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City Council Meeting Recap

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May 19 City Council Meeting

This was the final meeting to discuss the Art Rutkin Elementary School  Conditional Use Appeal. Council reached a tentative decision at the May 12 meeting and directed staff to prepare findings. Council approved Resolution No. 20-26 which approves the Art Rutkin Elementary School, adopts findings in support of Council’s determination and denies the appeal of the Hearings Officer’s Final Order. The project is an elementary school to be located east of SW Roy Rogers Road in the River Terrace area.

The TCDA Board approved TCDA Resolution No 20-01 which amends the Tigard Triangle Urban Renewal Plan to include a multi-use path over Highway 217 on the list of urban renewal projects. This pathway would provide a safe connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the downtown and Tigard Triangle areas. The City and TriMet are looking at ways to build this in conjunction with the planned SW Corridor light rail viaduct over Highway 217. This multi-use path is consistent with Goal 2 of the Tigard Triangle Urban Renewal Plan and Council Goal 2 - Strategy 2.1: Ensure that Tigard Triangle urban renewal investments promote equitable development and create a vibrant, walkable, and connected district.

City Manager Wine reported that City departments are working on their plans to re-open services once Washington County applies for and receives Phase 1 approval for re-opening. Most City Services have been ongoing but the buildings have been closed. Plans to keep staff and the public safe once buildings and facilities are open are being developed. Council requested an update on public restroom and dog park openings. Staff are working on procedures that will meet sanitizing and social distancing requirements at the dog parks and are considering adjustments such as waste container lids that don’t require touching a handle and removing tables to help dog park human visitors maintain social distancing. There are also handwashing and sanitizing requirements for restrooms that must be met before they can be re-opened to the public.

May 12, 2020 Council Business Meeting

Updates to Council:

Tigard High School Envoy - Outgoing Tigard High School Envoy Sarah Gentry was honored for her service to the City over the past year in Resolution 20-23. The new Associated Student Body President, Caroline Frisiras, was introduced to the Council as her replacement.

Police Chief Kathy McAlpine - Police Chief McAlpine reported that commercial crimes have seen a 120% increase since the COVID-19 impacts took effect. She emphasized the need for the community to keep their eyes and ears open in order to protect the closed businesses and their owners from theft.

Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce - Jessica Love reported that the Chamber has been hard at work, turning all things Chamber-related digital, including Leadership Tigard and networking events.

Consent Agenda - Council approved meeting minutes for six Council Meetings.

Approval of Third Amendment to Development and Disposition Agreement with AVA Development, LLC - The third amendment to the Development and Disposition Agreement for the City land being developed by AVA Development has been amended to allow an additional six months to secure financing for the project due to COVID-19-related delays. AVA will now have until November 12, 2020 to finalize a funding plan for the project.

Quasi-Judicial Public Hearing: Appeal of the Art Rutkin Elementary School Conditional Use Permit -
The Council rejected the appellants’ final arguments and moved to tentatively deny the Conditional Use Permit appeal. Council will finalize the decision at their May 19th meeting.

Consideration of a Resolution to Approve Utility Fee Credit - Council approved Resolution 20-24, which allowed limited utility fee credits to customers who can provide proof of unemployment. The program will apply to residents and businesses alike and is capped at a $40 credit per month per customer.

Consideration of a Resolution to Defer and Waive Certain Alarm Permit Fee - Council approved Resolution 20-25, deferring the due date of alarm permit fees specifically (and not alarm permits generally) and waiving all late fees. This move will require alarm permit holders to remain in compliance with City regulations without imposing any late fees on customers that require more time to pay.

COVID-19 Response and Recommendations - Assistant City Manager Kathy Nyland presented a digital access plan to Council aimed at increasing the area where free digital access is available across the Tigard area. Economic Development staff shared the programs being employed to help support Tigard businesses under the umbrella campaign called “Tigard Works: With you, For you.” Programs include Tigard CARES, Shop Tigard and Recovery Ready, a new partnership with the Tigard Chamber and Washington County to help prepare businesses for reopening.

May 5, 2020 Council Meeting

THANK YOU TO STAFF - Mayor Snider noted that it was Public Service Recognition Week and he expressed appreciation to all city staff for the services they provide to the community.

CONSENT AGENDA - City Council Minutes were approved.

QUASI-JUDICIAL PUBLIC HEARING: Appeal of the Art Rutkin Elementary School Conditional Use Permit
Mayor Snider announced that this item was a placeholder to address rebuttal testimony, if necessary. Council received rebuttal from the applicant, the appellant, and the City.  All those documents are being entered into the record and no further Council action is required tonight.

Council approved Resolution No. 20-22 which ratifies the SW Corridor Steering Committee decision to locate the Minimum Operable Segment (MOS) at Upper Boones Ferry Road and reaffirms the City of Tigard’s role in future decisions related to the MOS option. TriMet’s selection of Upper Boones Ferry Road as the MOS did not include Tigard’s recommendation. If the decision to locate the MOS is ever reconsidered, this resolution reiterates that the Tigard City Council reaffirms its position from a Memorandum of Understanding with TriMet signed in 2018, that its agreement shall be secured prior to any Steering Committee action on the number and location of stations in Tigard.

City Manager Wine confirmed with Council their consensus on relief offered to the community that will be coming to Council for consideration next week.  Already discussed are delaying utility rate increases until January, waiving the water base charge to unemployed utility customers, exploring other rate relief and a communications plan related to backflow testing. A majority of Council want to waive the water base charge and wait to discuss other relief in budget discussions. Staff will bring forward proposals at the May 12 meeting to waive alarm permit application fees and defer late fees, and provide up to a $40 credit to an unemployed utility customer’s monthly bill. The current program the City has with St. Vincent DePaul where utility customers can apply through the non-profit for utility bill payment will have the monthly dollar limit and annual number of use restrictions removed through December 2020.  

April 21, 2020 Council Meeting

NON-AGENDA ITEMS - Councilor Newton reported that former Councilor Nick Wilson passed away. She proposed naming Fanno Creek Trail Overlook after him, since he did a lot for the City’s downtown and open spaces during his time on the City Council and his office in downtown Tigard overlooked this part of the trail. Councilor Newton submitted a memorial request to the parks division and received a cost estimate of $500. Other members of the Council wholeheartedly agreed to support this proposal and in a couple years when the overlook is constructed it will be in memoriam of City of Tigard Councilor Nick Wilson.

Appeal of the Art Rutkin Elementary School Conditional Use Permit -
Council received a staff report and could ask factual questions regarding the conditional use permit application, process and appeal. Public testimony was submitted by Ken Sandblast of Westlake Consultants and Stephen T. Janik and Damien R. Hall of Ball Janik LLP. The record will remain open for an additional 7 days with another 7 days for rebuttal. Final written arguments will be due by May 12, 2020, with the Council taking action at either the May 12th or May 19th meeting. 

TriMet Presentation on SW Corridor Conceptual Design Report -
TriMet’s Dave Unsworth and Jeb Doran joined the virtual meeting to present the draft Conceptual Design Report (CDR) to the Council, as required by the SW Corridor MOU with the City.  They reviewed where the project was on the timeline and said they were at a turning point in the project, finalizing the CDR in June and the FEIS (environmental impact statement) by the end of summer.

Senior Project Planner Gary Pagenstecher gave a staff presentation highlighting the City’s concerns regarding the CDR. Primary concerns relate to the quality of the user experience and safe access to the stations, for both cyclists and pedestrians. Staff want TriMet to commit to maximizing transit-oriented development (TOD) and provide additional context on the elevated structures proposed in the CDR. There was robust Council discussion and TriMet seemed open to addressing staff concerns.

Operating Agreement with Washington County for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Joint Entitlement -
Senior Planner Warren presented three potential options for Council now that Tigard qualifies for CDBG funding in its own right due to population growth (over 50,000). Staff recommended pursuing joint entitlement, which is a stepping stone to becoming a full entitlement city. This option will allow city staff to work alongside county CDBG staff to prepare for the day the City is able to be a full entitlement city. Resolution 20-20, authorizing the City Manager to execute this operating agreement, was approved unanimously by the Council.

Extending the Emergency Declaration Related to COVID-19 -
City Attorney Rihala explained that the current emergency declaration was set to expire on April 30. This extends the emergency declaration through midnight on May 31, 2020. Council may shorten or extend this time as deemed appropriate. Some additions to this resolution include the delegation of authority to execute Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) and more flexibility in seeking outside assistance, for example, partaking in cooperative acquisition of personal protective equipment (PPE). Resolution 20-21 was approved unanimously to extend the City’s emergency declaration related to COVID-19 through May.

City’s Response to COVID-19
There was robust Council discussion regarding additional City responses to COVID-19. Key areas discussed were utility rate relief options, city services still available to the public, future relief strategies and programs, community outreach efforts and increasing digital access across the community. Council gave staff direction to delay utility rate increases until January 2021. Staff are doing further research regarding waiving the water base rate as well as an expanded utility assistance program. Councilor Newton highlighted the need for long term relief solutions as well, perhaps from franchise fees.


The council and staff held a virtual meeting as a way to conduct essential city business during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Virtual meetings are livestreamed on BoxCast, YouTube and also shown on TVCTV Channel 28.

Resolution No. 20-18 adopted a Special Budget Supplemental for emergency response to COVID-19, including budget adjustments to Policy and Administration. $300,000 in small business assistance through the Tigard CARES program was provided and $100,000 will be allotted to social service providers for assistance for houseless community members disrupted by changes in the closure of Tigard buildings due to the Corona virus.

Resolution No. 20-19 was adopted, prohibiting actions to initiate eviction proceedings against residential and commercial tenants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic challenges.


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