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October 15, 2019 City Council Meeting

CONSIDER RESOLUTION ON TIGARD SOUTHWEST CORRIDOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING PREDEVELOPMENT PROJECT WORKPLAN:  The project is Senior Center Affordable Housing. Phase I of the Metro Equitable Housing Planning and Development Grant the City received was to engage with Tigard citizens at risk of being displaced by rising rents.  Phase II was to identify an affordable housing site in close proximity to the SWC light rail station. The project location selected is next to the Tigard Senior Center and near public amenities such as the library and Fanno Creek Trail. This site has been determined to be architecturally and financially feasible and is a good candidate for Washington County Housing Bond funds. An RFP was issued for developers and Northwest Housing Alternatives was chosen. The final step for the grant was the City Council considering adoption of a workplan which will implement funding strategies and recommendations from the feasibility report. This workplan is attached to the resolution and will guide the development of this affordable senior housing  project. Resolution No. 19-38 was approved unanimously. 

CONSIDER APPROVAL OF AN AGREEMENT WITH METROPOLITAN LAND GROUP FOR URBAN RESERVE AREA PLANNING:  Council was asked to authorize entering into a contract with Metropolitan Land Group (MLG) for Urban Reserves Planning. One of Council’s Goals is to “Ensure Tigard grows and develops in a smart and inclusive manner.” An objective is that the City will secure external resources for planning and outreach necessary to expand Tigard’s urban growth boundary to include South River Terrace, and apply for such expansion and annexation. Another objective is to begin the concept planning for West River Terrace. Staff will direct this work contingent upon: 1) Receiving funding by private sector partners for all costs to make South River Terrace ready for development; 2) Existing City plans and projects are not slowed or disrupted by River Terrace planning; and 3) Equitable development principles are included. The scope of work for this agreement outlines each party’s role. A $300,000 Metro Urban Reserve Planning grant was received and will be spent first and then staff hours will be billed to MLG. Three staff will be hired to complete this work, a Senior Planner, Senior Management Analyst in Finance and Information Services and a part-time Senior Project Engineer. Any existing staff hours contributed to completion of this concept plan will be recovered. The motion to approve the agreement passed 3-1, with Councilor Newton voting no. Mayor Snider was absent.

PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER APPROVAL OF RESOLUTION FOR FIRST QUARTER SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET: Resolution No. 19-39 passed unanimously. The first quarter supplemental budget included adjustments to Public Works, Policy and Administration and Community Services. The item details in this supplemental are included in the Agenda Item Summary and its attachments. The budget was increased by $2,348,558 which was offset by an unanticipated fund balance, miscellaneous revenue and contingency funds.

PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER APPROVAL OF RESOLUTION FOR FIRST QUARTER TCDA SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET: Town Center Development Agency Resolution No. 19-08 passed unanimously. It included carry-forwards for the Tigard Heritage Street Trail, coverage of construction bids which came in higher than anticipated for the Heritage Trail/Rotary Plaza Restroom and UR Improvement Program Opportunity Fund Matching Grant funds for a bike rack program downtown. The TCDA budget was increased by $253,755 which was offset by an unanticipated fund balance, miscellaneous revenue and contingency funds.

October 8, 2019 City Council Business Meeting


Discussion on Solid Waste Management Franchise
In response to Council’s request, Utility Manager Goodrich brought information on solid waste rate increases and a comparison with nearby cities’ rates. Council asked for more information on how other cities handle drop box service and the length of their franchise periods. When they do their annual review of the solid waste franchises in March Council will examine solid waste hauler issues in more depth. A concern about totes blocking walking paths was mentioned and Public Works Director Rager suggested the solution of requiring residential totes to be in the street but at the curb, not blocking a path.

Discussion on Possible Southwest Corridor Alignment Changes
In advance of the next Steering Committee vote on the Southwest Corridor alignment, Community Development Director Asher led a discussion on four project scenarios that address the $400 shortfall in light rail funding. Mayor Snider has gone on record saying that he is not in favor of closing the funding gap by reducing travel lanes on Barbur Blvd.  Council was in agreement because of the traffic and neighborhood diversion issues that would cause. They asked Mayor Snider to keep pressure on TriMet to get a cost estimate on building a station west of Hall Boulevard.  If there is enough money to go all the way to Bridgeport without reducing Barbur travel lanes, Council is OK with building a station east of Hall.  But if the direction is a minimal operable segment ending in Tigard, a west of Hall Blvd. station is preferred.       


Consent Agenda:

  • Council approved entering into an agreement with Northwest Housing Alternatives which provides a framework for negotiations for a development agreement to come before Council at a future meeting. The project is Senior Center Affordable housing, planned to be built on property the City owns.
  • The Local Contract Review Board approved multiple contracts for on-call information technology support for networking, datacenter, security, IT infrastructure, consulting, virtual desktop support, database, business analysis, SharePoint, Office 365 services and GIS services.

Resolution No. 19-37 was approved, accepting the transfer of a small strip of land from Washington County.  In order for land in the Brightwood plat adjacent to a tract to be developed, there must be access from SW 114th Avenue. Washington County approved the transfer and the City of Tigard needed to formally accept it to complete the process so the plat can be recorded.

Council entered into an Executive Session to discuss exempt public records.

Discussion Regarding Tigard’s Street Maintenance Fee
Council returned to Town Hall and reconvened in regular session for a discussion regarding Tigard’s Street Maintenance Fee and how it is calculated for business customers. Council directed staff to move towards the trip generation method of calculating commercial SMF charges rather than one based on the number of parking spaces required by the City’s Code. This will calculate the fee based on the type of business and a formula for the number of trips generated on local roads by their customers. It may take as long as a year to put this into effect and do the outreach to businesses. Staff will study the impacts and report to Council by the end of the fiscal year. In the meantime, staff will compute the commercial SMF based on the amount of parking spaces the City requires for each business. Finance staff will do some immediate outreach to businesses to let them know that the previously approved removal of the cap on 250 parking spaces may start to impact their SMF bill.

October 1, 2019 City Council Meeting

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: No one signed up to speak. Under follow-up to previous communication, City Manager Wine reported that two neighbors are discussing options after one of them appealed a land use decision because of trees potentially being cut down along their shared property line to make room for a development.

PRESENTATION ON PERFORMANCE AUDIT REVIEW: City Manager Wine began this presentation and discussion on the City’s performance audit Final Report. She introduced Senior Management Analyst Nicole Hendrix, who will help build the program to implement audit recommendations. Alan Pennington of Matrix Consulting Group gave Council an overview of the performance audit process, recommendations and suggested metrics. He noted that a theme he saw is that City staff have a very high focus on customer service, going across all departments.  He found that our staffing is lean, there are some resource restrictions and we are doing a lot with what we have. There were 69 recommendations, mostly addressing operational efficiencies. The next step is an implementation plan which will be presented to Council by late November. Here is a link to Matrix Consulting Group’s slide presentation.

September 24, 2019 City Council Meeting

STUDY SESSION: An Executive Session was held, called under ORS 192.660 (2) (e), real property negotiations. Council liaison reports were given.

BUSINESS MEETING: Tigard Chamber of Commerce CEO Debi Mollahan gave an update on recent Chamber activities and events. The Street Fair and Latino Festival was a huge success. Trick or Treat Main Street will be on October 31 from 4-6 p.m.

Dan Quello spoke during Citizen Communication about some large trees next to his property that are threatened by a development. Mayor Snider asked Community Development Director Asher to speak with him.

The Consent Agenda was approved and included minutes, a National Preparedness Month proclamation and a contract for owner’s representative/project management services for the Universal Plaza and Fanno Creek Park Overlook. Sheils Obletz Johnsen was awarded the contract and will provide advice and support to the city on project planning,  cost estimation, coordination, and schedule/progress monitoring for these projects.

Senior Transportation Planner Roth gave Council a briefing on the Pacific Highway Comprehensive Plan Scoping Project. This is a collaborative process between Tigard, Washington County, ODOT, King City, Tualatin and Sherwood to address the performance of the Pacific Highway corridor and obtain funding to help convert this congested highway into a resource that promotes economic growth and  community vitality. ODOT will lead the effort to develop the study project scope and Tigard is leading the effort to identify funding to support this comprehensive study.

Resolution No. 19-36 was approved, amending Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee bylaws. Changes include adding implementation of the Complete Streets Policy as a TTAC charge and ensuring that a pedestrian, bike, and transit user are included as TTAC members.  The Bike and Pedestrian sub-committee will no longer meet as these needs and concerns will be represented on TTAC through these three member categories.

Council received an update from members of the levy project team on Phase I of the public safety local option levy planning efforts from June to September. Phase I included engaging the community at various events, launching a webpage and social media plan, a Chamber forum about the levy, production of the video “Minutes Matter: Day in the Life of a Police Officer,” and convening the Levy and Bond Task Force. Results of a survey on whether to add neighborhood safety projects such as sidewalk connections and Safe Routes to Schools projects, was discussed. Phase II (October-January) will include refinements to the messages and there will be two citizen surveys.

September 10, 2019 City Council Workshop Meeting
Council discussed evaluation criteria and forms for the City Manager evaluation.


  • Mayor Snider proclaimed September as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the week of September 17-23 as Constitution Week.
  • Police Chief McAlpine gave an update on August crime statistics, highlighting Washington Square incidents including traveling groups of juveniles coming in from Washington and stealing high dollar items. The photo red light enforcement documents are in progress with ODOT and construction may start the first week of October.  Equipment will be installed at three intersections along 99W: Hall Boulevard, Durham Road, and 72nd Avenue. There will be 30-day warnings given before actual citations are issued.
  • Council approved a resolution of support for a Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) Technical Assistance Grant which will support staff in analyzing commercial, industrial and office needs, revising the buildable lands inventory and a new Economic Opportunities Analysis.  Tigard last completed an Economic Opportunities Analysis in 2011.
  • Economic Development Manager Purdy gave an update on economic development initiatives.  Projects planned to restart this year include Business Roundtable, Bankers, Brokers and Builders Network; a code update related to employment lands, and visits to local businesses, and bringing back the ECO Roundtable.  He said new projects include an update to the Washington Square Regional Center Plan District and Highway 99W Corridor Planning, which includes Tigard, Washington County, ODOT and other cities along 99W working together to explore how to improve the performance of this regionally-significant corridor. 
  • City Manager Wine reported on progress made on Council’s goals in the first and second quarter. A PowerPoint showing what was accomplished for each goal and a look ahead to what is upcoming was presented.


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