Tigard Municipal Code

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 Recent Code Updates
(Not yet codified)

  • TMC Chapter 3.50 Non-Profit Corporation Low-Income Housing.
    Updated by Ordinance 19-17 effective December 5, 2019 (not yet codified) 
  • TMC Chapter 3.90 Construction Excise Tax.
    Created by Ordinance 19-16 effective January 1, 2020 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 10.32 Miscellaneous Provisions.
    Amended by Ordinance 19-13 effective August 22, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 10.36 Bicycles and Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices.
    Amended by Ordinance 19-14 effective August 22, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 10.16 Traffic and Parking Regulations.
    Amended by Ordinance 19-12 effective August 22, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 7.48 Public Assemblies.
    Repealed and replaced by Ordinance 19-11 effective October 1, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 3.24 System Development Charge Program.
    Updated by Ordinance 19-10 effective August 9, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 10.40 Sidewalks.
    Repealed Ordinance 19-08 effective July 18, 2019
  • TMC Chapter 11.04 Solid Waste Management.  
    Updated by Ordinance 19-06 effective July 11, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 3.32 City Fees and Charges.  
    Updated by Ordinance 19-05 effective July 4, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 7.70 Secondhand Dealers and Transient Merchants.
    Updated by Ordinance 19-04 effective July 4, 2019 (not yet codified)
  • TMC Chapter 6.01  General Provisions and Penalties.
    Updated by Ordinance 19-03 effective May 23, 2019 (not yet codified)

Code Change
Numerous code chapters have been updated by Ordinance 19-09.  Once the code chapters have been codified, the affected files will be replaced.  Ordinance is effective August 8, 2019.

The City of Tigard has completed changes to the comprehensive plan map, zoning map, and the development code related to the Downtown Tigard Plan District and to reconcile discrepancies in the Comprehensive Plan map and Zoning map related to open space.

What are the proposed amendments?
Amendments to the comprehensive plan have removed the Open Space (OS) map designation from portions of privately-owned properties and placed those properties in the comprehensive plan designation that applies to the developed portion of the property. The OS designation is intended for publicly-owned properties that are zoned Parks and Recreation.

Amendments to the zoning map have changed the zoning of one property along Hall Blvd. from R-12 to MU-CBD (Downtown Tigard Plan District) and fifteen properties along Knoll Dr. from R-4.5 to MU-CBD.

If you have questions about the this code amendment, please contact Schuyler Warren, Associate Planner at 503-718-2437 or

Staff Contact
Carol Krager, City Recorder

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