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Doing Business in Tigard

Economic Development

What's New

Business Training Scholarships
The City of Tigard's new Business Training Scholarship offers business owners and entrepreneurs a reimbursement of up to 50 percent of the cost of business advising services, training and course work. Learn more

Business License Fee Waiver
Owners of new businesses in Tigard who complete an eligible business-focused training program with one of the city’s advising partners are eligible for a one-time, one-year City of Tigard business license fee waiver. Learn more

Advance Tigard Workforce Development Program
Advance Tigard is a career advancement program that helps Tigard residents advance their careers at Tigard-based businesses by providing a matching grant for career education/training expenses. Details here

Webinar: Cash Flow Planning for Small Businesses
Cash planning and management is the key to keeping profits flowing and business owner's bank account full. This October 7th webinar will help entrepreneurs understand cash flow, take steps to manage their cash and keep their business strong. Details here.

Webinar: Solving Manufacturing Workforce Challenges Through Technology 
Manufacturers are facing significant challenges as they seek to retain and recruit skilled workers. Attend this webinar with OMEP to get practical tips on retention and training strategies for small and mid-sized manufacturers. Details here.

Support for the Business CommunitySmall Business Resources
The City of Tigard is committed to supporting businesses and employees and recognizes the business impacts of the coronavirus measures being implemented. We have compiled resources from national, state, and regional organizations for your referenceCOVID19 Support for the Business Community

Local Business Spotlight

Selfie WRLDSelfie-WRLD

While the concept behind Selfie WRLD is simple – grab your phone or camera and start snapping away – what sets it apart is its “booths,” immersive three-walled installations that provide entertaining backgrounds for visitors’ photographic escapades. It’s billed as a “selfie museum,” but owner Dawn Saul also likes to refer to Selfie WRLD as a “DIY (do it yourself) photography studio,” a place where people with no photography experience can come and take professional looking photos of themselves, their friends and family.

READ THIS article and more business spotlight news here.

The Tigard Economy: At a Glance

The City of Tigard has a well-balanced economy that includes more than 3,000 firms employing more than 40,000 people from around the region.

In Tigard, firms in every business sector compete locally, nationally and globally. Employees working for Tigard-based firms earn about $48,000 per year on average.

More than half of Tigard’s residents are in the workforce and the unemployment rate for Tigard residents in the workforce is about 3%. The graphics on this page summarize Tigard’s economic ecosystem with data from the Oregon Employment Department updated in 2014.

Click on the image below to learn more about the Tigard economy.

Average Annual Wage by Sector

Small Business Resources

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the Economic Development Department has compiled a database of resources to help you start, build, manage, and grow your business.

Click here for more information.

Local Incentive Programs

Business License Fee Waiver
Owners of new businesses in Tigard who complete one business-focused training program with one of the partners listed are eligible for a one-time, one-year City of Tigard business license fee waiver for their first year of operation in the City of Tigard.

If you’ve already applied for a City of Tigard business license and have not yet completed a program, the city can apply a fee waiver to your next business license fee when you renew — if you complete one of the training programs before the end of the first year in business.  All the details are here.

Opportunity Zones
Opportunity Zones can deliver significant tax savings on medium- to long-term investments in economically disadvantaged communities. This new tax incentive pertains to both the capital gains invested initially through a qualified opportunity fund, as well as capital gains earned for the investor by businesses and projects in the zone. Each zone consists of an entire census tract, as established for the decennial U.S. Census. In Tigard, census tracts 307 and 309 are designated Opportunity Zones. Click here for a map of the Opportunity Zones in Tigard. More information on Opportunity Zones can be found by clicking here.

Tigard/Lake Oswego Enterprise Zone
In 2016, the City of Tigard and City of Lake Oswego began a collaboration on the Tigard/Lake Oswego Enterprise Zone. This is a local economic development program that reduces the tax burden on companies investing in equipment, facilities and people. This program offers a 100% tax abatement for three to five years on new capital investments when a firm also increases employment by 10%. Click here for more information.

TIF District Matching Grant Program
The Town Center Center Development Agency (the City of Tigard’s Tax Increment Financing Agency) has a TIF District Matching Grant Program. This fund provides matching grants for existing businesses in the City Center TIF District to make improvements to the exterior of their business. New catalyst businesses moving into vacant spaces in Downtown are also eligible for funding to make interior upgrades. Click here for more information.

Vertical Housing Development Zone
Tigard's Vertical Housing Development Zone (VHDZ) encourages multi-story mixed-use development in two targeted areas of the City of Tigard. The ten-year partial property tax exemption for new construction applies to the first four floors of residential development built above first-story commercial development.

  • Overview of vertical housing development zone
  • Map showing vertical housing development zone

For more information on VHDZ in Tigard, click here

Business Expansion Program
This incentive program is available to existing companies expanding operations in Oregon or new companies coming into the state. The Oregon Business Expansion Program is a cash-based incentive (forgivable loan) equivalent to the estimated increase in income tax revenue from the new hiring. Click here for more information.

Exporting & Business Development

Tigard based companies that export can tap into 95% of the worldwide consumer market. This region doubled exports in the last decade.  These resources can help you grow your customer base.

Export Assistance Program
Business Oregon and SBA matching funds for overseas trade shows and trade missions. Tigard businesses that participate in overseas trade shows gain the opportunity to meet potential buyers, test market interest and evaluate the competition. A trade mission can be a cost effective way to meet potential distributors and buyers, secure licensing agreements and explore joint venture opportunities. This program helps cover the cost of these sales tools
Tigard businesses have easy access to experts in international trade through the US Export Assistance Center’s office in Portland. Looking to make your first export sale or expand to additional international markets, these local professionals offer the trade counseling, market intelligence, business matchmaking, and commercial diplomacy you need to connect with lucrative business opportunities. 

GPI Export Initiative
Federal and state resources are committed to helping US companies tap into overseas markets and

Federal Contracts 
Is your business in a HUBZone? Certain parts of Tigard are considered “Historically Underutilized Business Zones.” Certified firms located in these areas are eligible for benefits with Federal prime contracts. Check to see if you’re located in a Tigard HUBZone.


Development & Infrastructure

The City of Tigard is constantly working to improve infrastructure that supports private investment. Here are examples of recent projects.

Brownfields Initiative
Concerned about Contamination? A brownfield is land that is vacant or underused because of the actual or perceived presence of a hazardous substance or contaminant. Some brownfield sites are actively being used while pollutants remain in the soil or groundwater; the contamination can become an issue when property owners want to expand, redevelop or sell their land.

Tigard Street Heritage Trail/Outdoor Museum
The Outdoor Museum includes a new public space (Rotary Plaza) and interpretive artwork installed along the length of the trail, which uses a three-quarter-mile inactive rail corridor. The Outdoor Museum is a unique cultural resource in the City of Tigard. As a gateway into Tigard’s redeveloping downtown, the bike and pedestrian pathway celebrates local heritage and the city’s identity as a “pedestrian boulevard.” Details for the Tigard Street Outdoor Museum are here.

Public Infrastructure in the Hunziker Industrial Core
The City of Tigard is investing in public infrastructure that encourages private sector investment and job creation. Tigard’s Hunziker Industrial Core includes 138 acres of industrial zoned property, home to more than 90 firms located ¾ a mile from Hwy 217 and I-5. In this employment area, 96 acres are underutilized and 42 acres are undeveloped and limited in their economic potential due to a lack of site access and sufficient public infrastructure. The City of Tigard is exploring public infrastructure projects and funding sources to add or improve roads, water, waste water and storm water services in this area.

The first public infrastructure project includes $8 million of roadway, water, sewer, and storm water that will support an estimated $32 million in private sector investment. Development of employment lands like this typically supports in 150 to 300 jobs depending upon the magnitude of private sector investment.

Site Selection & Real Estate

Food Cart Regulations

This handout (en español) describes where mobile food carts are allowed on private property in Tigard based on current city policy. Food carts on public property (e.g. sidewalks, streets, parks, etc.) are subject to different rules.

Contact Dylan Bemis, Economic Development Coordinator, at 503-718-2560 for assistance with operating a food cart on public property.

Small Business Workshops

See the latest offerings here from our virtual workshop series:
Small Business Webinar
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Interested in learning more about programs and resources that help you grow your business? 

Lloyd Purdy
Economic Development Manager


Inside Tigard: Indoor Entertainment Guide

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