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Staff Working with Student Volunteers to Make a Difference

As of September 20, 2017, the City of Tigard had 200 active nuisance complaints with its code compliance section.

With this many active cases, not all property owners can resolve the issues filed against them. Consider the case of two longtime Tigard residents. 

In July, the couple’s property was cited for nuisance violations. The complaints concerned a potential fire hazard of high weeds and tall grass, trash, junk, debris and an overgrowth of vegetation that can be a breeding ground for insects and rodents.

When code compliance officer Ken Ross investigated, he learned the property owners were elderly, disabled and unable to clean the property to bring it up to compliance.

The owners wanted to set things right, but were unsure they had the resources and asked for assistance to address the problems. In response, Ross called the Washington County Disability, Aging and Veterans Services on their behalf. Together they organized group of student volunteers from Pacific University willing to help.

This month, the student volunteers will remove the high weeds and tall grass, reduce the vegetation and clear out all trash, junk and debris on the property. Washington County even volunteered to provide a portable toilet for volunteers on their service day.

“This is the first time I’ve been involved with volunteers assisting Tigard residents to resolve a code compliance issue,” said Ross. “It’s wonderful to see and I hope it won’t be the last.”

File a Complaint
If you find a code violation that needs correction, please send us a code violation complaint through our online portal or pick up a request form at the Permit Center. Please remember to provide the property’s address.  All complaints are public record and anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Code Compliance will be happy to work with you to get violations corrected. Common code violations can be found here.

Common Code Violations

For photos and details, see Common Code Violations.

» Attractive Nuisances (TMC 6.02.050)
» Basketball Hoop in ROW (TMC 6.02.310)
» Debris, Rubbish, Refuse - Scattering (TMC 6.02.230)
» Debris, Rubbish, Refuse - Unhealthy (TMC 6.02.010.B)
» Fences and Walls (TMC 18.745.050.C)
» Garbage and Putrescible Waste (TMC 6.02.240.B)
» Home Occupations  (TMC 18.742.020)
» Inoperable Vehicles/Parts (TMC 6.02.220.B)
» Insects and Rodents - Maintaining Grounds/Storage (TMC 6.02.150)
» Livestock/Poultry (TMC 6.02.070)
» Maintenance & Repair of Public Sidewalks (TMC 6.02.320)
» Noises - Prohibited (TMC 6.02.440)
» Noxious Vegetation (TMC 6.02.020)
» Obstructing Streets (TMC 10.32.200)
» Odor (TMC 6.02.010.E)
» Open Storage of Junk (TMC 6.02.220)
» RVs - Living In/Storage (TMC 18.730.050.C)
» Sidewalks, Curbs & Planter Strips (TMC 6.02.330)
» Signs (TMC 18.780)
» Stagnant Water/Mosquitoes, Insect Pests (TMC 6.02.010.C)
» Streets & Sidewalks - Broken, Debris On, Obstructed (TMC 6.02.310)
» Trash Container Maintenance (TMC 6.02.240.A)
» Trees & Bushes (TMC 6.02.030)
» Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper, Motor Home, RV, and Boat Restrictions (TMC 10.28.030)
» Visual Clearance Requirements (TMC 18.795.030)
» Waste (Rubbish, Garbage) Own Property (TMC 6.02.250)
» Waste (Rubbish, Garbage) Public or Private Property (TMC 6.02.260)

Submit a Police-Related Compliance Request

Street Parking and Storage
Use for street parking, including inoperable or abandoned vehicles, RVs, boats, trailers, PODS. 

Submit a Code Violation Complaint

The city investigates reports of code violations when a citizen submits a code violation complaint.  Contact information must be provided so that we can contact the complainant to act on requests for code compliance services. All information entered into the online code compliance system becomes public record, including your contact information.
Step 1
To submit a code violation complaint, you will need to provide the following:
check mark The type of code violation being reported
check mark The address or parcel number of the property where the observed violation exists
check mark Contact information for complainant
check mark  A description of the observed violation, including the location on the property (supporting documentation such as photos, maps, letters, illustrations, etc. may be helpful)
For more information about these items, please view our detailed instructions here. We recommend printing these instructions to use as a reference guide as you navigate through the online system to submit a code violation complaint.

Step 2
Click the link below to continue to our online system to submit a code violation complaint. By clicking this link, you understand and agree to allow all information provided to become a public record.

Please note that your browser must be set to "allow pop-ups from this site" before proceeding.
Submit Code Violation Complaint for code violation types as shown below:
  • Nuisance: illegal signage, junk, vegetation...
  • Land Use: planning and zoning...
  • Building: construction, permits, drainage problems, retaining walls, fences...
  • Housing: inadequate maintenance, leaking roofs and windows, inoperable toilets, drains, and septic systems...


Tall Grass and Weeds

Nuisance Grass

Did you know grass and weeds over 10 inches tall or going to seed are code violations?
High grass and weeds are considered “noxious vegetation,” which is a civil infraction in Tigard with potential fines of up to $250 per day.  By contrast, aesthetic issues like shaggy lawns, overgrown shrubs and failure to water a lawn are not code violations. 

Be sure to keep your yard trimmed and mowed. Front and rear yards are obvious when they get too tall or overgrown, but many residents have other, less noticed areas that require the same maintenance.

Did you know property owners are also responsible for the maintenance of city right-of way?
Residents should look past the obvious property boundaries when maintaining their yards and look for adjoining right-of-way areas that needs maintenance. 

For instance, the adjoining property owner is responsible for maintaining:

  • Planter strips between the sidewalk and the street (even if behind a fence).
  • Areas that stretch up through their properties to the road or to a ditch.
  • Any vegetation that is behind their properties such as on a hillside (even if outside the fenced yard). 
City of Tigard Permit Center
13125 SW Hall Blvd; Tigard, OR 97223
Code Compliance

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Mediation Resource
Sometimes talking with your neighbor is the quickest way to address a problem. The City of Tigard partners with Beaverton's Dispute Resolution Center to offer free mediation services to Tigard residents.

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