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Municipal Court

Online Payments

Court Citation? Make Your Payment Online
Payment OptionsCitePay USA is the online payment service vendor for the Tigard Municipal Court. They accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards.

Things you need to know —
  • The system only displays new citations and citations that have a balance owing. Closed citations will not be shown. 
  • It may take up to five business days for a new citation to be listed. 
  • If a finding has not been entered in your case, you will be required to plead no contest to pay your ticket online. Upon payment, your case will be closed and the court will not consider information submitted at a later time. If you want to submit a letter or documentation, please contact the court at 503-718-2478 prior to making payment through CitePay USA.
  • Entering a no contest plea and paying a traffic fine will result in a conviction being entered on your driving record.
  • To make a payment you will be asked to enter your citation number or docket number and your date of birth.
  • If your citation has been sent to a collection agency for action you are not eligible to make payments through CitePay USA.
  • CitePay USA charges a variable transaction fee for the convenience of paying online. The transaction fee will be displayed prior to you making your payment. At that time you can choose whether or not you want to proceed with the online payment. Please note, the transaction fee is not paid to the court and therefore does not lower the financial obligation owed on the citation.
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Click here to make an online payment.

Online Payments
If you are not able to access your citation or have questions, please contact the Tigard Municipal Court at 503-718-2478.

Municipal Court Location
Located inside City Hall
13125 SW Hall Blvd; Tigard, OR 97223
Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Court Clerks
503-718-2478 | Email

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