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Bids and Proposals

Posted 3/19/20
The City of Tigard facilities are closed to the public for the foreseeable future.  In an effort to continue to do business, bids and proposals will be received at the email address. Please refer to each individual solicitation and addenda for submission deadlines and requirements.

There are no Current Bid Openings as of January 6, 2021.

Bids & Proposals Under Consideration

ASR Wells 2 & 3 Refurbishment

Intent to Award
Bid Opening
Bid Tabs

Utility Bills - Printing, Mailing, and Barcoding Services

Received Proposals

Tigard MADE Economic Opportunities Analysis

Received Proposals

Underground Utility Locating Services

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

On-Call Civil Engineering and Related Services 

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

On-Call Water System Engineer and/or Hydrogeologist of Record

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

Frewing St. Stormline Replacement Project

Intent to Award
Bid Tab
Bid Opening

QBS RFP 2021-10 Kruger Creek Stabilization

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

2021-03 Website Redesign

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

2021-07 City Manager Executive Search Services

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

QBS-RFP for OR 99W Streetlight Design (RFP 2021-04)

Intent to Award
Received Proposals

On-Call Civil Engineering & Other Related Services 

Received Proposals
On-Call Civil Engineering and Other Related Services Intent to Award

Awarded Contracts

Tyler Technologies Notice of Award
PMP – Preventative Maintenance Crack Sealing Notice of Award
Cach Reservoir & Pump Station Notice of Award
Tier 1 & 2 Help Desk Notice of Award
City Center TIF District Substantial Amendment Notice of Award
Wall St Tech Center Drive Improvement Notice of Award
Facility Consolidation Functional and Conceptual Design Notice of Award
RRA and ERP for the Water Distribution System Notice of Award
East Fork Derry Dell Stabilization Project Notice of Award
Tiedeman Ave, Katherine St, & Grant Ave Crosswalk and Sidewalk Improvements Notice of Award
Fanno Creek Siphon Stabilization Notice of Award
Downtown Sanitary Sewer CIPP Notice of Award
Demolition of 9110 SW Burnham St Notice of Award
Street Sweeping Services Notice of Award
Potso Dog Park Parking Lot Paving Notice of Award
2020 Pavement Management Program – Pavement Rehabilitation Notice of Award
Transportation System Plan Update Notice of Award
Right of Way Mowing Services  
Pavement Management Program Summer 2020 - 121st Ramps  Notice of Award
Tigard City Hall Interior Remodel Notice of Award
Washington Square Regional Center Update Project Notice of Award
Engineering Design and Construction Standards Notice of Intent
River Terrace West and South Concept Planning Project Notice of Award
Plan Investment Advisor Notice of Award
Fire Sprinkler System, Alarm Monitoring, Maintenance, and Testing, Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Recharge Services Notice of Award 
Engineering Services for the Frewing Street Sidewalk Infill Improvement Project Notice of Award
Pavement Management Program Summer 2020 –
Preventative Maintenance Slurry Seal
Notice of Award
Greenfield Drive Reconstruction Notice of Award
QBS/RFP Aquifer Storage and Recover (ASR) Wells Rehabilitation, Design, and Construction Services Notice of Award
Universal Plaza – Activation, Design, Construction and Project Management Notice of Award
Engineering Design and Construction Management Services SW Main Street Improvement Project - Phase 2 Notice of Award
Insurance Agent of Record Notice of Award
Professional Services for Public Works Utility Business and Rates Planning Notice of Award
Asset and Maintenance Management System (AMMS) and Implementation Services Notice of Cancellation
Mechanical/HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Services Notice of Award
Right-of-Way Maintenance Services Notice of Award
On-Call Information Technology Support and Other Related Services Notice of Award
Owner’s Representative/Project Management Services – Tigard Universal Plaza and Fanno Creek Overlook Notice of Award
Public Opinion Research and Messaging Notice of Award
Public Works Utility Truck Bodies Build Notice of Award
Scoffins St Sewer, Terrace Trails and Bridgeport Storm Line Rehabilitation Notice of Award
Parks System Master Plan Notice of Award
Tigard Street Heritage Trail Notice of Award
Wall Street - Tech Center Drive Improvements Notice of Award
Financial Advisor Services  Notice of Award
Fanno Creek Slope Stabilization at SW Arthur Court Notice of Award
124th Ave. & Ann Court Culvert Replacement Notice of Award
Performance Audit Services Notice of Award
On Call Public Works Construction Services: Electrical Services Notice of Award
On-Call Public Works Construction Services Notice of Award

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Christine Moody
Purchasing Manager

Jamie Greenberg
Purchasing Specialist

Toni Riccardi
Procurement Card Administrator

This page contains advertisements for some, but not all of the current City of Tigard solicitations. If you have any questions, you may contact the responsible department for full information regarding City of Tigard Requests for Bids or Request for Proposals.  

The City takes no responsibility for informing recipients of changes to original documents if the "Response Form" has not been sent to the Purchasing Office. 

Public Contracting Rules

The Public Contracting Rules apply to all contracting, purchasing, and disposing of personal property by the City of Tigard but do not apply to acquisition, sale or other transfer of real property. Download the Public Contracting Rules
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