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Sean Garvey, Tigard Library, takes you back in time through key events in our history. You can participate by sending ideas, asking questions, or sharing your historic photos of Tigard.

While you were sleeping... Here's the story of how five Public Works employees worked overnight on June 5 to repair a water main break in the area of Alderbrook Circle.

Mayor Snider’s advice to the Class of 2019 - "You are faced with immense pressure to succeed. These pressures will continue as you leave high school. The pressures you face are real & potential roadblocks to success. I urge you to turn this paradigm around – view your challenges as opportunities.


  • The Community Roundtable is aimed at building connections between the City, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. Sign up to participate.
  • Volunteer Tigard! is a one-time volunteer opportunity to put your knowledge, talent and energy into improving the community's quality of life. Sign up to receive current and future opportunities.
  • Join us for an opportunity to speak to city leaders about affordable housing and the causes and consequences rent burden. Your voice is important to help the city understand what is happening in housing.

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Inside Tigard: Indoor Entertainment Guide

From skydiving to scuba, Tigard is home to a wide variety of indoor entertainment. Explore the map above to find your next indoor destination.

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