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Tigard City Council

City Council Meeting Recap

  • All meeting agendas can be found here.
  • Resolutions, proclamations, ordinances, minutes and meeting packets can be found here.

COUNCIL MEETING October 13, 2020

Executive Session -
Council held an executive session regarding real property negotiations.

Council Liaison Reports - Mayor and Council provided updates on a recent TTAC meeting and the Lake Oswego-Tigard Partnership board, with development of a new governing agreement expected to begin early 2021.

Public Comment

Tigard High Envoy – Caroline Frisiras – Caroline shared about beginning the school year virtually and highlighted changes students have been making to accommodate for COVID 19. Many events are still being held, either virtually or with modifications.

Police Chief McAlpine – Chief McAlpine reviewed the highlights of the September Strategic Dashboard and reminded the public these are all available on the City’s transparency page. There are four new Police recruits and she continues to conduct Virtual chats on policing. 

Consent Agenda - The Council unanimously approved the Consent Agenda, which included approval of a contract amendment to the City’s HVAC Maintenance and Repair contract.

Discussion of Council Calendar - Mayor Snider announced that this would be the last meeting for outgoing City Manager Marty Wine. Four call-in guests as well as all five Council members reflected on her time with the City, culminating in proclaiming October 16th Marty Wine Day in honor of all she accomplished during her 9 years with the City of Tigard.

Consider A Resolution Approve a New Police Contract for FY 2020-23 - Senior HR Business Partner Leos described the agreement reached with the Tigard Police Officers Association (TPOA) for a new collective bargaining agreement through June 30, 2023. The Council unanimously approved Resolution No. 20-48.

Informational Public Hearing: Consider a Resolution Approving the FY 2021 First Quarter Budget Supplemental - Council unanimously adopted Resolution 20-48 approving the FY 2021 Q1 Supplemental Budget, which included updates to Public Works, Policy and Administration and Community Services programs. 

Town Center Development Agency - Consider a Resolution Approving the FY 2021 First Quarter TCDA Budget Supplemental - The TCDA Board unanimously passed Resolution No. 20-49 approving the Q1 Supplemental Budget for the Town Center Development Agency.

Town Center Development Agency – Universal Plaza Project Update - The TCDA Board received an update from the project team working on Universal Plaza. They updated the Board on work completed date, a robust public outreach process and next steps to determine the future of the site. 

Administrative Report - Interim City Manager Nyland updated the Council on various communications efforts, including Talking Tigard and a new Spanish language podcast. She highlighted that the City’s website redesign project is moving forward and the ongoing Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt, which continues to engage families through the pandemic. She concluded with an update on the applicants for the Public Safety Advisory Board, which the Council will be discussing at their October 27th meeting.

COUNCIL MEETING September 22, 2020

Park Maintenance Funding Discussion - Public Works Director Rager and Business Manager Barrett provided the Council with additional information regarding the City’s parks funding and maintenance backlog. Council expressed concerns about increasing the parks maintenance fee during COVID and the economic recession, as well as addressing current park inequities across the City.

Briefing on Washington Square Regional Center Update Project - Senior Planner Shanks provided an update on the Washington Square Regional Center Update Project, which kicked off in February 2020 and will update the previous 1999 plan. She noted that although a lot has changed during the past 20 years, there has not been much physical change. This project aims to understand this area better by reaching out to a more diverse stakeholder group that reflects the population. The new plan will also use an equity lens to address historical inequities. They will also look at ways the City can help effect change and bring about greater equity in this regional center.


Consent Agenda - The Council unanimously approved the Consent Agenda, which included a Proclamation to recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Aman Comprehensive Plan Map Zoning Amendment: CPA2020-00001/ZON2020-00001 - This item will come back before Council after it has been reviewed by the Planning Commission and additional notice of that hearing will be provided. 

Consider A Resolution Accepting the Southwest Corridor Final Conceptual Design Report (CDR) - Project Manager Pagenstecher introduced key TriMet staff, including Capital Projects Manager Dave Unsworth, to present the final Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for the Southwest Corridor Project. The Council passed Resolution No. 20-45 with a 4-1 vote, which accepted the final CDR with direction for staff to resolve outstanding design issues. Primary sticking points remain the Hall Boulevard Station plan and greater transit-oriented development along the route.

Consider Approval of the Final Refreshed Strategic Plan - Council approved the adoption of the Refreshed Strategic Plan document. Strategic Plan Guidance Team members, Sr. Management Analyst Hendrix, Sr. HR Business Partner Leos, Project Planner Pagenstecher and Economic Development Manager Purdy, presented the refreshed strategic plan. Highlights include an updated vision statement, objectives and actions, as well as reordered priorities. Read more about the Refreshed Strategic Plan for 2020-2025.

Local Contract Review Board - Consider a Contract Award for Administrative Related Software Solutions and Technology Services to Tyler Technologies - Council approved this $6.4 million contract award to Tyler Technologies for software as a service. The new system will replace aging systems and integrate the City’s data across all departments into a single platform with multiple modules. This will be the largest technology project in the City’s history. 

Consider A Resolution Extending the City's Emergency Declaration Related to COVID-19 - Council approved the fifth extension to the City’s emergency declaration related to COVID-19 with the passage of Resolution No. 20-46.

Consider A Resolution to Update the Tigard AID Utility Billing Assistance Program - Council approved Resolution No. 20-47 expanding the Utility Billing Assistance Program. Finance and Information Services Director LaFrance explained this is the resolution requested by Council in order to expand the Utility Billing Assistance program, align it with the Washington County CARES program, and allow for full payment of utility bills. The total benefit totals $750,000 and will continue through January 1, 2021 or until those funds are expended. Staff will return with a proposal to provide assistance to renters at a subsequent meeting.

Administrative Report  

  • City Manager Wine said that staff were reviewing applications for members of the Public Safety Advisory Board. All the applications are available on the City’s website.
  • Washington County Public Health has agreed to wait to enter Phase 2 until after the impacts of the Labor Day weekend on the infection rate is more clear.
  • The City is following up on the staff survey regarding the desire to provide greater support to parents on staff.
  • Social media followers are increasing and there have been lots of traffic on the community update pages. City Council commended staff on their excellent communications over the local wildfire emergencies.
  • Digital access survey has closed and staff hope to report the results to Council soon.
  • The deadline to register to vote is October 13th!

Council held an Executive Session to discuss labor negotiations under ORS 192.660(2)(d).

WORKSHOP MEETING September 15, 2020

Receive Progress Update on Matrix Performance Audit - Nicole Hendrix, Senior Management Analyst provided a detailed update of the Matrix Performance Audit recommendations implementation. She gave an overview of where the City came from as well as where the City is currently in terms of implementing the 69 audit recommendations. While making good progress toward completion, she anticipates another 14 percent of recommendations will be complete before the end of this year.

Receive Update on Tigard AID Program - Toby LaFrance, Finance and Information Services Director, and Mai Quach, Revenue Manager, reviewed the Tigard AID program and its accomplishments to date. They shared some perceived shortcomings of the program, which include the limited ability to assist all Tigard residents (not just homeowners, landlords or businesses) and the total amount that can be credited to utility accounts as a form of economic assistance.

Receive Update on Resident AID Fund of Tigard (RAFT) Program - Senior Planner Warren provided an update on the RAFT program and its impacts to date. Many non-profit organizations and residents wrote testimonials about how the program helped them in their time of need. The Council said they enjoyed hearing the impact the program has had and discussed whether to continue the program by allocating more funding. Council determined they will take up this proposal at their October 3rd Budget Committee Meeting.

Receive Briefing on Concept Planning for River Terrace West and South  - Schuyler Warren, Senior Planner, described the Regional Concept Planning Project slated for River Terrace West and South. These are the two remaining urban reserve areas available to Tigard and they must complete this regional planning process to receive approval from Metro Council to expand the urban growth boundary. He described the staff process, working with OTAK to develop the analysis and draft plan, as well as the robust public process that will occur with neighbors as well as a dedicated Community Advisory Committee. Staff hope to emphasize affordable housing, economic opportunity and climate impacts as part of this regional planning process. 

Receive Briefing on Urban Reserves Transportation Study (URTS) from Washington County Staff - Senior Transportation Planner Dave Roth introduced Erin Wardell, Principal Transportation Planner from Washington County. She provided an overview of the County’s ongoing Urban Reserves Transportation Study (URTS), looking at transportation at a countywide level over the next 50 years. This helps jurisdictions plan collaboratively for the future transportation system at the county scale.

Receive Briefing on the Tigard Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update Project - Dave Roth, Senior Transportation Planner, described the current status of the Tigard Transportation System Plan (TSP) update project. Project context at local, state and regional levels will be contemplated as part of this plan update process. This plan will help guide how the City invests transportation dollars in the future and will undergo a rigorous public engagement process. Finally, he emphasized the role that equity will play in the development of this updated TSP.

Administrative Report - City Manager Wine said the City had received 20 applications for the Public Safety Advisory Board and applications will close tomorrow. The anti-racism action plan is moving forward with work on how to implement these changes at the departmental level. The COVID-19 pandemic continues and no move into Phase 2 is being contemplated at this time. While the nearby wildfire suppression measures have been successful, she said air quality continues to be poor and the City has remained closed Monday through Wednesday of this week.

Mayor Snider asked that staff send a thank you to the Communications staff team on behalf of the Council. Councilor Newton agreed.

September 8 Council Workshop Meeting

Council held an executive session called under 192.660 (2) (a) regarding employment of public officers.

Written public comment was received on the following topics: composting food waste, issues and options for Tigard Triangle affordable housing transportation, and voting by mail.

Police Chief McAlpine gave a report on crime statistics and calls for service in August. There were 515 speeding tickets issued (35 rejected) from the Hall Blvd./99W intersection and 2693 (195 rejected) issued from the 72nd Avenue/99W intersection. Each citation must be reviewed and there are challenges reviewing the high number received. The Chief highlighted progress made in hiring officers authorized by the Police Levy. Interviews, physical fitness testing and background checks are being conducted on 10 recruits. Two lateral hires were made.

Council approved a Constitution Week proclamation and two contracts. The first is a contract amendment with Brown Contracting, Inc. for additional  work on the Tiedeman, Katherine and Grant Avenue crosswalk and sidewalk improvement project. During the project it was discovered that the existing pavement on Grant Avenue was too thin so staff worked with the contractor to perform a grind/overlay to replace the thin section and improve the life of the roadway next to the project footprint. A contract was awarded to MESO (Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon) to implement and operate Tigard’s Small Business Grant Program which will award the $1,631,000 distribution from Washington County to businesses within city boundaries for COVID-19 public health emergency expenses. MESO will operate as the city’s agent and distribute the grant funding consistent with City, County, and Federal requirements and processes.

Council approved Resolution No. 20-43 which allows Washington County to acquire right-of-way and ancillary easements from 43 parcels to construct the 121st Avenue roadway improvements. This project will provide continuous sidewalks, bicycle facilities, street lighting, drainage improvements, roadway resurfacing and waterline improvements between  Whistlers Loop and Tippitt Place along 121st Avenue and along Fonner Street from 121st Avenue to 116th Place. This resolution is required as part of the acquisition process so Washington County can negotiate in good faith with owners and holders of property identified in the resolution. It allows them to obtain immediate possession and pursue acquisition through eminent domain if necessary.

Resolution No. 20-44 was approved and authorizes the sale of water revenue refunding bonds secured by revenues of the water system. Staff anticipates the savings from this refunding will be over $1 million annually and reduce debt service by over 12%. It will enhance intergenerational equity by helping offset the annual reserve for water asset renewal, repair and replacement.

Council approved an Interim City Manager employment agreement with current Assistant City Manager Kathy Nyland which will run from December 1, 2020 until the start date of a new city manager.

City Manager Wine gave an Administrative Report and said 8 applications have been received so far for the Public Safety Advisory Board.  The deadline to apply is September 16. Park playgrounds are now open. Patrons must maintain physical distancing unless in their small group. The city’s Digital Access survey will remain open as participation thus far has been light. The city has continued to meet with the Tigard-Tualatin School District on the future of School Resource Officers (SROs) and a community-wide survey is upcoming. Focus groups will prioritize those more likely to have contact with the SROs.

September 1, 2020 Council Meeting
CONSIDER ADOPTION OF PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY BOARD PROPOSAL: Council held a discussion and made some recommendations for changes in the Public Safety Advisory Board proposal related to decision making, authority to implement recommendations and length of service for the two youth members.  Here is a link to the final copy of the proposal approved by Council: Public Safety Advisory Board | City of Tigard 

NON AGENDA ITEM: Mayor Snider asked if there was Council consensus to write a letter of support for District Attorney Barton’s proposal to the Washington County Commission to use the former 9-1-1 Dispatch Center as a future site to re-locate Family Justice and CARES NW (Child Abuse and Response Evaluation Services Northwest). Currently, Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah County residents have to go to Multnomah County for services and this would not only be more convenient for Washington County residents (which currently use more of these services than Multnomah County) but would save CARES NW money that could be redirected towards child abuse investigations and mental health services. The Council agreed to send a letter of support. 

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: City Manager Wine reported that the application process for the Public Safety Advisory Board will launch Wednesday. Communications staff have completed the Citywide Report card which will appear on the city’s website landing page. Macerich is putting together a plan to have drive-in movies at Washington Square. The review of the school resource officer (SRO) program is ongoing with surveys and listening sessions planned. There will be links to this on the city’s website. Council requested that City Manager Wine ask for any directives regarding celebrating Halloween during COVID and she will check on this with the EOC/CLT Reconstitution Team.

August 25, 2020 Council Meeting


Executive Session
Called under ORS 192.660 (2)(a) to discuss employment of a public officer.

Council Liaison Reports

  • Councilor Newton commented on the recent meeting of the CDBG Advisory Board and becoming a joint entitlement city.
  • Youth Councilor Calderon reported on the TYAC’s effort to update their website and find socially-distanced community service opportunities for youth.
  • Council President Goodhouse remarked on the National League of Cities’ Equitable Solutions Conference and changes to the City’s procurement processes to encourage minority business participation.
  • Councilor Lueb and Councilor Newton met with Metro Councilor Dirksen to express concerns about the Hall Street Station design as a part of SW Corridor. They said they look forward to TriMet’s changes in their upcoming September presentation to the Council.
  • Mayor Snider shared a briefing on COVID 19 from the Governor’s office. The Council discussed implementing a citywide mask requirement. City Attorney Rihala said that an ordinance to require masks on City-owned properties was doable and would be similar to the City’s existing tobacco ban.


Public Comment

  • John Liljegren submitted comments regarding the Public Safety Transformation Commission.
  • Michael Brewin submitted comments regarding the Public Safety Transformation Commission

Consent Agenda

Council approved the Consent Agenda as presented, which included:

  • Approve meeting minutes
    • May 19, 2020
    • May 21, 2020
    • May 26, 2020
  • LCRB: Consider Contract award for Pavement Management Program – Crack Seal
  • LCRB: Consider Contract award for Cach Reservoir and Pump Station Owners Representative

Receive Public Safety Transformation Commission Update and Next Steps
City Manager Wine updated Council on feedback received on the Transformation Commission to date. Council discussed the latest draft of the Transformation Commission proposal. Major areas of contention included the addition of text referring to defunding the police (which Council removed), the name of group (whether it be advisory board or commission) and the purpose of the body itself (to advise Council or leadership staff).

A majority of Council felt the name should be changed to the Public Safety Advisory Board as this better reflected the body’s purpose and decision making authority. 

Administrative Report
City Manager Wine reported on the nearly-completed City Hall remodel, positive responses to the internal COVID work survey and the upcoming City Council election. The City had seven candidates file to run for the two available positions this November 3rd. Find more information about the final slate of candidates here:

August 18 Council Workshop Meeting

Capital Improvement Plan Update: City Engineer Faha reported on the status of Parks, Streets, Water, Sewer, Stormwater and Facilities projects and described key projects upcoming in 2021.

Receive Update on SW Ascension Drive Traffic Issues: City Engineer Faha gave an update and  presented a slide show on the history of the city’s response to citizen complaints about Ascension Drive traffic issues. She discussed the initial response and what was included and not included in the adjusted proposal. Lessons learned were the importance of a  communications plan and that the city needs a comprehensive, transparent approach to addressing safety concerns, including the use of data to help prioritize and direct where funding should be used citywide. A draft ranking summary table was shown for streets with speeding complaints. This is part of a citywide speed  analysis to help develop the prioritization system.

Receive Briefing on I-205 Tolling Program: Council received a presentation from ODOT I-5 and I-205 Tolling Program Manager Lucinda Broussard on the I-205 program as it moves into the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) phase. The purpose of tolling on I-205 is to manage congestion and raise revenue to fund congestion relief projects. The toll rate will not be determined until after financial analysis is complete. Consultants from WSP discussed the project goals, objectives and the alternatives analysis.

Town Center Development Agency – Receive City Center Futures Project Update: Council, in their role as the Town Center Development Agency Board, convened to hear an update on the City Center Urban Renewal Plan and options for continuation of the district beyond 2027.  Staff will return with a fully-formed recommendation for Option 1 which increases the maximum indebtedness of the current tax increment financing within the current District.

Receive Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update: Staff and a consultant from MIG updated Council on Parks Master Plan progress. The project will replace the Parks System Master Plan and Recreation Program Study. The Parks System Master Plan was last done in 2009 and this update will address the many significant changes related to Tigard’s parks and recreation services over the past ten years as well as help prioritize implementation of incomplete or future parks and revisit old concept master plans. Council expressed concerns about inequity in park access in lower income neighborhoods and gaps in the 10-minute walk analysis. The new plan will reflect the growth and increased diversity of the city.  There will be many ways for the community to participate and provide input.  

Administrative Report: City Manager Wine highlighted the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) data that was used in three of the presentations in tonight’s meeting.  She said there will be more in the future identifying areas of greatest transportation need in Tigard. She gave an update on the CARES Phase 4 program and said business recipients will be notified as soon as possible. Staff were surveyed about working as part of a plan to return to their workspaces when COVID restrictions are lightened. She reiterated that the City is open for business now, but the survey was directed at a physical opening of its buildings. The Library is starting “take-out” service for books, in an effort to increase service offerings to patrons during the pandemic.

August 11 Council Meeting


Council Liaison Reports

  • Councilor Lueb didn’t have any news to report.
  • Councilor Newton and Youth Calderon reported on the new treasurer elected for the Youth Advisory Council as well as their search for socially-distanced service opportunities for local high schoolers. Councilor Newton said the CDBG Advisory Board will be meeting this week to determine priorities for the upcoming funding cycle.
  • Councilor Anderson discussed meeting with the Tigard Farmers Market representatives and their neighboring businesses to reach a solution for Sunday morning access to Tigard Street.
  • Council President Goodhouse attended several meetings that all went well. He asked whether the Council would be supporting Metro’s 2020 Get Moving bond measure.
  • Mayor Snider polled the Council on whether the Council should write a letter to Metro regarding concerns about the Get Moving 2020 bond. There was consensus such a move would be premature, pending finalized details regarding the bond amount and funding mechanism. The Mayor reported on the brief legislative special session and a string of public comments he’s received that cause him to believe people don’t understand systemic racism.


Public Comment

  • No public comment received.
  • Police Chief McAlpine updated the Council on the updated strategic dashboard, as well as the new Police Transparency page.
  • Chamber Engagement Coordinator Jessica Love shared a number of upcoming events, including educational webinars, candidate endorsement committee meeting and Eat Local Night. She congratulated the Leadership Tigard class of 2020 as well as recipients of Chamber-sponsored scholarships. The Tigard Farmers Market continues, while the Art Scavenger Hunt is delayed until the end of August.

Consent Agenda - Council approved Resolution 20-42, which authorizes an Intergovernmental Agreement with City of Beaverton and Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) to complete a water system intertie feasibility study.

Contract Award for Tier 1 & 2 I.T. Help Desk Support to Bridge Tech, LLC - The Council approved a contract award of up to $750,000 to Bridge Tech, LLC for I.T.’s Help Desk Support services for up to 5 years. This follows the 1-year proof of concept that IT has undergone to show contract IT services are more a more cost efficient way to serve City departments.

Informational Public Hearing: City Manager Recruitment Process - HR Director Bennett outlined the Class specifications as well as a draft scope of work, should Council choose to use an outside firm. Council reached consensus to move forward with contract with an outside recruitment firm to manage the process. They also decided to appoint an Interim City Manager to cover the period from Marty’s departure until a new City Manager is hired.

Discuss Community Input on the Transformation Commission - Council received and discussed public input on the proposed Transformation Commission, including its, membership/representation, and roles/responsibilities. Aside from phrasing, repeated themes related to:

  • Organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Representation among the group’s membership
  • Name of the group (Transformation Commission, Public Safety Transformation Commission, Public Safety Advisory Committee, and so on)
  • Measures to identify biases in hiring

At the end of the discussion, Council suggested a large part of this effort would be based in creating a public information campaign regarding systemic racism.

Administrative Report - Assistant City Manager Nyland highlighted a new communications section of the Council Newsletter and the new “drive-up” Library services. She also updated Council on the status of ongoing projects, including Total Tyler, Strategic Plan Refresh, Fanno Creek Trail crossing and COVID signage requests (more than 500 signs have been produced since March).

Executive Session - Council held an executive session under ORS 192.660(2)(a) to consider the employment of a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent.

August 4, 2020 City Council Meeting
STUDY SESSION - An Executive Session was held.

BUSINESS MEETING - Mayor Snider acknowledged public comment sent in regarding topics including racism and the Transformation Commission. 

Acting as the Local Contract Review Board, the Council approved two contracts.  The first is with Eagle-Elsner, Inc. to connect the remaining roadway segment of Wall Street to Tech Center Drive/72nd Avenue. Work includes a new traffic signal, striping, lighting and landscaping improvements.  This public local industrial road project is in the 138-acre Hunziker Industrial core, an industrial zone district where higher levels of employment can be achieved through private investment. Public infrastructure, such as this connection to Tech Center Drive, can be a catalyst for facilitating redevelopment of employment lands and job creation.

The second contract is with TVW, Inc., a Qualified Rehabilitation Facility, to provide janitorial services. In 1977, the Oregon Legislature passed a law that obligates all state and local governments, school districts and other tax-supported political bodies to purchase goods and services from QRFs when the products or services meet their requirements. Services include trash and waste removal, recyclable material removal, glass cleaning, restroom cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and day porter duties. TRW, Inc. is the current contractor and staff recommended this contract award based on their strong record of performance.

July 28, 2020 Council Meeting:

EXECUTIVE SESSION - Called under ORS 192.660(2)(i): Review of a public official.


Public Comment 

  • Written Public Comment was received from Jean and Jerold Hilary regarding the Tigard Farmers Market location
  • City Manager Wine told Council it was unlikely the Farmers Market would be relocated, but that staff would work with the Hilarys to help manage the issues they have been experiencing at their adjacent location
  • Derrick Wright from Senet Game Bar commented on their efforts to try and keep their business afloat

Consider a Resolution to Extend the City’s Emergency Declaration - Council approved Resolution 20-41 extending the City’s emergency declaration related to COVID-19 through September 30, 2020.

TCDA Board Review of Project Plans for the Overland Mixed-Use Development - Redevelopment Project Manager Farrelly presented the project plans for the Overland Mixed-Use Development slated for the Tigard Triangle. As part of the process, the TCDA Board must review the plans and confirm they are aligned with the stated plan and goals for the urban renewal district. The Board was in support of the plans, which many mentioned would bring much-needed affordable housing and retail space to the Triangle. 

TCDA Board Consideration of an Estoppel Agreement with Dartmouth Development Partners, LLC - Redevelopment Project Manager Farrelly and City Attorney Rihala presented this Estoppel agreement, which is required by the financial institution financing the Overland Mixed-Use Development for Dartmouth Development Partners, LLC. The TCDA Board approved the agreement unanimously.

Consideration of an Estoppel Agreement with Dartmouth Development Partners, LLC - Redevelopment Project Manager Farrelly and City Attorney Rihala presented this Estoppel agreement, which is required by the financial institution financing the Overland Mixed-Use Development for Dartmouth Development Partners, LLC. Both the TCDA Board and City Council are signatories and so both bodies needed to take official action separately. The City Council approved the agreement unanimously.

City Council Goals Review
Members of the Leadership Team proposed guiding priorities for the final six months of the Council’s 2019-2021 goals. Since two of the goals had been accomplished, they explained it was important to reexamine the City’s priorities. The four identified priority areas included improving systems, implementing the strategic plan, response to COVID-19 and development of an anti-racism plan and Transformation Commission.

Members of the Leadership Team reviewed the proposed anti-racism action plan, which aims to increase equity by updating hiring processes, working to hear all voices equally (not the loudest or most frequent commenters, for example), refining City processes and making City services more inclusive.

Administrative Report - City Manager Wine updated Council on the joint effort with Tigard-Tualatin School District to engage in a thoughtful process to consider the role of School Resource Officers (SROs) in their schools. This discussion will review all the information including data about interactions, referrals and lived experiences of students and families in the District. This means the Tigard PD will be delaying the annual assignment of SRO officers until the end of October, at the earliest, pending completion of this community dialogue.

July 21, 2020 Council Meeting

RECEIVE PRESENTATION FROM COMMUNITY PROVIDERS ABOUT EMERGENCY SHELTER COVID-19 RESPONSE - Emergency shelter providers reported on challenges they faced serving homeless individuals in Washington County due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Representatives from Project Homeless Connect, Community Action, Just Compassion and a community volunteer summarized their response and lessons learned as they worked together on coordinated efforts to keep people safe and off of the street. They are concerned about planning now to identify locations that could serve as severe weather shelters this fall and winter as well as a location for a year-round, full-time shelter in south Washington County.

RECEIVE UPDATE ON SOLID WASTE FRANCHISE FEES AND CHARGES – Staff briefed Council on the solid waste franchise requirements, provisions, and how rates, fees and charges are set.  They heard results of the recent aggregate hauler report and Financial Consultant Chris Bell provided findings on drop box fees and charges.

DISCUSSION ON WATER UTILITY RATE MODELING – Council was asked to give input on water utility pricing policy questions to inform preparation for a water cost of service analysis modeling session in October. Policy questions related to the booster pump charge, residential customers with private fire suppression and a change regarding base rates for residential customers.

DISCUSSION ON RACIAL JUSTICE AND CITY ACTION – Due to time constraints this agenda item was moved to the July 28 council meeting.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – An executive session was called under ORS 192.660.(2) (i) to review the employment-related performance of a public official

July 14, 2020 Council Meeting:


Briefing on Qualified Immunity
Steve Kraemer from City/County Insurance Services (CIS) provided Council with a briefing on qualified immunity. He explained that in Oregon, the qualified immunity doctrine does not prevent police officers from being prosecuted for a constitutional violation. Since a constitutional violation is a federal offense, there isn’t anything the State legislature could do to affect qualified immunity.

Council Liaison Reports 

  • Councilor Lueb reported on the Parks and Recreation Board meeting.
  • Councilor Newton and Youth Calderon reported on the new president elected for the Youth Advisory Council.
  • Council President Goodhouse shared about happenings with the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership.
  • Mayor Snider shared news from his Washington County mayors call and the developments on the Metro transportation bond set to be on the November ballot.

Public Comment

  • City Manager Wine provided follow-up to Council on the Ascension Drive situation.
  • Chief McAlpine said the new online police reporting system went live in June and described what kinds of offenses the system could be used for, such as property crimes with no suspect information. Chief said the department is planning to make the monthly Police Strategic Dashboard more widely available in addition to the Tigard police call log. Fireworks violations were on par with last year, which also didn’t have a local fireworks show.
  • Jessica Love from the Tigard Chamber shared info on the Leadership Tigard class of 2020, Tigard Farmers Market and the Downtown Tigard Artwalk.
  • Call in Public Comment:
    • Bryan Wolf spoke on Ascension Drive issues.
    • Kate Rogers spoke in support of the Senior Housing alongside the Senior Center Project.
    • Faez Soud spoke in support of the Senior Housing alongside the Senior Center Project.

Quasi-Judicial Public Hearing: Bull Mountain Summit Annexation - Assistant Planner Lina Smith presented this proposed annexation which was unanimously recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. Council approved Ordinance 20-07 annexing two properties on the summit of Bull Mountain to the City of Tigard.

Update on Senior Housing Alongside the Tigard Senior Center Project - Redevelopment
Project Manager Farrelly updated the Council on community outreach during COVID-19 on the project and how tactics changed to adapt to new conditions. He also explained how this new affordable housing project would address past inequities in City of Tigard housing policy. Destin Furden of Northwest Housing Alternatives was present to help discuss the project and answer questions.

League of Oregon Cities Legislative Agenda - Senior Management Analyst Hendrix shared a menu of issues the League is proposing and explained they were to pick four. The Council had consensus on 3 issues: COVID economic recovery investments, property tax reform and mental health. After discussion they settled on also including 2 more issues: infrastructure and housing. 

Racial Justice and City Actions - Mayor Snider explained that since the last meeting he had received feedback on his racial justice plan from Police Chief McAlpine, City Attorney Rihala and the Tigard Police Officers’ Association. He said he incorporated much of their feedback and edits to create the third draft of the plan, which Council then reviewed. Major topics of discussion included the number of members on the Transformation Commission as well as the representation of various interests (business, students, etc.) on the Commission.

July 7, 2020 City Council Meeting

BOARD APPOINTMENTS - Resolution No. 20-39 was approved, appointing Library Board members Jim Ivler to a four-year term and alternate Helen Allen to a two-year term.  Resolution No. 20-40 was approved, appointing Marie Walkiewicz as an at-large member of the Water Advisory Board. She represents the interests outside of the City boundary. There is a vacancy for a representative from Tigard.

CONTRACTS APPROVED - A contract was awarded to TurfField for the purchase and installation of artificial turf at the Cook Park baseball and softball infield. Funding for the project came from the Transient Lodging Tax Fund.  A contract with OTAK was approved for River Terrace West and South Concept Planning. The project is to create plans for two urban reserve areas, facilitating inclusion into Metro’s urban growth boundary. Planning for these areas is a priority because they are bordered by land that is already developed or is planned to be in the next several years by Tigard, Beaverton, King City and Washington County.   

DISCUSSION ON RACIAL JUSTICE AND CITY ACTION - Mayor Snider reported on a draft document he prepared after reviewing the issues and suggestions from over 200 public comments regarding public safety and police services.  He proposed the formation of a Tigard Public Safety Transformation Commission made up of  persons of color in Tigard along with City staff that have public safety expertise. They will consider and act on the issues that were raised by the community and make evidence-based decisions that are best for Tigard.  City Manager Wine and Assistant City Manager Nyland discussed the City Anti-Racism Action Plan being developed by department directors with a goal to identify how City-provided services, policies and outreach may be made more equitable and help undo racism in our organization and in the community,

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - City Manager Wine and Economic Development Manager Purdy reported on the upcoming disbursement through Washington County of CARES Act funding for businesses suffering losses due to COVID-19. Tigard’s share is $1.5 million which will recapitalize the business assistance grant program so the City can continue to help businesses impacted by COVID-19.  One focus for this round of business assistance is for those small businesses in disadvantaged neighborhoods, because it not only will help the businesses but also the neighborhoods.

June 23 City Council Meeting

EXECUTIVE SESSION: An Executive Session was held to discuss labor negotiations.

STUDY SESSION: Council gave their reports from board and committee meetings they attended as liaisons.

CONSENT AGENDA: Meeting minutes were approved.


  • “If I Were Mayor” contest winner Maeve Keast received congratulations from Council. Her winning poster was displayed on the screen and will be entered into the statewide contest.  
  • Representative Doherty gave an update on the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session and a preview of the Special Session to start June 24. Council honored her with a resolution expressing appreciation for her service to the citizens of Tigard and District 35 in the State Legislature for the past 11 years. 
  • A public hearing continued from June 16 was held to consider the budget. Resolution No. 20-36 was approved, adopting the City’s fiscal year 2020-21 budget.
  • Resolution No. 20-37, in support of a Transportation Growth Management (TGM) grant request to Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission and Oregon Department of Transportation was approved.  If received, the grant will fund integrated land use planning in downtown Tigard.    
  • Ordinance No. 20-06 was adopted, amending Tigard Municipal Code Chapter 2.46 regarding the Local Contract Review Board.  The changes deleted content that duplicated state law and moved some content into the City’s Public Contracting Rules.
  • Council met as the Local Contract Review Board to consider changes to the City’s Public Contracting Rules. The changes are meant to streamline public contract execution and comply with Oregon Revised Statutes.  LCRB Resolution No. 20-01 was approved. 
  • A third extension of the City’s emergency declaration related to COVID-19 was discussed. Council approved Resolution No. 20-38, extending the emergency declaration to July 31. This declaration is necessary to continue emergency responses, including requests for outside assistance and flexibility surrounding City policies.
  • Council heard a briefing on the Tigard Streets for People project which would provide more safe and healthy opportunities for residents to actively recreate and travel in and around their neighborhoods, improve access to public space and connect more neighborhoods to the trail network, and provide opportunities for businesses to use public space and right-of-way as part of their reopening strategy while keeping customers safe through social distancing.
  • A Racial Justice and City Action discussion was held. City Manager Wine, Human Resources Director Bennett and Finance Director LaFrance reported to Council on actions taken since the previous week’s discussion, including launching a webpage with continually updated questions and answers related to police practices. They are planning a discussion with the Tigard-Tualatin School District and others on the future of School Resource Officers (SROS). HR Director Bennett highlighted actions taken to enhance diversity in recruitments for City staff. Finance and Information Services Director LaFrance said staff are looking at how the contracting process can be more equitable and the City’s Leadership Team is working on how to approach making Tigard an anti-racist organization. Mayor Snider noted that Council is receiving an unprecedented amount of  feedback from the community on racial and police topics and he would like to work with the City Manager and Police Chief over the next few weeks to develop an initial framework for what needs to be evaluated.
  • Administrative Reports were given by the City Manager. Federal CARES money is beginning to flow through Washington County and Clean Water Services to cities.  City Departments are beginning their Phase 2 Reopening Plans and the Library is developing a method to deliver book holds to patrons. The July 14 City Council meeting may be live and will follow social distancing requirements.  Ascension Drive community engagement meetings have been held and the website is still under construction. There were concerns raised about vending alcohol at Rotary Plaza and whether there were ODOT restrictions. It is allowed through a City permit and there are no ODOT restrictions. The City Report Card continues to evolve and will be framed around the refreshed strategic plan and racial justice actions.  

June 16 City Council Meeting
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue State of the District -  Chief Deric Weiss provided his annual update to the Council on the state of the fire district. He reported on response to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued procedures to limit coronavirus exposure for staff and the public.

Consider a Resolution Thanking Youth Councilor Meghan Turley - Council approved Resolution No. 20-31, thanking Youth Councilor Turley for her service to the City and its residents. Her one-year term expires on June 30, 2020. The Mayor and Councilors thanked Meghan for her thorough preparation and engagement with the community and her role on the Council. She is the first Youth Councilor in Tigard City history.

Consider a Resolution Adopting the Master Fees and Charges Schedule for FY 2021 - Council decided to delay planned increases in the City's transportation, parks and water SDCs (System Development Charges) until at least January 2021. They then approved Resolution No. 20-32, adopting the remainder of the Master Fees and Charges Schedule as amended to include administrative changes, remove a duplicate fee and correct an incorrectly indexed fee.

Consider a Resolution Certifying the City Provides Services Required for State Sharing Revenues - Council approved Resolution No. 20-33, which certified that the City provides six of the seven services needed to qualify to receive a share of state revenues.

Consider a Resolution Declaring the City's Election to Receive State Revenue Sharing - Council approved Resolution No. 20-34, which declared the City's election to receive these shared revenues from the State of Oregon in accordance with ORS 221.770.

City Budget Adoption - Council received a presentation on the budget document, which was approved by the Budget Committee. Director LaFrance explained that staff have determined the best way to administer the Police Serves Levy funds is to establish a new, stand alone fund for that purpose. To accomplish this, the City needs to republish the LB1 (Official budget reporting document) and have a new public hearing since it will adjust the budget document by more than 10 percent. Therefore, the budget adoption hearing was continued to the 6/23/2020 Business Meeting of the City Council in order for staff to publish and notice the necessary documents again.

TCDA Budget Adoption - Council approved TCDA Resolution No. 20-02 adopting the TCDA Budget for FY 2021 with adjustments, making appropriations, and imposing and categorizing taxes.

Tigard Strategic Plan Update -  City Manager Wine and the Strategic Plan Guidance Team introduced a refreshed City vision, "Tigard: an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone." The team explained their process to develop and vet the new take on the 2014 vision statement. They took feedback from staff and assessed current conditions in order to develop a draft, refreshed Strategic Plan document. The updated plan is out now for review and comment from the public, Councilors and staff. The Council shared their thoughts with staff regarding the refreshed plan.

Next meeting will occur virtually on June 23, 2020, with a 6:30 p.m. Study Session and 7:30 p.m. Business Meeting.

June 9, 2020 Council Meeting
STUDY SESSION: Council gave liaison reports on various City, regional and national boards and committees they serve on.  


  • Public comments submitted by Ascension Drive residents regarding speeding and parking issues were acknowledged. City Manager Wine updated Council and said staff met with neighbors and their comments are being compiled. An opportunity for further input will be provided through a page on the City’s website to be up by June 15. A link to the page will be sent to the neighbors. Staff will put together the comments and the City Engineer will make a final decision about parking in the S curves and mitigation of speeding.
  • Tigard Chamber of Commerce Update: Council received an update on Chamber activities.  Over 50 businesses have made the pledge to the Reopen Ready program in which they commit to meeting or exceeding industry standards for customer safety during the public health emergency. The businesses can be recognized by signs, posters or decals in their windows. The Tigard Farmers Market is open for the season in a new location on Tigard Street behind Symposium Coffee, on Sundays from 9-1:30. Online orders can be taken through the What’s Good app. 
  • Police Chief Update: in place of Police Chief McAlpine’s monthly statistical report she addressed questions that have arisen recently after the murder of George Floyd. She provided a slide presentation on the Tigard Police Department’s use of force policies compared to the #8CantWait Project campaign requests. She described Advanced Crisis Intervention and De-escalation training for which funding was included in the recently passed levy and will be extended to all officers.

COUNCIL DISCUSSION – RACE AND JUSTICE ACTION: Council held the first of many discussions on racial justice and actions that can be taken in Tigard. Mayor Snider referred to the statement he issued in response to the killing of George Floyd in which he asked the community, particularly people of color, to provide input on moving the important work forward on: 1) Eliminating institutional racism and ensure equity within all city operations and structures, 2) Eliminating institutional racism and ensuring equity within the Tigard community; and 3) Improving the lived experience of all persons of color in Tigard such that everyone enjoys the safety and privilege that white men do today. Over 100 emails, calls and posts were received. Council wants to continue this discussion with the community and opportunities will be set up in various formats and hopefully, after Washington County enters Phase 2, a live event at Cook Park, for example. Coming up next is a continuation of last week’s Fireside Chat with Mayor Snider and Police Chief McAlpine in a Facebook Live event on June 11 at 6:30 p.m.

The consent agenda was approved. 

  1. The certified election results of the City of Tigard local option levy on the May 19, 2020 ballot were a receive and file item.
  2. Mayor Snider read a proclamation making June 2020 Pride Month.

APPOINT YOUTH CITY COUNCILOR: Council appointed Emilio Calderon as the new Youth City Councilor for an annual term beginning July 1. Youth City Councilors are not voting members but attend all council meetings and participate in discussions, where their perspective is appreciated by Council.   

CONSIDER RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY TO ACQUIRE PROPERTY FOR CONSTRUCTING PUBLIC FACILITIES AND IMPROVEMENTS: Resolution No. 20-29 was approved.  It declared the need to acquire property for the purpose of constructing public facilities and improvements adjacent to and along Frewing Street from Pacific Highway to Ash Avenue, and authorizes eminent domain if good-faith negotiations fail.  The improvement project is a much needed replacement of a stormwater line and two metal culverts and will improve stormwater drainage on the street.

CONSIDER RESOLUTION TO JOINTLY ACCEPT CDBG ENTITLEMENT AND REMAIN A HOME CONSORTIUM MEMBER: Resolution No. 20-30 was approved to jointly accept Community Development Block Grant Entitlement with Washington County and remain a HOME Consortium Member. CDBG funds are a key funding strategy in Tigard’s Affordable Housing Plan and can be used for projects including infrastructure improvement, public facilities, public services and housing improvements.


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