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Community Development


The redevelopment staff oversees TIF District projects and programs to revitalize Downtown Tigard, the Tigard Triangle and other areas of the city through public investments and public private partnerships. 
In the Works...

Brownfields Initiative

In May 2014, the City of Tigard was awarded two brownfield grants from the Environmental Protection Agency for community-wide assessment. These funds help property owners or property purchasers conduct Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for eligible sites. An ESA is usually required for many commercial loans, and completing one may be a necessary step in a property sale or redevelopment.

Learn more about Brownfields Initiative and funding assistance.

Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan

The Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan (TDIP) was the result of a planning process with high levels of citizen involvement. It sets forth a vision to create, "a vibrant and active urban village at the heart of the community that is pedestrian-oriented, accessible by many modes of transportation, recognizes and uses natural resources as an asset, and features a combination of uses that enable people to live, work, play, and shop in an environment that is uniquely Tigard." The TDIP laid the foundation to create the Urban Renewal Plan.

Vertical Housing Development Zone

Tigard's Vertical Housing Development Zone (VHDZ) encourages multi-story mixed-use development in two targeted areas of the City of Tigard. The ten-year partial property tax exemption for new construction applies to the first four floors of residential development built above first-story commercial development.

  • Overview of vertical housing development zone
  • Map showing vertical housing development zone

For more information on VHDZ in Tigard, click here

Sean Farrelly
Redevelopment Project Manager

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