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Here is a brief recap of the most recent Tigard City Council Business meeting.

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January 15 City Council Meeting
City Council held Council vacancy interviews:

1. Due to one of the initial candidates withdrawing their application earlier in the week, council agreed to bring back the next two candidates with the highest number of votes to interview (Jenny McCabe and Tristan Irvin).

2. The Mayor asked former Councilor Woodard (who was in the audience) to come up and draw candidate names to decide the order of those to be interviewed. Council held interviews in the following order:

a. Jason Rogers
b. Jenny McCabe
c. Tristan Irvin
d. Heidi Lueb

After interviews and council deliberations, City Council unanimously approved to appoint Heidi Lueb to fill the current council vacancy through December 31, 2020. Councilor-Elect Lueb will be sworn into office at the meeting on Tuesday, January 29.

City Council went into executive session following the regular business meeting to discuss real property transaction negotiations under ORS 192.660(2)(e). City Council adjourned the meeting from the Red Rock Conference room at 8:38 p.m.

January 8 City Council Meeting
Mayor and Councilor Inauguration: Judge O’Brien administered the oath of office to Mayor Jason Snider, Councilor John Goodhouse and Councilor Liz Newton. Their terms run from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2022.

Conduct Council President Election: At the beginning of every odd-numbered year, a council president is elected to cover for the mayor in his absence.  John Goodhouse was elected in a 3-1 vote.

Discuss Applicants for City Council Vacancy: Council has been reviewing 10 applications for the council vacancy created when Jason Snider ran for mayor. Each councilor announced their top three-four applicants and those with the most “votes” were selected for interviews. This position will complete a two-year term and be appointed by council.  Applicants were required to submit a resume that included professional work experience, civic involvement and volunteer activities; written responses to three questions, and references that could speak to the applicant’s abilities to effectively analyze data, make complex decisions, and communicate well in high-stress situations. References will be checked this week and interviews will be held in public at the council meeting of January 15. Selected for interviews were Heidi Lueb, Jason Rogers and Bryan Wolf.

December 18 City Council Meeting
Last night Council started off with a “Farewell Reception” for Mayor Cook and Councilor Woodard.  Last night was their last city council meeting and many people from the public, neighboring cities and staff came out to thank them for their outstanding service to the city.

  • Consent Agenda was approved.
    • 10/30/18 Minutes, 11/13/18 Minutes and 11/20/18 Minutes
    • Resolution No. 18-55 – A Resolution thanking Councilor Woodard for his outstanding service to the city of Tigard
    • Resolution No. 18-56 – A Resolution thanking Mayor Cook for his outstanding service to the City of Tigard

Councilor Anderson read Resolution No. 18-55 thanking Councilor Woodard and presented him with a plaque from the city for his service.

Council President Snider read Resolution No. 18-56 thanking Mayor Cook, thanked him for his friendship and Mayor Cook was presented with a plaque from the city for his service.

Citizen Comments:  Citizen from the River Terrace neighborhood talked about his connectivity concerns in connecting the River Terrace neighborhood to the next neighborhood and to Orchard Park.

Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax, Hillsboro Mayor Steve Calloway and Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden spoke about Mayor Cook’s passion for his service to the city of Tigard and his many accomplishments during his time as Tigard Mayor and presented him with a card, coins from the City of Forest Grove and a United States Flag that was flying at the Capital in Washington D.C.

Mayor Ogden thanked Councilor Woodard for his service and complimented him on his passion for the citizens of Tigard and his time and continued family legacy on city council.

  • Local Contract Review Board approved the contract for the Fanno Creek Trail Alignment.
  • City Council approved Resolution No. 18-57 – Delegating authority to hold a public meeting on affordable housing.
  • City Council held a joint meeting with members of the Budget Committee.  Staff, council and budget committee members discussed the upcoming budget committee meeting process and how to proceed.  There was consensus to hold a meeting in February to start the process, then for budget committee to hold one meeting on a Saturday with another scheduled on a Thursday if needed.  They discussed the upcoming budget proposal and how to proceed with getting the information out to the public so they are informed and engaged in the budget process.
  • City Council received a presentation from Moss Adams on external financial audit and CAFR.  Jim Lanzarotta with Moss Adams explained their findings, said the city has done a good job and has a very engaged and active audit committee.
  • City Council approved a longterm IGA with the City of Durham and the Tigard Water District for water service.
  • City Council approved changes to the City Manager Employment Contract and a merit increase for the City Attorney.

December 11 City Council Meeting

  • Resolution No. 18-52 was approved, appointing Budget Committee members.
  • Resolution No. 18-53 was approved, appointing Audit Committee members.
  • A joint meeting was held with the Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee. They reported on their 2018 highlights and what they will focus on next year including the Complete Streets program, safety improvements and exploring lower speed limits.
  • A legislative public hearing was held to consider Phase II Community Development Code Amendments, Part 2.  These are  amendments to modernize and reorganize land use procedures and standards in the code. Ordinance No. 18-28 was adopted and these changes go into effect  January 31, 2019.
  • A public hearing was held and  Resolution 18-54 was approved to amend the Master Fees and Charges Schedule for consistency with recent Community Development Code amendments.

December 4 City Council Meeting

Council approved several different code amendments and appointed new committee members:

  • Resolution No. 18-49 – Appointment of new members to the Town Center Advisory Commission.
  • Resolution No. 18-50 – Appointment of new members to the Planning Commission.
  • Resolution No. 18-51 – Amending the Bylaws of the Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC).
  • Ordinance No. 18-24 – Utility Services in the Public Rights-of-Way – Replacing Tigard’s Franchised Utility Ordinance.
  • Ordinance No. 18-25 – Amending Municipal Code 3.24 to Exempt Temporary Water Use from Water System Development Charges.
  • Ordinance No. 18-26 – Amending Tigard Municipal Code Chapter 15.04 Regarding work in the Right-of-Way.
  • Ordinance No. 18-27 – Amending Tigard Municipal Code 3.65 Gas Tax Revenues to Clarify TTAC’s Role.

City staff discussed potential revenue generating strategies for the Universal Plaza (Potential Business Plan). 

City Council ended the evening in an executive session to discuss real property transaction negotiations under ORS 192.660(2)(e).

November 27 City Council Meeting


  • Chief McAlpine gave an update on police activities and crime trends between October 2017 and October 2018.
  • Tigard High Student Envoy John Freudenthal reported on THS activities and events.
  • Tigard Chamber of Commerce Member Ethan Frelly updated Council on their programs and upcoming events. 
  • Citizen Communication: One citizen spoke about a lack of public notice for land use issues.
  • TVF&R Chief Frentress gave his State of the District report.   

Local Contract Review Board:

  • Two contracts were approved, one for replacement of the library boilers  and another for the utility billing/court office remodel.

Public Hearing on Community Development Code Amendments

  • A legislative public hearing was held and Ordinance No. 18-23 was approved for the Phase II  Policy and Procedures Update.  Most of the amendments relate to policy changes to allow missing middle housing types such as cottage clusters, accessory dwelling units and shared housing. Other changes were made to bring Tigard’s development code into compliance with federal and state law.   

Executive Sessions

  • Executive Sessions were held for the annual reviews of the City Manager and City Attorney.
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