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  • Staff-recommended initial route proposal released on March 12, 2018. 
  • March Community Advisory Committee Meeting Rescheduled
    » Monday, March 19, 6:15-8:45pm
    » Portland Community College- Sylvania, College Center building, Fir/OAK/Elm Rooms
  • City Council Meeting – Southwest Corridor Update
    » Tuesday, March 20, 6:30-8:00pm
    » Tigard Town Hall (13125 SW Hall Blvd.)
    Residents and members of the public are encouraged to attend this informational meeting. Public comment and testimony will not be taken at this meeting. Can’t make it? You can watch a replay on TVCTV available within 72 hours.
  • Southwest Corridor: Transit, Housing and You Community Workshop
    » Tuesday, April 3, 6:30-9pm
    » St. Anthony’s Church (9905 SW McKenzie St)
    Learn about transit and housing justice. Free food, childcare, and interpretation in Spanish, Somali and Arabic available
  • Southwest Corridor Plan Community Advisory Committee Meets Monthly 
    » First Monday of every month - 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
    » Multnomah Arts Center, Room 30 
    Residents and members of the public are encouraged to attend these meetings to learn about the project and voice public comment. 

The Southwest Corridor Plan is a comprehensive planning effort to help address the impacts of future growth while preserving neighborhoods and creating more great places. 

In July 2013, the Southwest Corridor Plan Steering Committee directed TriMet to undergo a broad update of existing transit service in the corridor, as a first priority for transit. They also identified roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, parks, trails and natural area projects that support local community visions. 

Project partners in the region are seeking greater input from communities along the planned corridor to learn more about local travel patterns, ways to leverage future light rail with better pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle connections, improving access to parks and green space, and opportunities to locate customers closer to the area's retail centers.

Meanwhile, staff will be working on a preferred package of high capacity transit investments, including motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian connections to proposed light rail stations.  Click here for FAQs about this project and its impacts on Tigard.

Project Schedule/Key Milestones

March 2018: Staff recommends an initial route proposal after evaluating potential impacts through the Draft Environmental Impact study.

Mid-May 2018: Publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) a study that discloses impacts and benefits of possible route options for light rail in the corridor. Made available to the public for comment for a 45-day period.

June 2018: Metro and TriMet Staff and Citizen Advisory Committee make recommendations on the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) final light rail route.

July-September 2018: Steering Committee, Local Jurisdictions (Tigard, Portland, Beaverton, et al) and TriMet approve Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) final light rail route.

October 2018: Metro Council adoption of the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) final light rail route.

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