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City of Tigard

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There are lots of ways to stay connected to and get involved with the City of Tigard.  If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact us
»  City of Tigard
  News from City Hall with a sense of humor.
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»  Community Development
  Get the latest from the Community Development Director.
» Tigard Public Library
Want to know what's new at the Library?
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» Tigard Police Department
  Connect to get updates and share useful information.  
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» Tigard Roads
Be aware of road closures, hazards and delays.

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Cityscape Newsletter Cityscape
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Cityscape is a citywide newsletter that provides information about the city, including the Mayor's message, City Council information, library programs and more.
Know H20 NewsletterKnow H20
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Know H20 is published quarterly with Tigard Water Service customers in mind. This newsletter can be received via email by contacting Jennifer Joe at 503-718-2599.
Books and BitsSubscribe to Library Newsletter: Books and Bits
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Books and Bits is sent monthly to Tigard Library card holders who have provided their email addresses. It provides information on programs, reading recommendations, tips on enhancing your library experience and updates on the technological services we offer. 


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» Building Hours and Locations

Staff Directories  
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» Tigard Neighborhoods
» Volunteer Tigard!

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