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Doing Business in Tigard

Business License

Business License Update
Posted March 16, 2020

Tigard will not be accepting Business License applications/renewals and related payments at City Hall. Telephone and email applications and renewals are encouraged. Tigard will accept mailed renewal payments.

Business license form
The City of Tigard has a Business License Program regulated by the Tigard Municipal Code that requires anyone engaging in any business within the city limits to pay a business license fee unless specifically exempt by State or Federal statute.  The city does not regulate businesses. Upon payment of your Business License, a Business License Receipt will be issued and must be posted in a conspicuous location at your business.  A Business License Receipt does not imply city approval or endorsement of the business or its location.

The Tigard Business License is based on a calendar year with a December 31st expiration date. New businesses operating in Tigard after June 30th of the current year will pay a pro-rated fee through December 31st. (Please see the License Fee below for pro-rated amounts). Thereafter, the annual business license fee shall be due in full by January 1st each year.

Annual Business License Fee

(Effective July 1, 2021)

# of Employees Business License
0-2 $98.00 per year
3-5 $132.00 per year
6-10 $462.00 per year
11-20 $758.00 per year
21-50 $869.00 per year
51-75 $947.00 per year
76 or more $1,282.00 per year
Temporary Business License   $25.00 per event
Duplicate License/Change of Ownership $10.00
Copy/Replacement License $10.00
Note: Tigard Business License fee is based on the number of people employed by the company and who are working in Tigard. For the purpose of computing the business license fee, the term "employee" includes the owner as well as his/her spouse if also engaged in the business. To compute the number of full-time equivalent employees, estimate the total number of hours worked by all employees (per year) and divide by 2,080.

Pro-Rated Fee Schedule:
Issued January 1 - June 30 See Annual Business License Fee Schedule above
Issued July 1 - December 31: 1/2 the annual fee 

Business License Fee Waiver

Owners of new businesses in Tigard who complete one business-focused training program with one of the partners listed are eligible for a one-time, one-year City of Tigard business license fee waiver for their first year of operation in the City of Tigard.

If you’ve already applied for a City of Tigard business license and have not yet completed a program, the city can apply a fee waiver to your next business license fee when you renew — if you complete one of the training programs before the end of the first year in business.  All the details are here.

Metro License

The City of Tigard recognizes the Metro License for builders and landscape contractors. If your business is not located in Tigard and you have a Metro License, you are not required to obtain a Tigard Business License. For more information about the Metro License, call 503-797-1620 or visit their website at

Other Permits May be Required

  • If you are doing business out of your home in Tigard, a home occupation permit is required. For more information and to obtain the current fee amount regarding a home occupation permit, contact the Planning Department at 503-718-2421.
  • If your business in Tigard is of a temporary nature, you must obtain a temporary Business License. Complete the Business License Application and return it with your $25.00 payment.
  • ALARM PERMIT: If your business has an active alarm system, you must complete an Alarm Permit application and pay the appropriate fee to the Tigard Police Department. For more information regarding security alarm permits, please call the Alarm Coordinator 503-718-2565.

Social Gaming License Application

If you are including social gaming in your business space in the City of Tigard, you must submit a Social Gaming License application along with proper payment prior to starting operation.

Social gaming license application On June 25, 2013, the Tigard City Council approved an ordinance adopting Chapter 5.22 of the Tigard Municipal Code which allows social gaming to be conducted in the City of Tigard with provisions. An approved social gaming license is required. In addition, the ordinance spells out specific conditions for approval, imposes limitations and identifies penalties for non-compliance.

Here is a partial list of key points connected to the new ordinance:
  • The business cannot charge a fee to participant
  • No cover charge of any type permitted
  • There may be no house player, house bank or house odds
  • Participants must be 21 or older to play or be present in the gaming area
  • The area of play may not exceed 50 percent of the business' floor space
The gaming area must be open to any law enforcement officer for inspection at any time. The schedule of fees relating to violations are: 1st offense-$100, 2nd offense-$250, 3rd offense-$500. Each additional offense within the same calendar year is $1,000.
For the complete details, including all the requirements regarding application, establishment responsibilities, inspection by law enforcement, fees and civil penalties along with the appeal process for both license denial and fines, please refer to the Tigard Municipal Code Chapter 5.22.

Small Business Resources

Whether you’re just getting started out or have been in business for years, the Economic Development Department is here to help you start, build, manage, and grow your business. Click here for more information.

Business License Staff Contact
Liz Lutz, Finance
503-718-2487 | Email

» Business License Application 

Signs and Zoning
Please contact the Planner on Duty at 503-718-2421 for assistance.

Permits and Applications
Please contact the Planner on Duty at 503-718-2421 for assistance.

New Businesses in Tigard
A list of new businesses is published each month. For privacy, home business addresses are not included.

Licensed Businesses Search Tool
Licensed Businesses

View an interactive search tool showing licensed businesses in Tigard.

Where Does Business License Revenue Go?
The City of Tigard business license fees support the Tigard Police Commercial Crimes Unit. This unit was established in 2008 with one sergeant and two detectives to mitigate crime issues associated with businesses in our community.

With over 40 years of investigative experience, these officers are committed to: 
  • Developing partnerships with Tigard business owners to reduce crime.
  • Solving chronic business related crimes in Tigard.
  • Proactively reviewing crime prevention techniques at Tigard businesses.

Contact Sgt. Leigh Erickson if you have any questions about the Commercial Crimes Unit.

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