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Tigard Commons is an online home to various community-driven efforts to transform Tigard streets into safe, clean and shared spaces.

Yard Signs: 20 is Plenty and Look Out for Each Other
Yard Signs AvailableThe City of Tigard’s Safe Routes to School Program is providing FREE yard signs to residents who want to encourage safe driving in their neighborhoods.

Pick one up for free at one of the following locations:

  • Tigard City Hall & Tigard Permit Center (13125 SW Hall Blvd.; 503-718-2708)

 More information:

  • Signs should be placed on private property in your yard.
  • Please don’t place the sign on someone else’s property without their permission.
  • Make sure not to block driver visibility for pulling out of driveways, seeing pedestrians, etc.
  • Make sure the signs do not block walkways, bikeways, or drainage ways.
  • Do not place signs on traffic sign posts or utility poles.
  • Please promptly remove any broken or vandalized signs; replacements are free!
  • You may call ahead of time to make sure your pick-up location has the sign you want. Phone numbers are listed above. 

Unfortunately, local recyclers do not accept corrugated plastic yard signs. If you no longer want the sign in your yard, please let someone else use it, or return it to one of the pick-up locations.

Made possible with support from Metro and the Federal Transit Administration

Slow Your Roll - May 2018 Campaign

Slow Your Roll. Make the Pledge. Slow-Your-Roll-logo-2
We all want a city that’s safe to get around, whether on foot, bike or car. Speeding traffic is one of Tigard’s biggest challenges, and a critical factor in road crashes and casualties. The Slow Your Roll campaign asks neighbors to take matters into their own hands. Reducing your speed on city streets will cause others to slow down as well. Make the commitment to slow down today to help Tigard become a friendlier, more walkable and healthier city.

Slow Your Roll.  Make the Pledge. 

Three ways to take the pledge!

1. Download and print the pledge card. Sign and drop off at one of our drop box locations.
2. Visit one of our drop box locations (Tigard City Hall & Tigard Public Library) and sign a hardcopy.
3. Pledge online using the form below!

For the month of May, I pledge to: 

  • Stay under the speed limit
  • Slow to 20 mph on residential streets
  • Set the "pace" for drivers behind me
  • Speak out for slowing down
Name *
Neighborhood School

Why should I slow my roll?  
Lower speeds save lives
by reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Even if a crash does occur, the consequences will be less severe if it involves a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.

Image: Speed Stats

Safer speed limits don’t necessarily make trips longer. Many drivers speed to decrease journey time, however, road speeds in cities are determined more by the frequency of intersections than by travel speeds. A slower speed can help achieve more uniform speeds and reduce dangerous midblock acceleration, while adding little to overall journey times.

Slower speeds foster healthier communities. Lower car speeds create a more comfortable environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Streets that are more inviting for walkers and cyclists are more vibrant and economically successful than streets with high volumes of fast-moving traffic.

Program supported by the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Subcommittee

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Lauren Scott
Community Engagement Coordinator
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