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Trails in Tigard

Fanno Creek Trail

Fanno Creek Trail in Tigard is being developed in segments

  • Bonita to Tualatin River Alignment Study – Known as the “missing link” this planning project will determine the vicinity of the future route from Bonita Road to the Tualatin River.
  • Connections Project - This construction project will fill four key gaps on the Fanno Creek Trail: 
    • Woodard Park to Grant Avenue
    • Main Street to Hall Boulevard (Reconstruction)
    • Tigard Public Library to Bonita Road
    • 85th Avenue to the Tualatin River
  • Fanno Creek Trail Amenities - While the Fanno Creek Trail is being developed in segments, a cohesive look and feel for the trail in Tigard is the goal.
  • Scholls Ferry Road At-Grade Crossing - Tigard has partnered with several agencies to complete a conceptual design and an alternatives analysis of where the trail could cross Scholls Ferry Road at-grade.
  • Fanno Creek Overlook - This project will straighten the Fanno Creek Trail through downtown, eliminating the need for the “over and back” route over Fanno Creek, while creating a resting space along the trail that looks out over the creek itself.

Fanno Creek Trail
Fanno Creek Trail is a regional trail that extends from Tualatin to Portland, passing through Tigard, Beaverton and unincorporated Washington County. The vision dates back to 1975: a 15-mile walking and biking trail from the Willamette River in Southwest Portland to Fanno Creek's confluence with the Tualatin River in Tualatin.

Fanno Creek Trail is a paved, multi-use pathway for walkers, runners, bicyclists and nature enthusiasts of all ages. The trail is being developed in segments with approximately 60% of Tigard's sections complete, including the Fanno Creek Park segment that connects downtown Tigard with Tigard's City Hall and Library.

When completed, Fanno Creek Trail will connect neighborhoods, parks, schools community and senior centers, libraries and businesses. The trail is expected to become an amenity that significantly enhances the quality of life for Tigard's residents.

Scholls Ferry Rd to North Dakota Street

Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Asphalt
Width: 8-10 Feet
Cross Slope: Above 2 in some locationsDit

At an undercrossing at Scholls Ferry Road, trail users can connect to Greenway Park and beyond in the City of Beaverton. Traveling south from Scholls Ferry, users can experience wetland views, access to local neighborhoods, and several benches to stop for a rest. Near trail access to Ponderosa Place is an asphalt half basketball court and hoop. The trail also provides access to Englewood Park. There is a stop sign on the trail at North Dakota Street where trail users must use an existing bike lane and travel about 180 feet to a marked crosswalk.

Notable: Playground at Ironwood Loop

North Dakota Street to Tiedeman Avenue

Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Asphalt
Width: 8-10 Feet
Cross Slope: Above 2 in some locationsDit

This trail section is divided in half by Tigard Street.

On the section from North Dakota to Tigard Street the trail travels through the Fanno Creek Greenway. This greenway is known for… There is a marked crosswalk on Tigard Street directly opposite the second half of trail. Please note, there are no benches available on this section of trail.

From Tigard Street to Tiedeman Avenue the trail travels through Dirksen Nature Park. Key features of the park visible from the trail include:

  • Oak Savanna Restoration - Less than 2 percent of historic oak savanna habitat remains in the Willamette Valley. Restoring this remnant oak savanna provides an opportunity for park visitors to view this important historic landscape.
  • Soft surface trails leading to park amenities like the education center and boardwalk. The boardwalk reaches into a stunning forested wetland hidden in the center of the nature park. Although the site is dry during summer months, winter brings a wet bayou-like setting where tall trees reflect in the water below.
  • Fields, including softball.

At the approach to Tiedeman Avenue, the trail travels over a bridge of wood slat construction. At the end of the bridge, travel via sidewalk or bike lane approximately 400 feet to a marked crossing into Woodard Park.

Tiedeman Avenue to Grant Avenue

Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Asphalt
Width: 8 Feet
Cross Slope: Above 2 in some locationsDit

This section of trail winds through beautiful Woodard Park. Known for its large oak trees and ponderosa pines, both Fanno Creek and Derry Dell Creek flow through this quiet park. Taking the trail from Tiedeman into the park, there is a slope of about… The trail winds past a playground, small covered shelter and drinking fountain.

At present, trail users must follow the paved path over a wooden slat bridge to exit the park on Johnson Street. This detour will be in place until this trail section is completed. Please use caution, as there are no sidewalks or marked bike lanes on Johnson Street.

Grant trail mapThe City of Tigard is in the final stages of clearing a future section of the Fanno Creek Trail located between Grant Avenue and Woodard Park. This work has included clearing non-native and invasive plant species to aid in identifying sensitive natural habitat and wetland areas.

The work to be performed will support future design efforts for a new segment of the Fanno Creek Trail from Grant Avenue to Woodard Park. Vegetation removal will allow for identification of sensitive natural habitat and wetland areas along the trail in order to protect them. This trail segment is expected to be constructed between 2018 and 2019.

Grant Avenue to Main Street

Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Concrete
Width: 10 Feet
Cross Slope: Less than 3Dit

Completed in 2014, this quarter mile section of trail travels through an existing underpass beneath Pacific Highway to Main Street.

Artist Ashley MontagueUnique features of the trail include:

  • The Pacific Highway underpass at Main Street includes colorful LED lighting for increased visibility and safety.
  • Aerosol artist Ashley Montague was commissioned by the city to cover a 100-foot by 4-foot concrete retaining wall with his own original design. For hikers, bikers and skateboarders passing by, the mural appears to be in motion.
  • Restoration of Fanno Creek buffer area and habitat.

Fanno Creek Trail Undercrossing

Main Street to the Tigard Public Library: Fanno Creek Park

Difficulty: Easy, moderate to difficult on some of the trail entrances
Surface: Asphalt and Concrete
Width: 8-10 Feet
Cross Slope: Above 2 in some locationsDit

Fanno Creek Park stretches from Main Street in Downtown Tigard to Hall Boulevard and to the Tigard Public Library (see the map). There are more than 10 entrances to the park including one through the breezeway at Tigard City Hall.

From Main Street, travel south to a pedestrian bridge over Fanno Creek. Trail exits include access to Burnham Street via Ash Avenue and Tigard City Hall, and access to the Tigard Senior Center and Fanno Creek House before reaching Hall Boulevard. The park is bordered by commercial and industrial property to the northeast and west. The southwest and south are primarily residential areas.

The park is part of the Fanno Creek floodplain and mainly consists of grassy and wooded wetlands. Park improvements complement and enhance the natural environment which can be experienced from boardwalks, soft and hard trails, and bridges that transverse the creek. There is a gazebo in the field near the library for small, informal gatherings.

Public restrooms and drinking fountains can be found at the Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park in the Tigard City Hall parking lot and at the Tigard Public Library during open hours. In some areas, the trail surface can be rough.

There is a rapid-flashing beacon (not traffic signal), at the pedestrian crossing of Hall Boulevard. Pedestrians must press a button to activate the beacons, which produce yellow flashing lights. The lights signal motorists to yield to pedestrians waiting at the curb or walking in the crosswalk. 

Staff Contacts
Zach Morris
Engineering Project Manager

Carla Staedter
Project Manager

Why does the Fanno Creek Trail continue to flood?
The trail’s close proximity to Fanno Creek has resulted in flooding at times, which has become more frequent over the years. Some folks have told us they think it is neat to observe the beaver activity in the area, but we mostly hear that people are getting frustrated and concerned about how often the trail floods and that it can stay flooded.

Since 2004, Tree For All partners have transformed more than eight miles of Fanno Creek streamside and 200 acres of greenways into a healthy resource for people and wildlife. As a result of successful restoration, dynamic Mother Nature has taken over parts of the floodplain that were historically wetlands but had drained and were dry enough to build trails. Fanno Creek has been transformed by the benefits beaver and their dams provide for wetland and wildlife habitat as well as water quality. Currently, five dams exist in this stretch of Fanno Creek.

An unintended consequence of this valuable restoration and subsequent beaver activity is the high water levels which remain longer near Scholls Ferry Road. In recent years, the trail downstream of the crossing between THPRD’s Greenway Park and Tigard’s Englewood Park remains inundated for longer periods of time than before.

What can be done about it? Working with partner agencies, several efforts are underway to address this issue:

  • Clean Water Services has made water level information available online to check before you go: Fanno Creek Gauge Report
  • Signed detour routes are available in both Tigard and Beaverton. View Detour

Short Term Improvements:
Raising the Trail under the Scholls Ferry Underpass:
This project involves raising the trail elevation under the bridge which will increase the portion of the year that the trail remains dry and passable. This is not an adequate permanent solution because it will reduce the already sub-standard head space from 7’ 10” to approximately 7’ 0” – both below the trail standard of 8’. Clean Water Services is working with partners and a consultant to design and permit the underpass improvement.

Trail Relocation: Tigard and Clean Water Services partnered to relocate a portion of Fanno Creek Trail north of Ironwood Loop in Englewood Park. Crews constructed a new asphalt trail segment in approximately the same location as a dirt path trail users have worn into a grassy area to get around the area of the trail that sometimes floods.

Monitoring will Continue: Tigard and Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District will continue to clear debris and sediment that accumulates on the trail after flooding. In addition, Clean Water Services will continue to monitor beaver dam activity and flow devices that aim to reduce the flooding impacts resulting from the dams.

Longer Term:
Fanno Creek Trail at Scholls Ferry Road at-grade crossing:
Based on community support seen in a recent open house, project partners will pursue grant funding opportunities for design and construction of an at-grade crossing of Scholls Ferry Road.


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