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City Prepares for Cuts Following Levy Vote

The Tigard Budget Committee approved a budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 that will see the first set of an anticipated $5 million in cuts over the next two years.

Proposed cuts:

  • The Tigard Police Department will reduce school resource officers and the traffic safety unit, and cut vacant officer positions.
  • The Tigard Public Library will reduce programs and its spending on new materials.
  • Parks and Recreation will reduce recreation program staffing, which results in fewer programs.
  • Community Development will not fill two vacant positions, including economic development manager, resulting in less community engagement and economic development opportunities.
  • Social Services and Community Event grant funding will be reduced by half in 2018-19, and end in 2019-20.
  • The City Manager’s Office will cut a vacant position and end its internship program.
  • Passport services and public Wi-Fi at public buildings (except the library) will go away.

The committee, which is made up of the five City Council members and five city residents, held four public meetings to discuss the budget proposals and listen to public comment. The approved budget would impose a $2.6 million reduction in spending from the city’s General Fund, which is now $32 million. The General Fund pays for police, library, parks and other city services.

The proposed budget next heads to the City Council, which will take up the plan on June 26. By state law, the council must adopt a balanced budget by the end of June.

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