Tigard Police Department

Annual Report

Annual Report
The theme for Tigard PD in 2016 was ‘change.’ As a department, we adjusted to the departure of several seasoned employees as well as the retirements of our long-time Chief and Assistant Chief.

Chief Orr and Assistant Chief de Sully exemplified a professional dedication that will not be forgotten. Theirs was a service beyond expectations and the department salutes them.

There was much to be thankful for in 2016 as well, as we were fortunate to have welcomed several new officers and staff members into the department. As part of the FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget, four additional patrol officers were funded. In July we embarked on a recruiting process and by the close of 2016, two of the new positions were filled and the remaining two had offers pending. We are championing all of our new recruits as they navigate their police training and prepare to join the rest of the department in serving the Tigard community.

In the fall, the City kicked-off a national search for our new Chief. This has been an exciting time for all of us as we prepare for new leadership.

Thank you for letting us serve you – we look forward to more changes in 2017.


Robert Rogers
Interim Chief of Police

Tigard Police Annual Report 2016

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