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City of Tigard

Tigard City Council

 Upcoming City Council Meetings
September 7
CANCELLED - Council Business Meeting
September 14
Council Business Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
September 21
Council Workshop Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
September 28
Council Business Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
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Public Testimony at Council Meetings
In accordance with the City of Tigard's Emergency Declaration related to COVID-19 and Oregon House Bill 4212, all public meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

There will be no in-person public testimony during this period. How to comment:

  • Written public comment may be submitted electronically at All comments must be submitted before noon the day of the meeting.
  • If you prefer to call in, please call 503-966-4101 during the meeting to be placed in the queue. We ask that you plan on limiting your testimony to three minutes.

Meet the City Council

Mayor & City Council
» Jason B. Snider (Mayor)
» Heidi Lueb (Council President)
» John Goodhouse (Councilor)
» Liz Newton (Councilor)
» Jeanette Shaw (Councilor)
» Aishiki Nag (Youth City Councilor)

Jason B. Snider, Mayor
Term Expires: 12/31/22
Mayor Snider
Mayor Jason Snider has been a Tigard resident since 1999. He is the administrator of Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s Regional General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Departments, and began his career as a clinical manager at American Medical Response.

Mayor Snider was drawn to public service early in life; he worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) his senior year of high school and served two years on the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Board, in Southern California, during his junior and senior years of high school. In college, Mayor Snider took a semester off to attend paramedic school in Los Angeles, and he maintains his paramedic certification to this day.

Jason has been a volunteer coach for Tigard Youth Soccer and Tigard Youth Football. He also served as a Tigard Reserve Police Officer from 2001 to 2004, and was a member and chair of the City of Tigard Budget Committee from May 2005 to December 2009. First elected to the Tigard City Council in 2013, he served as City Council President from 2015 to 2018.

Mayor Snider has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Biology from Willamette University in Salem, and a Master of Science in Evaluative Clinical Sciences from Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire.

Jason and his wife, Jodi, have three children—two attend Durham Elementary and one attends Twality Middle School. His personal interests include poker and remote-controlled helicopters.

Heidi Lueb, Council PresidentHeidi Lueb
Term Expires: 12/31/24
Heidi Lueb grew up in Central Point, Oregon with her mom, brother and grandparents. She was the first on her maternal side to go to college and holds her Bachelors Degree from the University of Oregon and a Masters degree from Texas Women’s University. She credits her success to all of her teachers, mentors, and community members that invested in her.

Heidi has lived in a few cities around the country but is excited to call Oregon home again and loves living in Tigard. She has been a resident of Tigard since 2016 is the Controller at Grady Britton Advertising in Portland. She has worked previously in the hospitality and financial industries.

Heidi is a 4-time Ironman and is part of a small coaching business as well. She enjoys being outdoors with her husband and their pets. Heidi is excited to put her business skills and background to work for the citizens of Tigard and eager to bring in a new generational perspective.

John Goodhouse, Councilor
Term Expires: 12/31/22
John Goodhouse
Councilor Goodhouse is an independent insurance agent and local business owner who has been a resident of Tigard since 1974. He’s married to Rebecca and proud father to three children. He received his bachelor's degree in management, communications and leadership from Concordia University.

His volunteer service to the Tigard community includes past membership on the Tigard Planning Commission, the Tigard Chamber of Commerce Government & Public Policy committee, a position on the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Government Affairs Council chair, service as past president of Men’s Auxiliary VFW Post 3452 and youth support as a Cub Scout leader, sports coach, classroom volunteer and Friends of Tigard Football.

Liz Newton, Councilor
Term Expires: 12/31/22City Councilor Liz Newton

Liz Newton grew up in East Washington County and has been an active member of the Tigard community for more than 38 years. She owns a home here and spent her career as a Tigard city employee, holding many different positions including senior planner and community involvement coordinator. For the last 12 years before her 2017 retirement, she served as assistant city manager. Liz holds a B.A. from Portland State University and earned a certificate from the Mark Hatfield School of Government Executive Leadership Institute at PSU.

Liz knows that the top priorities of Tigard businesses and residents are community safety, a well-maintained infrastructure and addressing traffic congestion, so she will focus on those priorities as a City Councilor. She will continue to engage with Tigard residents and business owners, listening to their concerns and working with regional partners, nonprofits and elected representatives to find solutions.

Jeanette Shaw, CouncilorJeanette Shaw
Term Expires: 12/31/24
Councilor Jeanette Shaw is a proud resident of Tigard’s Southview Neighborhood and is married to Jason Shaw, a fifth generation Tigard Resident. She is the proud parent to Alison and Luke who both graduated from Templeton Elementary School and Twality Middle School. Alison is now at Seattle University upon her graduation from Tigard High School and Luke is a Senior at Tigard High School.

Jeanette is the Senior Director of Policy and a member of Forth’s leadership team responsible for public policy and regulatory affairs in the Pacific Northwest and at the federal level. Forth is a local non-profit advancing electric, smart and shared mobility. Jeanette has over three decades of extensive international, national, state and local public policy expertise in technology and association management focusing on issues such as manufacturing investment credits, economic development zones, workforce training, organizational development, and transportation options such as shared mobility, first and last mile transportation options and light and heavy-duty rail.

Councilor Shaw serves on the Oregon Solutions Transportation and Electric Vehicle Collaborative; the State of Oregon Career Technical Education Advisory Commission and was a founding Board member of the STEM STEAM East Multnomah Partnership.

Councilor Shaw holds an Executive MBA from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Aishiki Nag, Youth City CouncilorYouth City Councilor Aishiki Nag
Term Expires: 6/30/22
Youth Councilor Nag states a love of history, writing, and science. She is active in a number of clubs; THS Amnesty, Stop Teenage Underage Drinking & Drugs (STUDD), Model United Nations, Asian Culture Club, FTC Robotics team and in the spring, National Honors Society.  She is an intern for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and a member of Next Up’s Youth Action Team. She says, “Testifying at the state legislature in front of the Committee of Rules, was one of the most empowering experiences I have had.”  

Her advocacy work includes participation in an international letter-writing campaign, producing videos for SEL lessons with friends, a blanket drive for the Caring Closet and fundraising, branding, and outreach for the robotics team.

As Tigard’s Youth City Councilor, her goals include promoting civic engagement amongst youth and highlighting underrepresented voices. Plans include increasing the number of eligible youth voters in upcoming elections and uplifting LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC youth in our community by identifying problems that they see in the community.  “I am excited to work with the community this term!”

Communicate with the City Council

Here's how to communicate with your City Council:

  • Submit Public Comment Electronically: During the City’s emergency declaration period related to COVID-19, City Council meetings will be conducted virtually. Public comment can be submitted until noon on the day of the meeting and is provided to the City Council prior to the meeting. Any submitted public comment or testimony will become part of the public record for that meeting and will be published accordingly.

  • Email: 
    Mayor Jason Snider: 
    Council President Heidi Lueb:
    Councilor John Goodhouse:
    Councilor Liz Newton:
    Councilor Jeanette Shaw:
    Youth Councilor Aishiki Nag:

    Contact the entire City Council with one, easy e-mail address:
  • Mail: Tigard City Council, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, OR 97223 
  • Phone: Contact Joanne Bengtson in the Mayor's Office at 503-718-2476
  • Council Meeting Questions? Contact City Recorder Carol Krager at 503-718-2419

City Council Goals

  • View the Council Goals 2021-2023 
  • Review the Council Appointment Assignments for 2021-23
  • Our Community Promise (Five E's)
    1. EQUITY: WE will ensure just and fair inclusion where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.
    2. ENVIRONMENT: WE will embrace sustainability to improve our natural resources and the livability of our community.
    3. ECONOMY: WE will be responsible stewards of the community’s financial resources entrusted to us.
    4. ENGAGEMENT: WE will involve all voices in our community while building trusting relationships.
    5. EXCELLENCE: WE will set high standards and strive to exceed community expectations.

Council Meetings: Live Coverage / Replay Schedule

Live Coverage of City Council Meetings Watch Tigard Council Meeting Live
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Updated Playback Schedule

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Posted 4/3/2020

Tigard CC Business Meeting Playback Schedule

Tigard Workshop Playback Schedule

Mayor's Corner

State of the City

Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and More...

Definition of Council Meeting Types

Business meetings are regular meetings where Council may deliberate toward a final decision on an agenda item including consideration of ordinances, resolutions and  conducting public hearings. Business meetings are open to the public and regularly scheduled business meetings are televised. Business meetings held on the 1st Tuesday of each month are generally scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m., while Business meetings held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month are generally scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. with a study session preceding the Business meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Workshop meetings are regular meetings where Council reviews and discusses agenda topics. Council may not make final decisions during the meeting. Workshop meetings may be televised and are open to the public. Public testimony is generally not taken at Workshop Meetings unless the Mayor or Council so choose. Workshop agenda items are generally topics which Council is receiving preliminary information on and providing direction for further staff analysis and information gathering for a later business meeting.

Study Sessions precede or follow a Business Meeting or Workshop Meeting. They are conducted in a Workshop-type setting to provide an opportunity for Council to review the Business Meeting Agenda and to ask questions for clarification on issues or on process. Information is also shared on items that are time sensitive. During Study Sessions, any Council member may call for a Point of Order whenever he or she wishes to stop the “discussion” because he or she feels that it is more appropriate for the City Council to discuss the matter during the Council Business meeting.

Executive Sessions are meetings conducted by the Council with appropriate staff or advisors for deliberation on certain matters in a setting closed to the public. Executive Sessions may be held during a regular, special or emergency meeting after the Presiding Officer has identified the ORS authorization for holding the Executive Session. Among the permitted topics are employment of a public officer, deliberations with the persons designated by the Council to carry on labor negotiations, deliberations with persons designated to negotiate real property transactions, and to consult with legal counsel regarding current litigation or litigation likely to be filed.

About the Council

Form of Government
Tigard operates under the Mayor/Council form of government which utilizes a city manager to act as the administrative head of the government of the city. The chief characteristic of this form is that the Council appoints a qualified person as City Manager or Administrator to take charge of the daily supervision of the City affairs. The Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council.

The Mayor
Tigard's Mayor is elected at a general state election for a four-year period. The Mayor may not serve more than eight consecutive years as Mayor or on Council for more than twelve consecutive years.

  • Serves as Chairman of Council and presides over its deliberations. He/she has a vote on all questions brought before the Council.
  • Shall appoint the committees provided by the rules of Council.
  • Shall sign all approved records of proceedings of the Council and counter-sign all orders on the treasury.
  • Shall have no veto power and shall authenticate by signature all ordinances passed by the Council after being enacted.
  • Is recognized as a community leader and serves as the official head of the city for ceremonial purposes.

The Council President
The Councilor in this position presides over the Council in the Mayor's absence and may perform other functions of the Mayor at those times.

The Council
Except as stipulated otherwise in the City Charter, all powers of the city shall be vested in the Council.

  • There are four Council positions; Councilors are elected from the city at large.
  • Two Councilors are elected at each biennial general state election for a four-year term. No Councilor may serve more than eight consecutive years. (Exception: Limitation does not apply to filling of unexpired term.)
  • The Council exercises all discretionary powers of the city, both legislative and executive, and has complete control over the City Administration; exercising this control through the City Administrator.
  • The Council adopts city laws and changes them as needed.
  • The Council determines city policies and sets standards.
  • Determines recommendations as to what city taxes should be levied.

Youth City Councilor
The Mayor may appoint one Tigard student to serve as a non-voting, de facto member of the Tigard City Council. The aim of the program is to advise the City Council on community issues from a youth perspective, increase student participation in local government and provide input on issues of importance to Tigard youth.

Fireside Chat with Mayor Snider

Join Mayor Jason Snider for his monthly Fireside Chat Listening Session. Send your questions, concerns and/or ideas regarding our city or simply listen in.

City Council Goals
Council Goals 2021-23

Watch Tigard Council Meeting Live

Strategic Plan 2020-2025
Strategic Plan 2020

Message from the Mayor 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Mayor Jason SniderWe will create a more inclusive workplace and improve how we serve our growing diverse community. Tigard must become a vibrant, diverse, and livable community that fosters innovation, enriches the lives of all its residents, and embraces intentional community engagement.

Read the Mayor's Message.

Tigard's Report Card
Report Card - April 2021

Tigard's Report Card is about what we do, how we are doing, and why we do the work we do.

Council Recap
Updated Weekly
Stay informed and read about the most recent council activity.

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