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  • Diversity Message from Mayor Snider

City of Tigard

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Dashboard

The Gender Demographics data incorporates the entire workforce, which includes regular, part-time, temporary and seasonal staff as of Sept. 2021.


This infographic shows race/ethnicity demographics of Tigard’s workforce as of Sept. 2021. The data incorporates the entire workforce, which includes regular, part-time, temporary and seasonal staff.


Progress Report
Updated: Oct. 4, 2021

In our effort to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, we will hold ourselves accountable by being publicly transparent about our accomplishments, challenges, and the work ahead. The city’s commitment to DEI is reflected in our actions in the past year:  

Team Tigard: Fostering an inclusive workplace 

  • Sponsored the 2020 NW Public Employees Diversity Conference, attended virtually by over 25 City of Tigard team members.
  • Screened all job applications using a blind recruitment process by eliminating personally identifiable information like names and addresses.
  • Formally implemented several best practice equity strategies to improve the selection process and remove barriers.
  • Expanded job outreach to underrepresented communities by posting all open jobs with Partners in Diversity, Centro Cultural of Washington County, and Urban League of Portland.
  • Launched affinity groups for employees including Tigard Parents and Gender & Sexuality groups.
  • Revamped our Respectful Workplace Conduct policy and reporting process.
  • Provided information to Team Tigard through regular newsletters focused on DEI information, learning, and initiatives.
  • Held regular conversations around equity and inclusion topics.
  • Hosted S. Renee Mitchell for a Black History Month presentation.  

Tigard as an Equitable Community: Fostering equity throughout the Tigard community 

  • Ensured most of the city’s public service counters are staffed by at least one bilingual team member.
  • Posted social media messages and the Mayor’s Corner in English and Spanish.
  • Installed Born Learning Trail Signs in both Spanish and English in Cook Park.
  • Completed 'Access Recreation' training to better understand barriers on our trails and in parks.
  • Increased the number of bilingual employees throughout the city, especially among police officers.
  • Hosted community conversations around equity and affordable housing.
  • Provided citywide translation services. Advanced the ADA Transition Project by surveying the community on how the city should prioritize projects that remove barriers for everyone. Created an online survey, 'A Community for All' which asks for input on how the city should prioritize projects that remove barriers for everyone. You can review the completed Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan here.
  • Hosted a series of podcast episodes around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Guests included Marvin Lynn, Portland State University, College of Education, Kimberly Moreland, Oregon Black Pioneers, Danny Rauda, St. Anthony’s Church, Jimmy Brown, Public Safety Advisory Board member, and DeAngeloa Wells, PGE DEI Coordinator.
  • Co-designed and formed the Public Safety Advisory Board through a community caucus selection process.
  • Partnered with the Tigard-Tualatin School District to determine the appropriate role for school resource officers. 
  • Partnered with Unite Oregon on community conversations on renter’s rights and emergency preparedness. The events were in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Somali.
  • Convened seven webinars, including Los Empresarios for Latinx entrepreneurs.
  • Hosted the first-ever virtual Chat with the Chief in Spanish.
  • Administered the Tigard CARES grant program with minority-owned businesses receiving 51% of the grants.
  • Hosted the Online Racial Justice Book Club at the Tigard Public Library to read, think, and discuss how articles relate to current events while working together to better understand and work against racism in our community and lives.
  • Shared a “Black Lives Matter at the Tigard Public Library” reading list consisting of library teammates’ favorite books celebrating Black people created by Black authors and/or illustrators. Contributors also decorated letters in our window display overlooking the Fanno Creek Trail behind the Library.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
A note from Tigard’s DEI Advisory Team

Tigard strives to be an equitable community that is walkable, healthy and accessible for everyone.
To achieve this goal, the City of Tigard has made a commitment to the community – those who live, play and work in Tigard – to take a moral stance on inclusion.  

As an employer, our objective is to encourage a workplace culture of respect, belonging and care where employees can bring their whole selves to work. We believe that by honoring our intrinsic differences and creating an inclusive environment we can more effectively serve the residents, business and visitors of Tigard.   

We acknowledge that power imbalances exist due to long standing and systemic discrimination built into various processes and procedures. We are committed to working effectively to remove barriers that current and prospective employees may face in order to make room for all types of differences.  

We continue to make progress in these efforts, but we have a long way to go. Will you join us?   

Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results
Achieving objectives requires all parts of the organization to engage in specific, measurable efforts.

1.  Build a workforce that is broadly reflective of the community we serve

  • Increase the overall diversity of job applicants and interviewees
  • Develop an onboarding process to welcome and support new hires, and educate them about city culture
  • Regularly collect demographic information from employees, boards, and committees to compare to the community we serve

2. Attract and retain a talented workforce skilled at working together with inclusion

  • Provide DEI training to Team Tigard at all levels within the City
  • Maintain and support an internal DEI advisory team
  • Publish regular communication to increase Team Tigard’s awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion

3. Create a space for community conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion to help identify and address barriers within our organizational systems

  • Develop a communication plan for the community to enhance awareness of the city's diversity, equity and inclusion goals and establish a framework for conversations to continue
  • Engage the Committee for Community Engagement (CCE) in DEI conversations
  • Work with the Public Safety Advisory Board to face concerns about race and policing head-on.
  • Commit to a larger participation in the Building Bridges Program

4. Create processes, policies, plans, practices, programs and services that meet the diverse needs of those we serve

  • Establish a leadership team liaison to the internal DEI advisory team
  • Establish a partnership with TTSD to help equalize equity education across decision makers, opening new avenues to partnerships in community outreach
  • Create an equity lens to audit public processes and policies in every city department

The objectives and key results outlined above are core indicators of progress and measures of success for our efforts around DEI initiatives. The city will report and publish our progress in these areas on our website.

Staff Contact
Dana Bennett
Human Resources Director
Job Opportunities

Message from the Mayor
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We will create a more inclusive workplace and improve how we serve our growing diverse community. Tigard must become a vibrant, diverse, and livable community that fosters innovation, enriches the lives of all its residents, and embraces intentional community engagement. Read more in the Mayor's Message.
Mayor Jason Snider
At the City of Tigard, we honor our employees’ diversity and the diversity of the community we serve by:
  • Welcoming and including all,
  • Fostering an atmosphere of dignity and respect,
  • Encouraging new ideas and perspectives in a safe environment, and
  • Working with diverse communities to design, deliver, and evaluate services.

We are creating an inclusive and respectful organizational culture that appreciates and supports individual differences. We think Tigard is a place worth coming to and we hope you will agree it is the start of your next great adventure.

Interconnected Community
Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts the City of Tigard commits to building a welcoming, equal and just community by:

  • encouraging and supporting a respectful and inclusive culture;
  • recognizing and embracing our differences;
  • identifying and reducing barriers to services; and
  • creating opportunities for connection among city staff and with our diverse community.
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