects

An interactive map of current, completed and proposed future projects in Downtown Tigard

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